Finding Dr. Willy got me interested in the entire sex book genre. Not the porn industry mind you, but books about sex by right thinking people who are just trying to help. Of course, since I am not feeling like I need any help, I am mostly looking for humor. One of the first things I picked up was a book by Frances Strain called _New Patterns in Sex Teaching_. (D.Appleton-Century Company 1938). As it turns out, Ms. Strain was pretty hip for her day. In fact, I would imagine that this book set some people right on their ears at the time it came out. Assuming that anyone read it that is. Thus it cannot begin to compare with Dr. Willy, either in the level of the humor, or in the quality of the graphics, but I was not completely disappointed. For example, at pages 198 and 199 she explains how nocturnal emissions can be explained to the boys that have them as being comparable to menstruation.

But, as one might expect, most of the humor comes up under the topic of masturbation. While Ms. Strain recognizes that masturbation will not actually hurt anyone, she just can't bring herself to think that it is a good idea. After describing a case in which a young girl began masturbating and vomiting (hopefully not simultaneously) "as a reaction against unsavory sex knowledge or experience," she goes on to advise that parents discourage masturbation with the following sage advice: "You are just a boy. You will soon begin to grow up. The sensation which you experienced will grow stronger as you grow older and begin to get ready to fulfill your part as a man, lead your man's life as husband and father. But we must not use our powers too soon. Human beings are like highly powered and delicately geared motors. If they are used before they are ready, they may not give so fine a performance."

She's got some pretty bizarre ideas about homosexuality as well - but since variations on those themes are still espoused by some fairly dangerous nuts, I won't fan the flames by repeating them.

Advice to Youth About Sex