DJ North is full of stuff, especially books. These books are full of arcane knowledge that has been lost to the ages. Just this year we dug up an amazing tome entitled _The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex_, by, of all people, Dr. Willy (actually doctors Willy, Vander, and Fisher, Cadillac Publishing Co. c.1950). Every page of this book contains amazing things that I never knew before, but I have selected just a few of the more amazing. For example, on page 337 we learn that "Some scientists have recommended, as a method of rejuvenation,for both men and women, the employment of X-rays, said to produce a stimulating effect on the sexual glands." And on page 277 we learn that "the seat of highest excitability in a woman should be the posterior part of the vagina .

This rant is worth excerpting extensively:

*Naturally these processes did not take place by leaps and bounds, but very slowly, over billions of years, and particularly, the differentiation from the bi-sexual creatures to the hetero-sexual (of different sexes) has been very slow, and is, indeed, to a certain extent still proceeding. Traces of certain organs of each sex are still present in the other sex. For instance, men still have nipples on their breasts, though these would be superfluous to them even if they were more fully developed, as the suckling of new-born infants is a feminine function. In the same way women have a clitoris, which is a degenerated form of the male member.

*During the phase when man was half animal, copulation was carried out from behind, as animals still do today, and the clitoris then still played an important part, in that it was the chief seat of sexual excitation. In the adult human female, the clitoris is in process of retrogression, since during front-to-front copulation, the clitoris is hardly touched by the male member.

*During the period of puberty in a girl the point of greatest sexual sensibility should be transferred from the clitoris to the interior of the vagina and the last vestige of masculinity (and the clitoris is a rudimentary penis) should also disappear in the psychological sense.

*Unfortunately, it happens far too frequently that this state is not reached, and the vagina remains insensitive to sexual excitation. That means that the individual concerned is impotent. This happens, where the cause is not psychological, particularly when exclusive sexual sensibility has been fixed on the clitoris too strongly through excessive masturbation during childhood.

*All this naturally only applies to the kind of infantile masturbation which is exercised by rubbing the clitoris. In consequence of frequent excitation over a long period, the terminal nerves of this organ do not retrogress, so that the nervous cells in the mucous membrane of the vagina are inhibited in development. The clitoris therefore remains the center of sexual sensation in the women concerned, and when they engage in normal sexual intercourse, they prove to be impotent.

*The treatment would have to begin by manual friction, which may the first few times be carried to the point of orgasm, in order to establish a psychological link between the woman and her partner Later, the man must also use his member, as far as possible unobserved by the woman, while continuing the excitation of the clitoris with his hand. Once the woman attains orgasm through this "combined" intercourse, purely genital intercourse, with only vaginal excitation, may be begun.

One can only assume that these guys had very short sexual relationships with women. They do note that "the feminine sex hunger is *apparently* less intense and frequently even seems to be entirely absent." p. 229. But on to more fun quotes:

*The orgasm of the man is particularly perfect when the semen is ejected rapidly and with considerable force...The movements accompanying orgasm in the man, and which are necessary for the ejection of the semen, are very irregular, there may be four or five, or there may be eight or ten. p. 212

*The object of the male and female secretions, according to science, is to make the male member slippery and facilitate its introduction into the vagina, to contribute to the intensification of excitement and bring about orgasm. But practical experience shows that excessive moistening diminishes the voluptuous sensations of both the man and the woman. It reduces friction to such an extent that the man sometimes hardly feels the friction of the walls of the vagina.

*It is obvious that fecundation is easier and liklier if the woman attains orgasm, for the reason that in that case the entire female genital canal, owing to congestion and the muscular movements described above forms a continuous tube leading right into the uterus, so that the semen of the man can be injected practically into the uterus direct- and this is particularly so if the two orgasms take place at the same moment. p.226

*However, surexcitation of the nerve centers through erotic fantasies also enter into the causation of the complaint. All abnormal sexual practices, such as the interruption of coitus shortly before ejaculation, and also excessive masturbation,inevitably lead, sooner or later, to psychological damage which finds expression in irregularities of the genital organs, and may result in pathological pollutions. p 398

*However, the presence of the sexual urge alone is insufficient to bring about erection. The individual must be in a suitable mood; there must be what we will call *erotic tension*. For it is obvious that even an otherwise normally sexed individual will not have an erection while he is engaged in solving a mathematical problem. p. 353

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