The Twentieth Amendment Public Informer

During the period January 1969 through January 1977, I was hospitalized at different institutions for periods totalling approximately five and one-half years and stayed in halfway houses for most of the balance of that period. My condition was disorientation due to brain damage. The brain damage was effected originally by the violent splitting of my skull in September 1954 during an assault in which both my stomach and penis were gouged with blades. Subsequent surgical implantations of medical channel radio receivers and transmitters coupled to percussion wave sensors were made to sinus areas and other areas adjacent to my brain. I was never informed of the existence of either the violent incident or of the transmitter equipment in my head. I understand that I am fully dependent on these transmissions to generate thought to conduct my daily activities. I am not yet informed about the nature of the licensing for operation by transmitter, but I suspect that my condition has been used for research purposes during different periods since the surgery.

The disorientation that has resulted in hospitalizations and the most recent disorientation have been caused primarily by unlicensed medical channel harrassment and abuse. A consistent harrassment pattern of "fascist ritual torture" has been maintained by right-wing political elements. These elements include Agent Saboteurs of the Third Reich, post World War II immigrant "Mein Kampf" Agent Provacateurs, their families, fascist collaborators and fellow travellers. I recognize that medical channel operations licenses cannot by law be extended to these individuals. The harrassment condition was not effectively prosecuted due to prohibition of such prosecution by United States Law in conformance with Marshall Plan secrecy requirements. I recognize that, on January 20, 1969, I did enlist to a 22-year induction period to the Office of the United States Constitution 20th Amendment Public Informer. To my mental condition the experimental diagnosis "chronic schizophrenia" was applied by psychiatrists and this is the diagnosis of which I was informed. In January 1977, I left my last mental hospital of my own volition and was subsequently discharged. I then became involved with part-time jobs and entered college. In May 1982 I received a BS degree in Physical Sciences from the University of Maryland and in December 1983 received a BS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland University College. I began full-time employment in April 1984 as a programmer/analyst and remained with the same firm until I had to stop working in August 1988 due to intensifying mental confusion as to the nature of my mental condition. Throughout this period since January 1977 I had taken no psychoactive medication nor have I consulted a psychiatrist since 1978. To the Office of 20th Amendment Public Informer I did acceed on February 14, 1989. I understand that my term as 20th Amendment Public Informer expires January 20th 1991 without the occurrence of constitutional crisis or expires with Presidential Impeachment in the event of constitutional crisis as is currently the case. I have not been informed of any right to compensation for this office, nor have I been informed of any compensation for participation in medical research. I welcome lawsuits on my behalf against unlicensed channel abuse, but as yet I am uninformed about any such lawsuits.

A Couch Camper 12/20/90