A couple of years ago we found an old book about sex in the piles and piles of books at Day job North. We put part of one up on the website. In the meantime I got intrigued and started seeking out old sex books - manuals and advice that is, not old porn, which is an entirely different and much more expensive hobby - and I have slowly been putting parts of them up as well. One of the things that you might notice as you go through them (and as I get through more of them) is that a lot of them are from the 30's. It seems that the 30's were a time of growing interest in sex. I suppose that during the depression people needed cheap entertainment. While this stuff seems quaint now, it was a major breakthrough compared to what came before it. In fact, writing about sex at all was a breakthrough as far as I can tell. And certainly the idea that people should be enjoying sex was new, even if who was to enjoy it, and how, was somewhat limited.

Dr. Willy - The original book we found at Day Job North - and the best art of any of them to date.

Dr. Strain - A cute little book about how to teach your kids about sex.

Advice - Advice for the young about sex from a variety of sources.

Encyclopedia - Yet another tome from Dr. Willy and his friends.

Orgone Sex - Dr. Urban's bizarre theories about how to achieve sex perfection and marital happiness.

Anthropological Sex - slanders against any number of peoples, with the prejudices of the age added in.

Masturbatory Sex - more hysteria about the world's most widespread sexual practice.

Sociological Sex - The usual nutsy stuff, but with some different conclusions.

More Open-Minded Sex - Some positive good sense in with the nuttiness.

College Sex - A higher education look at marriage.

Incomprehensible Sex- An oddly written look at love and life

Detailed Sex- Lots of "facts," but not much you would want to know

Less Frequent Sex a argument that less is more

Little sex advice on sex from someone who knows no women

Insect Sex views on sex from a man with the mind of an insect

Sex for Adult Girls a book on sex directed, at least theoretically, at women, or girls, or both.

Intellectual Sex a book on sex with the intellectual thought on sex at the time.

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