What follows is a guide to Florida for the easily bored. Or maybe it is for the easily amused. It compiles all of the information that I have collected over years of attempts to amuse myself during yearly trips to Florida, some more successful than others. It contains information about some sites that you can spend days at and return to year after year, and about places that are really only worth a couple of minutes if you happen to be driving past.

Fair warning. I am no longer called upon to go to Florida on a regular basis, or at least I keeping thinking I will not go there on a regular basis. Thus, I am not updating this site at all. In other words, the warning about things going under, moving, and randomly closing now goes about triple.

The format is as follows: The letter-number code matches up to the grid on the 2000 Rand- McNally Road Atlas Deluxe, but can be easily figured out without the map if you just remember that the western part of the panhandle is floating in the ocean at the end of the keys. The second thing is the place name, or the nearest incorporated place, or the place of the mailing address. The third is the name of the place itself. Then follows a description, and (usually) last of all, the source. A key for the sources appear at the end of the document. A date in or after 2002 means I have been there. Lack of date means that I have not, or that I went there before 2002 - that covers a lot of trips to Florida, so really the lack of date means nothing.

We live in a changeable world and things open, close, move and change without warning. Also, exit numbers change (like on US 275, for example). Anything on this list might have ceased to exist since the list was created, or even before that. What I just said goes ten-fold for anything that is attributed to no other source than the WPA. since that book was written in 1939, and there have been a lot of changes in Florida since then.

Each of my sources contains far more information than can possibly be included in this site. All of them are far more interesting and entertaining than I would be even if I were trying. The WPA Guide is a marvel to read even if you are not going to Florida, and Bardon is an amazingly thorough guide to museums and other cultural sites. Any of the sources would be a useful addition to your Florida collection.

B-2 Tallahassee - The Old Capitol - I-10 to exit 29, south 4 miles on US 27, Monroe Street at Apalachee Parkway. What it says. BARDON, WPA

B-2 Tallahassee - The New Capitol, Capitol Gallery - Monroe Street, across from old capitol. BARDON

B-2 Tallahassee - Union Bank - I-10 to exit 29, south 4 miles on US 27. 219 Calhoun Street. Is now an extension of Florida A&M University's Black Archives, displaying artifacts and documents that celebrate Florida's rich African American heritage. BARDON

B-2 Tallahassee - Museum of Florida History - 3 blocks west of Monroe Street on 500 South Bronough Street in the R.A. Gray Building. What it sounds like. BARDON

B-2 Tallahassee - Knott House Museum - Two blocks north and 1 block east of the Old Capitol at 301 East Park Avenue. Mansion restored to the way it was in 1928. BARDON

B-2 Tallahassee - Brokaw-McDougall House - I-10 to exit 29, south on Monroe Street, then east three blocks on Tennessee Street to Meridian, just north on right at 329 North Meridian Street. Built 1856. Headquarters of the Historic Tallahassee Preservation Board. Historic house and gardens BARDON, EDENS

B-2 Tallahassee - LeMoyne Art Foundation. East of Monroe Street on Park Avenue, north two blocks to 125/133 North Gadsden Street. Permanent and traveling exhibits. Sculpture garden. BARDON, EDENS

B-2 Tallahassee - Riley House Museum of African-American History and Culture - I-10 to exit 29, south 4 miles on US 27, east 3 blocks on Jefferson Street to 419 East Jefferson Street. BARDON

B-2 Tallahassee - Goodwood Plantation - I-10 to exit 31, west 5 miles on US 90, north of Magnolia Drive to Miccosukee Road, east 1 block past hospital to 1600 Miccosukee Road. Antebellum mansion, heritage gardens. Grounds open in 1998, working on the buildings. BARDON, EDENS

B-2 Tallahassee - Florida A&M University Fine Arts Gallery, Black Archives and School of Architecture Gallery - I-10 to exit 29, south 5 miles on US 27 (Monroe Street) to FAMU Way, west on Gaines Street, south on Wahnish Way, east on Osceola Street, north to MLK blvd, turn onto the campus. BARDON

B-2 Tallahassee - Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science - I-10 to exit 28, south 4 miles on SR 263 to Orange Avenue (SR 371), east 1/4 mile to Rankin Avenue, south 2 blocks to 3945 Rankin Avenue. 52 acre outdoor museum. Including animal displays, nature trails, historic buildings. BARDON, EDENS

B-2 Tallahassee - Alfred B. Maclay State Gardens - I-10 to exit 30 (US 319) north 1 mile on Thomasville Road to park entrance. Also Maclay house (1901). Are hiking trails in adjacent recreational area (Lake Overstreet Addition RA.). 308 acres. Swimming, boating and picnicking on the grounds, 5 miles of bike trail. Peak bloom Dec-May. BARDON, SCALPONE RED, EDENS

B-2 Tallahassee - Lake Jackson Indian Mounds- I-10 to exit 29 north 1 mile on US 27 east on Crowder Road to 3600 Indian Mound Road. Plus a nature trail, grist mill ruins and irrigation dykes. BARDON, SCALPONE RED

B-2 Tallahassee - Mission San Luis de Apalachee - I-10 to exit 28 south 1 mile on SR 263 to US 90 east 1 mile to White Drive, north to Mission Road. East to entrance. 2020 West Mission Road. Active archaeological site of Indian village and mission spread over 50 acres. BARDON

B-2 Tallahassee - Tallahassee Antique Car Museum - I-10 to exit 31A, 3 miles west on US 90. 3550 Mahan Drive. Cars. BARDON

B-2 Tallahasee - Museum of the State Geological Survey - in The Martin Building at South Adams Street between West Jefferson and West Pensacola Streets. Minerals and soils, fossils, almost complete mastodon. WPA

B-2 Tallahassee - The Columns - SW corner of North Adams Street and West Park Avenue. Built 1835, one of the oldest houses. WPA

B-2 Tallahassee - Presbyterian Church - NW corner of North Adams Street and West Park Avenue. Built 1832. Old slave gallery has been retained. WPA

B-2 Tallahassee - May Oak - East Park Avenue and Gadsden Street. Tree at which May Day has been held for over 100 years. WPA

B-2 Tallahassee - Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College for Negroes - Palmer Avenue between Perry and South Boulevard Streets. 30 buildings including a Carnegie Library on 375 acres. WPA

B-3 Monticello - Perkins Opera House. I-10 exit 33 north on US 19 to US 90, across from court house, corner of Washington and Jefferson Streets. Architectural marvel. Actually rest of town worth it architecturally as well. Courthouse based on Jefferson's Monticello. Wide shady streets, old houses. BARDON WPA

B-4 Madison - Wardlaw-Smith-Goza House - I-10 exit 37 north on SR 53 to US 90 Street, west 1/4 mile. 103 North Washington Street. 1860's mansion. Conference center and museum. BARDON

B-4 Madison - The Treasures of Madison - I-10 exit 37 north on SR 53 to US 90 west 1/2 mile to Orange Street, south 1 block to 405 Southwest Pinckney Street. 1888 Jail used as a library for years and now is a museum. Exhibits rotate. BARDON

B-5 Ellaville - Suwanee River State Park - NW of Lake City, on US 90, 13 miles west of Live Oak. Swimming in limestone sink, no hiking mentioned. PERRY

B-6 Jasper - Hamilton County Historical Museum - I-75 to exit 86, 1 mile east to US 41, continue east 5 miles to 501 Northeast Avenue in Jasper. Another jail museum. A massive brick cotton gin is across the street. BARDON

B-9 Jacksonville - Nassau Wildlife Management Area. North of Jacksonville. Bounded roughly by US 1/301, Callahan to Hilliard, SR 115A to Kings Ferry, St. Mary's River east to US 17, US 17 south to Yulee. SR A1A to Callahan. Hiking on graded roads and "informal" trails. Privately owned but open to visitors all year. PERRY

B-10 Fernandina Beach - Fort Clinch State Park - On State line, Atlantic Coast North of Jacksonville. Entrance near intersection of SR A1A and Atlantic Boulevard. Historical park, hiking on beach. (3 miles out, three miles back). Beach at north end for birds. National Park portion has restored fortress and small museum. PERRY, BIRD, CARTER, WPA,BARDON, SCALPONE RED, EDENS

B-10 Fernandina Beach - Amelia Island Museum of History - A1A (south 8th Street) to Cedar Street, west 5 blocks to 223 South Third Street. All the cultures of Florida, from the eight flags to the prehistoric. Spoken history museum. Yet another converted jail. BARDON

B-10 Fernandina - Bosquebello Cemetery - North 14th Street and Bosquebello Entrance Drive. Already a wreck in 1939. Oldest marked grave from 1813. WPA

B-10 Fernandina - Ruins of Fort San Carlos - Foot of Estrada Street in Old Town. Crumbling walls were all that remained in 1939. WPA

B-10 Amelia Island State Recreation Area. Beach. All the normal stuff, plus stables. SCALPONE RED.

B-10 Big Talbot Island State Park - Bluffs and views, outcrops and storm tree sculptures. Nature trails and canoe trails. SCALPONE RED, BIRD

B-10 Little Talbot Island State Park - 4.5 mile hiking trail, 5.5 mile beach, observation tower. Trails start on west side between entrance gate and entrance station. Have to check in. SCALPONE RED, BIRD, CARTER

B-10 Jacksonville - Huguenot Memorial Park - near mouth of the St. John's River. Beachside city park known to birders for its concentration of gulls, terns and shorebirds. BIRD

B-10 Jacksonville - Timucuan Ecological and Historical Preserve - Follow A1A south from Fernandina 15 miles to Fort George Road west 1/4 mile to Palmetto Avenue south two miles to 11676 Palmetto Avenue. Those are the directions to Kingsley Plantation, which is in the preserve, and is one of the oldest plantations in Florida. Attic contains two small slave prisons. Slave quarters intact, but far. Interprets lives of those, both free and enslaved, who lived in north Florida. BARDON, FNP, WPA Also Fort George Island Cultural Site 4.4 mile driving tour, ancient dune ridge, bird and plant sanctuary. Lots of historic ruins and so on. SCALPONE RED And Fort Caroline National Memorial. SR 10 (Atlantic Blvd) east of downtown 10 miles to St. John's Bluff Road, north 2 miles to Fort Caroline Road, East two miles. NPS Restored fort and museum. French fort started in 1562. Part of the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve. Adjacent Theodore Roosevelt area has river trail past shell middens. I was there in 2015 - pretty cool place. Note that driving from one part to another can require a short ferry ride. SCALPONE RED, FNP

C-2 Tallahassee - Apalachicola National Forest - 12 miles south and west from Tallahassee. Has interpretive trail and boardwalk at Silver Lake, scenic drives, but no formal hiking trail system, except one 30 mile riding trail that is available to hikers. Carter says it has the 22 mile Apalachicola Trail, which is part of the Florida National Scenic Trail. Note that part of that trail is on private property and another chunk is wet enough to be an issue. Also a four mile loop trail, the Camel Lake Trail, which goes from Camel Lake to Sheep Island Pond and back. Also has 67 mile canoe trail. PERRY, CARTER

C-2 Tallahassee - Robert Brent Wildlife Management Area - West of Tallahassee, approximate boundaries SR 20, Bristol to SR 267, SR 12, SR 267. Private land open to visitors. Miles of back roads and informal trails. PERRY

C-2 Tallahassee - Natural Bridge Battlefield State Historic Site - 8 miles southeast on Road 354. Natural Bridge is the site of the second largest Civil War battle in Florida and where the St. Marks River drops into a sinkhole and flows underground for one-quarter of a mile before reemerging. Apparently the confederate side won this one. Not so big on battlefields? There is also scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing. SCALPONE RED

C-2 Wakulla - Wakulla Springs Lodge - 15 miles south of Tallahassee on Road 267.1937 Lodge with Tennessee marble floors. 3,000 acre state park. Underground river emptying into green spring. Glass bottom boats on spring. Jungle cruises. SCALPONE RED, WPA

C-2 Woodville - Natural Bridge Battlefield State Historic Site - East on SR 354 from Woodville. Monument about some battle where the confederates stopped Union soldiers from taking Tallahassee. WPA

C-2 St. Marks - San Marcos de Apalache State Historic Site. US 98 to CR 267, south 3 miles to St. Marks, follow signs. 148 Old Fort Road. Thursday to Monday 9-5. Earthworks and limestone and brick foundations are all that remain of the forts, but the museum interprets. Tallahassee-St. Marks trail ends here. Boardwalk trail. Middens. Also can sometimes see manatees in the river from the board walk. BARDON, SCALPONE RED

C-5 Luraville - Peacock Springs State Recreation Area - Off Highway 51 in Suwanee County. Two major springs, lots of sinks. Aquatic cave system. Hike trails under construction. SCALPONE RED

C-6 Live Oak - Suwannee County Historical Museum - I-10 exit 40 south 2 miles on SR 129 to 208 north Ohio Avenue. BARDON

C-6 White Springs - Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center - I-75 to exit 84 (White Springs exit) SR 136 east 3 miles to cross bridge over Suwannee River, north on US 41 to park entrance. Carillon tower, inside has pink marble room with rare musical instruments. Replica of anti-bellum mansion. Pagoda overlook at White Springs Boil. Carillon, scenic river trail. BARDON, SCALPONE RED, EDENS

C-7 Lake City - Columbia County Historical Museum - I-75 to exit 82, east 5 miles on US 90 to Hernando Street to 105 Hernando Street. Old town house, period rooms, historic weaponry and mementos of the civil war. BARDON

C-7 Lake City - Florida Sports Hall of Fame - I-75 exit 82, west 1/4 mile to Hall of Fame Drive, north 2 blocks. Florida sports heros and heroines. Videos of close finishes and big wins. BARDON

C-7 Lake City - Osceola National Forest - Osceola Trail actually starts at Stephen Foster Memorial in White Springs (C-6), ends at Olustee Memorial in the Forest (C-7 - Olustee). 39 or 24 miles (?!). Most of it runs along paved roads. CARTER, WPA

C-7 Olustee - Olustee Battlefield Historic Site - I-75 to exit 82 (US 90), east 19 miles, or take I-10 to exit 45. west 5 miles on US 90. The site of Florida's major civil war battle. National scenic trail winds through the pines. Interpretive Museum. Reenactment in February. SCALPONE RED, WPA

C-8 Sanderson - Florida Forest Service Nursery. Trees grown for reforestation. WPA

C-8 Glen St. Mary - Glen St. Mary Nurseries. One of the largest in the State. Acres of citrus stock, shrubbery and vegetables border both sides of Rt. 90. Flowers are further off the road. WPA

C-9 Baldwin - Cary State Forest - Off US 301 about 6 miles north of Baldwin. Trails start at parking area near main entrance. 3,411 acres of pine flatwoods, swamps, and wetlands, and an eight acre borrow pit. Has bathhouse with showers, fire tower, observation tower, several designated nature trails and 18 miles of quiet forest roads suitable for hiking. Extensive boardwalk trail over swamp. CARTER

C-9 Orange Park - Moosehaven - residential area. National Home of the Loyal Order of Moose. Old Moose Home. WPA

C-10 Mayport - Marine Science Education Center - A1A to Mayport Ferry parking area, east on Broad Street one block to 1347 Palmer Street. Primarily for the use of local students, but open to the public. Museum and laboratories. BARDON

C-10 Jacksonville Beach - Pablo Historical Park - US 90 (Beach Blvd.) to Pablo Avenue, one block west of A1A. Antique railroad engine and three historic buildings. Celebrating the good old days when the tourists came by train. BARDON

C-10 Jacksonville - University of North Florida Art Gallery - I-95 south to exit 101, east three miles to St. John's Bluff Road, north 1/2 mile, gallery is located in Building 2, Founders Hall. Invitational shows. BARDON

C-10 Jacksonville - Florida Community College at Jacksonville, South Gallery - Beach Blvd (US 90) east 1/2 mile past St. John's Bluff Road, turn north at central parkway to entrance. Gallery Monday through Friday 10-4. Regional and international artists in part of Wilson Center for the Arts. BARDON

C-10 Jacksonville - Jacksonville University Alexander Brest Museum and Gallery. I-95 to exit 117, east across Matthews Bridge to University Blvd, north 2 miles turn left on Merrill Road onto the campus. 2800 University Blvd North. Museum has large group of ivories, glass, artifacts, porcelain. Plus artists. BARDON

C-10 Jacksonville - Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art - I-95 South, exit at Beach Blvd (US 90) east 1 mile to Koger Executive Center, north at entrance follow Boulevard Center Drive to museum at 4160 Boulevard Center Drive. Closed Mondays, hours odd. Permanent collection of modern art. Airy gallery overlooking bamboo garden and pond. BARDON

C-10 Jacksonville - Museum of Science and History - I-95 (going south) exit 108, at second light turn left on San Marco which dead ends on Museum Circle. South of Main Street Bridge in Riverwalk Park. 1025 Museum Circle. Emphasis on hands on activities. BARDON, EDENS

C-10 Jacksonville - Jacksonville Maritime Museum - Southbank Riverwalk, south end of main street bridge. 1015 Museum Circle. Rich maritime heritage back to 1560s when the French built two boats. BARDON

C-10 Jacksonville - Jacksonville History Center - Southwalk Boardwalk, south end of Main Street Bridge, east of the Bridge. 100B Wharfside Way. Local history in entertaining and interactive displays. BARDON

C-10 Jacksonville - Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum - North Main Street west 1 block to 101 West First Street. One of seven manuscript libraries throughout the country established by the same guy. Rotating exhibits of manuscripts. BARDON

C-10 Jacksonville - Edward Waters College Gallery, Obi Scott Umanna African Collection - I-95, exit 118 (SR 23) west 1/4 mile to 1658 Old Kings Road. Monday to Friday 8-5. Small gallery with masks, statutes, musical instruments and other items. BARDON

C-10 Jacksonville - Florida Community College at Jacksonville Kent Campus Art Gallery - I-10 to exit 58 south 1 mile to 3939 Roosevelt Avenue. Local and regional artists. BARDON

C-10 Jacksonville - Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens - I-95 to Riverside Avenue exit west of Fuller Warren Bridge, south 1/2 mile to 829 Riverside Avenue. Fine art 5th century BCE to the present. Arranged chronologically. Formal Italian and English gardens. BARDON, EDENS

C-10 Jacksonville - Museum of Southern History. - I-10 to exit 55, south 1 1/2 miles to San Juan Blvd, east 1 mile to 4304 Hershel Street. This museum was established by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Their motto says that they are " Preserving the History, Ideals and Chivalry of the South." Don't say I didn't warn you. Note: I have not been here. BARDON

C-10 Jacksonville - James Weldon Johnson Park. Formerly Hemming Park - Hogan Street between W. Duval and W. Monroe. Block square area with landscape and other amenities. THe confederate monument that was there has been removed. WPA

C-10 Jacksonville - Jacksonville Public Library - NE Corner of E. Adams and Ocean Streets. Another Carnegie library, built 1905. WPA

C-10 Jacksonville - Municipal docks and terminals - On St. John's River between 8th and 21st Streets. WPA

C-10 Jacksonville - National Container Corporation Pulp and Paper Mill - 4300 Talleyrand Avenue. Tours. WPA

C-10 Jacksonville - King Edward Cigar Factory - 459 East 16th Street. Tours. WPA

C-10 Jacksonville - Church of God and Saints of Christ - NW corner of Stuart and 19th Streets. "Members call themselves saints and claim that their doctrine of sanctification gives them power to speak with the unknown tongue, to heal, and to prophesy. They believe in devils and attribute every misfortune, disease and bodily ill to the workings of Satan. Rites and ceremonies are performed, together with exorcisms and evocations to drive out the evil spirits. All medical aid is taboo." Organized by the self styled prophet William S. Crowdy in 1908. WPA

C-10 Jacksonville - Bethel Baptist Institutional Church - corner of Caroline and Hogan. Built 1903, was the second largest African American church in the state. WPA

C-10 Jacksonville - Springfield Park, formerly known as Confederate Park - Main and Hubbard Streets. Troops were encamped there during the war. There is a large confederate monument that has become controversial, but it appears it is there as of January 2022. Landscape. WPA

C-10 Jacksonville - Memorial Park - Riverside Avenue between Margaret Street and Memorial Park Drive. War memorial fountain. Landscape. WPA

C-10 Jacksonville - Riverside Baptist Church - SE corner of King and Park Streets. Built 1925, designed by Mizner. Spanish and Byzantine. WPA

C-10 Jacksonville - Oriental Gardens - 2 San Jose Blvd. 18 acres along the St. John's River. WPA

C-10 Jacksonville - Jacksonville City Zoo - Hecksher Drive. 11 acre tract. Sounds like a zoo, probably a good one at the time. WPA

C-10 St. Augustine Beach - Guana River State Park - Off A1A between Jacksonville Beach and St. Augustine. Six hiking paths, lots of deer and hogs. Lush canopy. SCALPONE RED, BIRD

D-1 Carrabelle - World's Smallest Police Station. On U.S. 98 at CR67, west of Apalachicola. Exactly what it says, though it no longer functions as a police station. WEIRD.

D-2 Tallahassee - Ochlockonee River State Park - 39 Miles south of Tallahassee on US 319. Nature trails, swimming, scenic drive. Canoe rental. PERRY, BIRD

D-3 Tallahassee - St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge - 25 miles south of Tallahassee. From US 98, about 6 miles, south on SR 59. 1255 Lighthouse Road. Hiking on dykes and roads. Miles of unpaved roads. Mounds, pool, interpretive trail near lighthouse. Stoney Bayou Trail (6 miles) and Deep Creek Trail (12 miles) both starting on CR (SR?) 59 south of the visitor's center (one is an abbreviated version of the other). Also Ridge Trail (4.6 miles) and Otter Lake Loop (7.9 Miles) in the Otter Lake Recreation portion of the refuge. Seven mile drive for which you can purchase interpretive guide. PERRY , EDENS, BIRD, CARTER

D-3 Econfina River State Park - 30 Southeast of Tallahassee end of Road 14. Salt marshes, wooded island, palm forests. Bad trail maintenance. SCALPONE RED

D-4 Perry - Forest Capital State Museum - US 19, 1 mile south of Perry. 204 Forest Park Drive. Map of the counties, each cut from a different native tree. Exhibits focus on forest industry. Cracker homestead adjacent to the museum. BARDON, SCALPONE RED, EDENS

D-6 Gainesville - Ichetucknee Springs State Park - NW of Gainesville, US 27 to Ft. White N on SR 47 left on SR 238 to entrance. Popular for tubing and canoeing. Free trams for the tubes. Lots of birds. Hiking trails. PERRY, SCALPONE RED

D-7 Gainesville - O'Leno State Park - US 41/441 north of Gainesville, north of US 27 intersection. Swimming and canoeing. Site of town that is mostly gone. Suspension bridge across the river. 45 minute hike to sinkhole. A second trail goes past quarry and limestone outcrops. Natural Bridge Hiking Trail (12 mile loop). Bike trails. PERRY, SCALPONE RED, CARTER

D-8 Starke - Eugene L. Matthews Bradford County Historical Museum - US 301 to Call Street, east three blocks to the Jones-Rosenberg Building, 201 East Call Street. Tuesday to Sunday 1-5. Local economy and history. Lots of photos. BARDON

D-8 Starke - Camp Blanding Museum and Memorial Park - US 301 north of Starke, east of SR 16 (MLK Blvd) 9 miles. Exhibits on life in the camp. World War II. BARDON

D-8 Waldo -Austin Cary Memorial Forest - Past Waldo if coming from the east. Planted by the Society of American Foresters in memory of Dr. Austin Cary. In a cabin nearby is a display of Cary's field instruments. WPA

D-8 Keystone Heights - Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park - From Palatka on US 17, 29 miles west on SR 100 to SR 21 then north to site. Deep Ravines, fern trails, wooden foot bridges, ridge area. 90 minute walk to old mill site. Swimming and hiking. 1.4 mile nature trail. Also 3 miles of FTA trail. And miles of woods roads suitable for hiking. PERRY, SCALPONE RED, CARTER, WPA

D-9 Doctor's Inlet - Hibernia Plantation - Left off road south of Doctor's Inlet. Remnant of large Spanish grant to the Fleming Family. Descendants still living there. WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - Castillo de San Marcos National Monument - King Street to Avenida Menendez, north 5 blocks. Coquina fort. Built 1672-1695. Cool fort, cool views, bizarre toilet room. 2000, 2016 BARDON, FNP

D-10 St. Augustine - Spanish Quarter - King Street to Avenida Menendez, north 4 blocks, east two blocks to St. George Street. Historic houses, workshops and gardens along with shopping and a Columbia. Old wooden schoolhouse 14 St. George Street. Home of John Paredes, 54 St. George Street. Old Spanish Inn (Private), 43 St. George Street. The City Building, corner of St. George and Hypolita. Old Spanish Treasury, St. George and Treasury Streets, contains intact the furnishings of the Burt family that lived there until 1931. Trinity Episcopal Church, St. George and King Street. 2000, 2016 BARDON, WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - Casa Avero - St. Photius National Greek Orthodox Shrine - In the Spanish Quarter. Story of greeks in Florida. Cool chapel, and the domes transmit sound. 2000 BARDON.

D-10 St. Augustine - Pena-Peck House - 143 St. George Street. Restored, furnished in 1830's style. Built in 1740's. BARDON

D-10 St. Augustine - Government House Museum - 48 King Street. Maps, photos, artifacts and a brief text cover five centuries of local history. BARDON

D-10 St. Augustine - Spanish Military Hospital Museum - King Street to Aviles Street, south one block. Living history museum. BARDON

D-10 St. Augustine - Segui-Kirby Smith House Library - King Street to Aviles Street South one block. 6 Artillery Lane. Research collection of the historical society. BARDON

D-10 St. Augustine - Lightner Museum -King Street across from Flagler College. 75 King Street. Former Alcazar Hotel. Priceless and eclectic collection. Everything from rare crystals and minerals to buttons and cigar bands. And lots of it. BARDON

D-10 St. Augustine - Zorayda Castle - 83 King Street. Big house, now apparently a museum of sorts. Was a casino at some point, but casino did not use to mean what it means now. Went to go there in 2016 and decided it was too expensive. BARDON, WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - St. Augustine Art Association - 2 blocks south of King Street at 22 Marine Street. Visual arts center with changing shows. BARDON

D-10 St. Augustine - Oldest House (Gonzalez-Alvarez House) - King Street to Avenida Menendez, south five blocks to 14 St. Francis street. Historic, go through in sort of historic order as it expanded. Late 1500's. Plus walled garden and area building, which were arguably the coolest part. Staffed with interpreters in period garb. BARDON, WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - Lighthouse and Museum - A1A south to Anastasia Island, continue one mile, east at Red Cox Road across from the Alligator Farm. The usual stuff. 1800's. BARDON

D-10 St. Augustine - Fort Matanzas National Monument - Fifteen miles south of St. Augustine on A1A. Built in 1740's. Oldest fort standing in the US. Interpretive walks and talks, ferry boat rides, fishing. Free ferry service to the fort. BARDON, FNP, WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - Faver Dykes State Park - South of St. Augustine, entrance by SR 204 from US 1 just North of Intersection with Route 1. The usual stuff. Two nature trails. Infrequently used, lots of birds. PERRY, SCALPONE RED

D-10 St. Augustine - Anastasia State Recreation Area - A1A from US 1 - Nature trail, bike, sailboard and canoe rental, swimming, King's Coquina Quarries. SCALPONE RED

D-10 St. Augustine - Zero Milestone - between Bay Street and the City Gates. Coquina sphere six feet in diameter, placed in 1929 to mark the eastern terminus of an old Spanish trail that linked the missions between St. Augustine and Pensacola. WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - City Gates - St. George Street at Orange Street. Erected 1804. 2016. WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - Casa de Cannonosa - 18 St. Francis Street. Claimed one of the walls was pierced by a cannon ball in the siege of 1740. WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - St. Francis Barracks - 108 Marine Street. State arsenal and office of the national guard. WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - National Cemetery - Marine Street and Cemetery Lane. Soldiers from Seminole wars. WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - Bridge of Lions - continuation of Cathedral Street, connects mainland with Anastasia Island. Dedicated in 1927. WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - Plaza de la Constitucion - Cathedral Street between Charlotte and St. George Streets. Named for the shaft erected in 1813 to commemorate the adoption in Spain of a liberal constitution. (It didn't take). At the end of the plaza is a slave market built in 1824 to replace the original, which was built in 1598. In the 30's it was used for chess, checkers and dominoes. 2016. WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - Cathedral of St. Augustine - Cathedral Street between Charlotte and St. George Streets. Oldest parish in US with records back to 1594. Building 1797/1887. WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - Public Library and Fatio House - 5 Aviles Street. Library erected 1785, house built somewhat later. WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - Don Toledo House - corner Aviles and Bridge Streets. Contains relics, antiques, pictures and furniture used by former residents of the city. WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - Ponce de Leon Hotel - Cordoba Street between King and Valencia Streets. First of the Flagler chain of hotels. WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - Shrimp docks - South of King Street (US 1) on the San Sebastian River. WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - Flagler Memorial Presbyterian Church - NW corner Valencia and Sevilla Streets. Built 1890. WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - Spanish Cemetery - Cordova Street between Orange and Saragossa Streets. Used for Spaniards in 1794 and for others until 1878. WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - Huguenot Cemetery - NW corner San Marco Avenue and Orange Street. Opened in 1821 during the yellow fever epidemic. No Huguenots in it. 2016. WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - Wolf's Museum of Mystery, 35 Charlotte Street in St. Augusting. Actually a shop of oddities as most of the displays are for sale, but for a small fee you can take a tour. Hours, which are somewhat flexible, are 2 to about 10 pm every day but Wednesdays.

D-10 St. Augustine - Nuestra Senora de La Leche - Ocean Street one block east of San Marco. Small coquina chapel built in 1918 to replace original destroyed in 1728, that commemorates first mass said in the settlement (September 8, 1565). Our lady of the milk a reference to a miracle occurring in Spain, and a statue related to it. WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - Fountain of Youth Park - Magnolia Avenue, foot of Myrtle Avenue. Landscaped gardens, reproduction of an Indian stockade and communal house. Also Indian burial ground. At time of WPA they were displaying the skeletons under green light, but they no longer do. Museum. Surprisingly good, interesting and informative park. 2016. WPA

D-10 St. Augustine - Castle Otttis. Exit 318 off 95N to SR-16E, 5.7 miles, right at San Marco Avenue, left at May Street (SR A1A), left at Coastal Highway (still SR A1A) 2.7 miles, left at 3rd Street to 103 3rd Street, St. Augustine. Castle Otttis is a "landscape sculpture" made to resemble an Irish Castle. The Castle is available for certain groups and has a worship service each Sunday, but is not otherwise open to the public. WEIRD.

D-10 Anastasia Island - Alligator Farm Zoological Park - I-95 exit 311, SR 207 east toward St. Augustine Drive. Drive 3.7 miles and turn right on SR 312. Drive 3.6 miles over Route 1 and the intercoastal waterway. Turn left (North) on A1A/Anastasia Blvd and go 1 and 1/2 miles to 999 Anastasia Blvd, Anastasia Island. Rare and exotic reptiles, birds and mammals. Hours 9-5 every day, 9-6 in summer. Adults $15.95, Children $8.95.

E-4 Perry - Tide Swamp Wildlife Management Area - Gulf of Mexico, south of Perry. Between SR 361 and Gulf, Adams Beach to Steinhatchee. Privately owned. Hiking on unimproved roads. PERRY

E-4 Steinhatchee - Steinhatchee Wildlife Management Area - West of Gainesville, on both sides of US 19/98 from Gulf of Mexico almost to US 27, between SR 51 and SR 349. Privately owned. Hiking on back roads and informal trails. November 10 to January 8 is hunting season. PERRY

E-6 Chiefland - Manatee Springs State Park - West of Gainesville, from US 19/98, west on SR 320 at Chiefland. Sink Trail Walking Tour, boardwalk, observation deck, swimming at spring. Canoe and paddleboat rental. Manatee Springs Trail (3 miles) starts 1/4 mile south of the entrance station on the right, ends near there. PERRY, CARTER

E-6 Old Town - Moss Factory. Building from the antebellum period in which moss is prepared for use in upholstery. "The finished product, resembling black horse hair, is highly resilient, stronger than hair, and does not attract vermin." WPA

E-6 Fanning Springs - Fannin Springs. Resort occupying the site of Fort Fannin. Springs 48,000 gallons a minute. WPA

E-7 Gainesville - Santa Fe Community College Art Gallery - I-75 to exit 77, east 1/2 mile to NW 83rd street, south 1/4 mile to SFCC entrance. 3000 NW 83rd street. Changing exhibits. BARDON

E-7 Gainesville - Matheson Historical Center - I-75 to exit 76, east 6 miles to 513 East University Avenue. Museum and archives of Alachua County history. BARDON

E-7 Gainesville - Morningside Nature Center - I-75 to exit 76 east 13 miles to entrance, 3540 East University Avenue. Seven miles of nature trails, living history farm. Log cabin. Historic interpreters on weekends. Free (?) BARDON, EDENS

E-7 Gainesville - Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art - I-75 to exit 75, east 1 mile to SW 34th Street, north 4 blocks to Hull Road, east 1 block. Changing shows. BARDON

E-7 Gainesville - Florida Museum of Natural History, Powell Hall- I-75 to exit 75, east 1 mile to SW 34th Street, north 4 blocks to Hull Road, east 1 block (note that these are the same as the directions to Harn). Replica Florida cave, habitat dioramas, archeological finds BARDON, EDENS

E-7 Gainesville - Fred Bear Museum - I-75 to exit 75, west 1 block to Fred Bear Drive, north 1 mile. 4600 SW 41st Blvd. (Fred Bear Drive). Lots of trophy animals and artifacts associated with archery and bowhunting. BARDON

E-7 Gainesville - Kanapaha Botanical Gardens- I-75 to exit 75, west one mile to 4700 SW 58th Drive. Bardon says it is one of the best in the Southeast. Extensive collections in ancient oak woodlands, water gardens. BARDON, EDENS

E-7 Gainesville - San Felasco Hammock State Preserve - Short distance NW of Gainesville. Off SR 232, between I-75 and US 441. Climax hammock with limestone outcrops and "extreme changes in elevation" Is trail. PERRY, SCALPONE RED

E-7 Gainesville - Devil's Millhopper State Geologic Site - 2 miles northwest on SR 232, Millhopper Road. Giant sinkhole that began forming 20 million years ago. Can walk to bottom. Plants found nowhere else in the state. Fossils. Paleontological exhibits. SCALPONE RED, PERRY. EDENS, WPA. There and pretty cool in 2016.

E-7 Gainesville Haile Homestead at Kanapaha Plantation. In addition to the usual historic plantation stuff, Historic Haile Homestead is unique in the Nation for its "Talking Walls." For a reason lost to time, the Haile family wrote on the walls of their home - over 12,500 words in almost every room and closet. Open Saturday 10-2 and Sunday 12-4. Haile Homestead is located at 8500 SW Archer Road in Gainesville.

E-7 Micanopy - Micanopy Historical Society Museum - I-75 to exit 73, east and north 1/2 mile to Seminary Street, east 1/2 mile, left on Cholokka Blvd, north 3 blocks to 607 NE First St. 352-466-3200. Local history going back 200 years. Can also take a historic walking tour of Micanopy. BARDON

E-7 Micanopy - Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Farm. From Gainesville, take US 441 south to CR 346 east, then turn south on CR325 and follow signs to Cross Creek. Or take I-75 south to the Micanopy exit and follow signs to CR346 and CR325. From Hawthorne, take US301 south to CR325 west to the site. Farm where Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings lived, preserved. Also walking trails. Park is open 9 to 5 daily. Admission is $2 per Vehicle.

E-7 Micanopy - Florida's oldest inland town. I 75, exit 73, 1 mile east. Lots of antiques.

E-7 Archer - Archer Community Historical Museum - I-75 to exit 75, southwest 10 miles on SR 24 to University Avenue, south 4 blocks to Main Street, west two blocks to Magnolia and Main. Was a railroad depot. Artifacts relating to the civil war, railroads and African American residents of Archer. BARDON

E-8 Gainesville - Paynes Prairie State Preserve - South of Gainesville on US 441. 100 Savannah Blvd. Hiking north of main entrance on 441. Is parking area with access to unpaved road along rim overlooking prairie. Exhibits and trails. Access to trails on prairie. 20 miles of trails. Including two loop trails of about 5 miles a piece. PERRY, SCALPONE RED, EDENS, BIRD, CARTER

E-8 Gainesville - Lochloosa Wildlife Management Area - SE of Gainesville. East on SR 20 about 15 miles. Site lies south of SR 20. East boundary is US 301. Private land - hiking on graded roads and jeep tracks. PERRY

E-8 Cross Creek (between Gainesville and Ocala)- Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings State Historic Site - I-75 to exit 73, south on 441, east on CR 346, south on CR 325 (approximately 10 miles from I-75), follow signs. Has author's home, in distinctive Florida Cracker style, nature trails and picnic areas on grounds. BARDON, SCALPONE RED

EtoG-8to9 - Ocala - Ocala National Forest - East of Ocala, crossed by SR 19, SR 316, SR 314, SR 40. SR 42 approximates the south boundary. Oldest National Forest east of the Mississippi. Has 66 miles of the Florida Trail. No other marked trails but quiet back roads. Are nature trails at HQ. PERRY, EDENS, BIRD, CARTER

E-9 Palatka - Lake Ocklawaha - NE of Ocala, E on SR 40, NE on SR 314 to SR 19. North to Rodman Dam entrance near Rodman. Hiking on unpaved roads and jeep trails. PERRY

E-9 Palatka - Rice Creek Sanctuary - six miles west of Palatka on SR 100. Owned by pulp and paper company. Site of 18th century effort to cultivate rice, trail on old rice field dykes. Florida trail also crosses the site. Also three mile loop trail. Plus numerous unpaved roads. PERRY, CARTER

E-9 Palatka - Bronson-Mulholland House and Putnam County Historic Museum - US 17, west of bridge, north three blocks to Mulholland Park. Restored southern mansion that was used by confederate army then occupied by federal troops. Plus museum. BARDON, WPA

E-9 Palatka - Ravine Gardens - US 17 to 9th Street (SR 20), south 1 mile to Moseley Avenue, east 6 blocks to Twigg Street, north two blocks to 1600 Twigg Street. Created as federally funded project in 1933. Ravines created by giant sinkholes. 85 acres. Wild and precipitous, has trails. Lots of azaleas. Azalea season is March and April. Is 1.8 mile loop road and nature trails. BARDON, SCALPONE RED. EDENS, WPA

E-9 Palatka - Confederate Monument - Courthouse Square. Has at its base a 40 pound cannonball fired during the battle of Palatka in 1864. As of about two weeks ago (December 22, 2021) the County had voted to move this statue. WPA

E-9 Welaka - Florida State Fish Hatchery and Game Farm -. Shad hatchery, aquarium, deer park, quail farm, aviary, exhibits. WPA

E-10 Palm Coast - Washington Oaks State Gardens - A1A south of Crescent Beach. I-95 exit 91C, east to A1A then north 4 miles. Has beach access, nature trails, picnic area. BARDON Formal Gardens, rose gardens. 390 acres. Interpretive museum. SCALPONE RED, EDENS

E-10 Bunnell - Bulow Plantation Ruins State Historic Site - I-95 to exit 91 (SR 100), east 1 block to Old Kings Road (CR 5A), south 3 miles to entrance. Remains of prosperous sugar plantation from 1820's, destroyed in the second Seminole War. Coquina sugar mill ruins, spring house ruins, interpretive museum. Four mile hike on FTA. Trail head at parking area for state historic site. Can explore 13 loop of creek in rented canoes. BARDON, SCALPONE RED, EDENS, CARTER

E-10 Korona - Tissimi Mission - about 4.4 miles south of Korona. The ruins are almost hidden from view in an undergrowth of woods and vines. Reputedly built about 1696 by Franciscan Friars. Destroyed by the British in 1706. Later rebuilt and used as a sugar mill. WPA

E-11 Flagler Beach - Gamble Rogers Recreation Area - 3 miles south off A1A. Swimming, camping, picnic. Dune trail on the inland side. SCALPONE RED

F-5 Suwannee - Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge - Mud flats with bunches of my favorite birds. Is at least one trail. BIRD

F-6 Cedar Key - Waccasassa Bay State Preserve and Cedar Key Scrub Preserve - Gulf Coast west of Ocala. From US 19/98 southwest on SR 24 to headquarters. In 1979 were no trails yet but they were in the works. Close but not the same. CKS more accessible, Indian mounds. WBS huge, lots of wildlife, some roads are four wheel. PERRY, SCALPONE RED

F-8 Ocala - Discovery Science Center - I-75 to exit 69, 2 1/2 miles east on US 40 (Silver Springs Blvd) south one block to 50 South Magnolia Avenue. Usual hands on science stuff. BARDON

F-8 Ocala - Appleton Museum of Art - I-75 to exit 69, east 7 miles on SR 40 to 4333 East Silver Springs Blvd. Cool building set in 44 acres of pine woods. Over 6000 works from the Appleton collection. Pre-Columbian and African supposed to be good. BARDON

F-8 Ocala - Silver River Museum and Environmental Center - I-75 to exit 70, east 10 miles on SR 40 to CR 35, south 2 miles to Sharpes Ferry Road east 1 1/2 miles to 7189 Northeast Seventh Street. 5000 acre nature preserve that celebrates pioneer heritage as well as ecological treasures. Cracker settlement. Six mile trail. BARDON, SCALPONE RED says 1425 N.E. 58 Avenue, EDENS

F-8 Ocala - Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing - I-75 to exit 67, east 1 block on CR 484 to 13700 Southwest Sixteenth Avenue. Two large buildings one devoted to antique cars one to auto racing. BARDON

F-8 Silver Springs - Silver Springs. Group of 150 natural springs flowing into a single basin. Swimming is possible. Bathing suits for rent. !!! Glass bottom boats. WPA

F-8 [?] - Florida Reptile Institute - . Exhibition and sale, but will not sell poisonous snakes to minors. WPA

F-8 Orange Lake - Bird Island - Boat landing east of Orange Lake for guide/boat. Natural rookery and bird sanctuary maintained by the American Audubon Society. WPA

F-10 Barberville - Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts - US 17, west at SR 40, south one block at CR 3. Staff demonstrates weaving, butter churning, soap making, and other pioneer arts. Displays of toys, folk art, old tools and artifacts. Also an old depot and a caboose, barns, a church, a turpentine still, and a bridge house. BARDON

F-11 Daytona Beach - Halifax Historical Museum - I-95 to exit 87, east on International Speedway Blvd 4 miles to South Beach Street, south 2 blocks. Former bank, stuff about the history of Volusia County. BARDON

F-11 Daytona Beach - Art League of Daytona Beach - I-95 to exit 87, east 4 miles to Palmetto Avenue, 433 South Palmetto Avenue. Has gallery. BARDON

F-11 Daytona Beach - Southeast Museum of Photography - I-95 to exit 87, east on International Speedway Blvd 2 miles to DBCC, 1200 West International Speedway Blvd. Works, plus history of processes. BARDON

F-11 Daytona Beach - Museum of Arts and Sciences - I-95 to exit 87, east to Nova Road, 1040 Museum Blvd. Has Chinese Gallery and European decorative arts, skeleton of giant sloth, and so on. BARDON

F-11 Daytona Beach - Bethune-Cookman College (Fine Art Gallery) - I-95 to exit 87, east 6 miles to Lincoln Street, north 1 block. 151 Lincoln Street. Bethune Cookman is an historically black college. Gallery has works by African American artists. BARDON, WPA

F-11 Daytona Beach - Sugar Mill Gardens - I-95 to exit 85, east on Dunlawton Avenue to Nova Blvd, north 4 blocks to Herbert Street, east 2 blocks to 950 Old [Sugar] Mill Road. Twelve acre botanical garden, remains of early 19th century sugar mill. Exhibits on the processing of sugar. Dinosaur statues. BARDON, EDENS

F-11 Daytona Beach - Sugar Mill Machinery - On lawn of house at the SW corner of S. Ridgewood and Loomis Avenues. Flywheel and cylinder of a large sugar mill. WPA

F-11 Daytona Beach - Riverfront Park - S. Beach Street between Orange and Fairview Avenues. Landscaped area, lots of plants. WPA

F-11 Daytona Beach - St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church - SW corner of Ridgewood and Cypress Street. Built 1927. Has relic of St. Teresa. WPA

F-11 Daytona Beach - Ocean Beach - Eastern limits of the City. Bathing beach between Silver Beach Avenue and University Blvd. Beach was popular for driving. WPA

F-11 Daytona Beach - Municipal Boardwalk - Between Ora and Main Streets. 50 feet wide and 1680 feet long. WPA

F-11 Daytona Beach - Oceanfront Park - below street level between Ocean Avenue and the boardwalk. Landscape, concessions, band shell. WPA

F-11 Daytona Beach - Daytona Beach Boat Works - 701 S. Beach Street.10 acres. Landlocked yacht basin, parkway, machine shop, foundry, marine railway and a dry dock. WPA

F-11 Daytona Beach - Daytona Beach Pier - East end of Main Street. Fishing, casino with dancing, museum. WPA

F-11 Port Orange - Gamble Place Spruce Creek Environmental Preserve - 1819 Taylor Road. 175 acre park, formerly the hunting and fishing retreat of James Gamble, of Procter & Gamble fame. Historic house, azaleas, snow white's cottage, nature trails. Snow White's Cottage was built by Gamble's son in law, and is an attempt to replicate the cottage as seen in the Disney version. It has opened to the public only recently. EDENS, WEIRD.

F-11 Port Orange - Ruins of the Dunlawton Sugar Mill - "follow the signs." Built early 18th century, used as late as 1880, one of the largest coquina ruins in the area. WPA

F-11 Ormond Beach - Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens - 3 blocks east of the Casements, which are I-95 to exit 88 (SR 40), east 5 miles across Halifax River to Riverside Drive, south 1 block. Fine art museum set in 4 acre garden. BARDON. EDENS puts at 78 Granada Avenue just across the bridge.

F-11 Ormond by the Sea - Tomoko State Park - I-95 EXIT 90 east on Old Dixie Highway, 5 miles past Bulow Creek State Park at 2099 North Beach Street. Museum with art and archeological exhibits, hiking trails. Beaches, boats. camping, short nature trail, 40 foot statue of Chief Nocoroco. SCALPONE RED, EDENS

F-11 Ormond (beach? or by the sea) - Ormond Tropical Gardens - Division Street and Granada Avenue. 116 acres planted with 250,000 subtropical and tropical trees and shrubs. WPA

F-11 Holly Hill - Holly Hill Jungle Gardens. One of the largest plantings of easter lilies in America. WPA

F-11 Ponce Inlet - Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse and Museum - I-95 to exit 85, east on Dunlawton Avenue across Port Orange Bridge to Daytona Beach Shores, south 5 miles on Atlantic Avenue, west on Beach Street, turn left onto Peninsula Drive. One of Florida's most complete light stations. Can climb to top. Plus nearby marina. BARDON, WPA

G-5 Cedar Key - Cedar Key Historical Society Museum - SR 24 at Second Street. Small museum with exhibits about the Key's importance in the Civil War, a shell collection. BARDON, SCALPONE RED

G-5 Cedar Key - Cedar Key State Museum - SR 24 at Whiddon Avenue, north at Gulf Blvd., west at Hodges Drive to Museum Drive. Also historic.

G-7 Crystal River - Crystal River State Archaeological Site - US 19 2 miles north of Crystal River, west two miles on State Park Road, south 2 blocks to 3400 North Museum Point. Mounds and middens, small museum, trails to points of interest. Are excavated mounds, crypt. Steles from 440 AD. BARDON, SCALPONE RED

G-7 Crystal River - Coastal Heritage Museum - US 19 to Citrus Avenue, south 1 block to 532 Citrus Avenue. Detailed diorama of Crystal River in 1927, memorabilia and photographs. BARDON

G-7 Dunnellon - Rainbow Springs State Park - 5 miles north off Highway 41. Huge spring. Swimming and tubing. Canoe and tube rentals. Glass bottom boat. The vine covered mounds were created when limestone was mined here in the early 1890's. SCALPONE RED, WPA

G-7 Hernando - Ted Williams Museum - I -75 to exit 68, south 20 miles to SR 41, continue 4 miles south to CR 486, west 3 miles to Citrus Hills, south 1/2 mile to 2455 North Citrus Hills Blvd. What it is. BARDON

G-7 Homosassa - Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park - Park at main entrance on 19 and take a short boat ride or take US 19 to Halls River Drive, west one mile to 9225 West Fish Bowl Drive.Underwater "fish bowl" observatory allow to see manatees and fish at close range. Also snakes, alligator, deer and otter in park. Wildlife trail. Garden. Short boat cruise. Petting zoo. Restaurant. BARDON, EDENS

G-7 Homosassa - Olde Mill House Gallery and Printing Museum - US 19 to West Yulee Drive (CR 490) west 2 1/2 miles to 10466 West Yulee Drive. Museum devoted to the art and craft of printing. Antique stuff, some hands on. Next to it are the ruins of a sugar mill that has been made into an interpretive site. BARDON

G-7 Homosassa - Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins - Road 490. 6 acre historic site. Interpretive signs. Sounds like mill ruins are about it. Yulee was one of the first Senators from Florida. SCALPONE RED, WPA

G-7 Inverness - Fort Cooper State Park - On Old Floral City Road. No trace of the fort remains. But there is swimming and at least a 10 minute trail to the bluff where the fort was. SCALPONE RED

G-8 Fruitland Park - Charles Fox Estate. Gardens and nursery. Private? WPA

G-8 Fruitland Park - Bosanquet Estate. Roses, clementines, hibiscus. Private? WPA

G-8 Leesburg - Venetian Gardens - bordering Lake Harris. Yacht basin, miniature islands, gardens, all on filled in swamp. WPA

G-9 Leesburg - Lake Griffin State Recreation Area - One mile north of Leesburg on US 441. Marsh, lakes, nature trail, picnic and camp. SCALPONE RED

G-9 Tavares - Lake County Historical Museum. US 441 to Tavares, 6 blocks south on Sinclair Avenue, east 1 block to 317 West Main Street. Regional museum. The usual. BARDON.

G-9 Eustis - Eustis Historical Museum - US 441 to North Bay Street (SR 19), north 2 1/2 miles to 536 North Bay Street. Fourteen room house, plus citrus museum. BARDON

G-9 Mount Dora - Mount Dora Center for the Arts. From Highway 441 to Mount Dora, take Donnelly Street to downtown, left at 5th Avenue at park, center across from Donnelly Park, 138 East Fifth Avenue. Exhibition space and so on. BARDON

G-9 Mount Dora - Royallou Museum. directly behind Mount Dora Center for the Arts. Town museum and slide show of the early days in Mount Dora, which used to be called Royallou. BARDON

G-10 Cassadaga - 35 miles northeast of Orlando - Town of mediums and spiritualists. Population 250. Was Camp Cassadaga, founded 1893. WPA, News reports.

G-10 - Lake Helen - "Devil's Chair" in Lake Helen Cemetery near Cassadaga. On or near Kicklighter Road between Cassadaga and Lake Helen. Supposedly if you sit in the chair at midnight the devil will talk to you. It is also rumored that he appreciates a cold beer. WEIRD.

G-10 Orange City - Blue Spring State Park - From Orange City on US 17/92, West on West French Avenue, One of the few places where manatees can be seen regularly. They gather here for the winter, during November, because of the 72 degree spring water. Scenic. Boardwalk through hammock, swimming in designated areas. Also has steamboat era home. PERRY, SCALPONE RED

G-10 DeLeon Springs - Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge - SW of DeLeon Springs on US 17. NW of DeLand. HQ is on SR 40A on south side of DeLeon Springs. Six miles of trails Can get only to headquarters by land, rest is boat only. PERRY, BIRD

G-10 DeLand - Hontoon Island State Park - From DeLand, west on State Road 44, left on New York Road to Hontoon Road. Island on St. John's River. Accessible by short ferry trip (passenger only). Nature trail to Indian mound. Observation tower. PERRY, SCALPONE RED

G-10 DeLand - Stetson University, Duncan Gallery of Art - I-4 to exit 56, west three miles on SR 44, north on Woodland Blvd, to campus in Sampson Hall. Loan from major collections plus student and faculty works. BARDON

G-10 DeLand - Stetson University - Hulley Memorial Tower. 80 foot tower dedicated to former president of school. WPA

G-10 DeLand - DeLand Museum of Art - I-4 to exit 56, west three miles on SR44 across from Stetson University. Changing exhibits. BARDON

G-10 DeLand - Gillespie Museum of Minerals - I-4 to exit 56, west three miles on SR 44 to Amelia Avenue, north 5 blocks to 234 Michigan Avenue. It's about rocks. BARDON

G-10 DeLand - Henry A. DeLand House Museum - I-4 to exit 56, west three miles on SR 44, north six blocks on Woodland Blvd, west one block on Michigan to 137 West Michigan Blvd. Mind you, DeLand never lived in this house, but it tells of the town's history. Lots of leaded and stained glass by the guy who did live there. BARDON

G-10 DeLand - African American Museum of the Arts - I-4 to exit 56, west three miles on SR44, 2 blocks south to 325 South Clara Avenue. A small collection of African Art and changing exhibits. BARDON

G-10 DeLand - The Royal French Museum - South Spring Garden Avenue and Camphor Lake. Was home of Stetson. Museum contains documents and relics of medievel Europe. WPA

G-10 Sanford - Sanford Museum - I-4 to exit 51, east 5 miles on SR 46 to 520 East First Street. Period furnishings, paintings and historic memorabilia. Manuscripts about the guy who founded the town. BARDON

G-10 Sanford - Seminole County Museum- I-4 to exit 50, east 4 miles on Lake Mary Blvd to US 17-92, south 1 mile to Bush Blvd, west 1 block to 300 Bush Blvd. Located in the County Home for the Poor. Otherwise the usual. BARDON

G-10 Enterprise - Basin - west on road to Green Springs. Basin 50 feet wide and 100 feet deep. Near woods nice for picnics. Starke House nearby. Has dried up spring, gardens. WPA

G-11 New Smyrna - Ruins of the Mission Atocuimi. From U.S. 1 (Dixie Freeway) in the city of New Smyrna Beach, take Canal Street through downtown New Smyrna Beach (traveling east) to Riverside Drive; go left (north) on Riverside Drive one block to Old Fort Park, between Julia and Washington streets. New Smyrna is where the Minorcans came originally. Ruins were site of a mission where there was an Indian uprising, later used as a sugar mill by the British. Also in the area the Turnbull Canal and the Foundations of an old fort. WPA.

H-7 Brooksville - Hernando Heritage Museum - I-75 to Highway 50 into Brooksville, take first street past traffic signal, 1 block on right to 601 Museum Court. County museum in Victorian with period furnishings, and turn of the century gadgets. BARDON

H-7 Spring Hill - Weeki Wachee Spring - I-75 to exit 61, west 20 miles on 50, at junction with 19. Florida wilderness river cruise, birds of prey show, nature trail, underwater mermaid show. EDENS, WPA

HtoI-7to8 Brooksville - Withlacoochee State Forest - Three large sections in area of Brookesville. 1) Citrus, bounded roughly by SR 491, SR 44, SR 581, Citrus-hernando County line, 2) Croom on I-75 all sides of Croom Florida, but chiefly west, and 3) Richloam on both sides of SR 471 south of Tarrytown. Trail loops in all three sections. Will eventually be linked by the Florida Trail, Nature trails at McKethan Lake and Col. Robins Day Use area. Citrus Hiking Trail is 40.6 miles starting and ending at Holder Mine Recreation Area off CR 581. Croom Hiking Trail 22.3 mile loop trail starting at Silver Lake Recreation Area. Richloam Hiking Trail 24.9 mile loop starting at the Richloam Tower. Colonel Robins Trail 3.2 loop at Colonel Robins Recreation Area. McKeethan Lake Nature Trail 2.5 mile loop at McKethan Lake Recreation Area. Carter says it is beautiful. PERRY, CARTER

H-8 Bushnell - Dade Battlefield State Historic Site - I-75 to exit 63, east 1 mile on SR 48 to Battlefield Drive (CR 603) south 1 mile to 7200 South Battlefield Drive. Site of battle that started the second Seminole War. Reenactment in early January. Park and interpretive museum. BARDON, SCALPONE RED, WPA

H-9 Clermont - Lake Louisa State Park - South on Road 561 from Clermont. Swimming, fishing, canoe launch, nature trail. Also horse trails. SCALPONE RED

H-9 Zellwood - Florida Peat Humus and Experiment Gardens - west from Zellwood. WPA

H-10 Apopka - Wekiwa Springs State Park. North of Orlando, east of Apopka on SR 436. Is nature trail. Wekiwa Springs Trail is 13.5 miles. Big deal is the springs and the 16 mile canoe trail. PERRY, SCALPONE RED, EDENS, CARTER, WPA

H-10 Maitland -The Maitland Art Center - I-4 to exit 47, east 1 mile to Maitland Avenue, south 1/2 mile to Packwood, West one block to 231 West Packwood Avenue. Building has cool architecture, aztec inspired art deco. Doesn't appear to have much in the way of exhibits. BARDON

H-10 Maitland - Maitland Society Historical Museum - The Maitland Art Center - I-4 to exit 47, east 1 mile to Maitland Avenue, south 1/2 mile to Packwood, West one block to 221 West Packwood Avenue. Thursday through Sunday 12-4. Eclectic collections of artifacts, textiles, and photographs. Telephones and communications equipment dating to 1910. BARDON

H-10 Maitland - Waterhouse Residence and Carpentry Shop Museum - US 17-92 to Lake Lily east 1 block to 820 Lake Lily Drive. Thursday to Sunday 12 - 4:30. Museum of carpenter's home. BARDON

H-10 (See M-3) Eatonville - Zora Neale Huston International Museum of Fine Art - I-4 to exit 46, east 1 block to Wymore Road, north 1/2 mile to Kennedy Blvd., east 1/4 mile to 227 East Kennedy Blvd. Entry point to the art, culture and history of Eatonville. Features art by those of African descent. BARDON

H-10 Winter Park - Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art - I-4 to exit 45, east 2 miles to Park Avenue, north 6 blocks to 445 Park Avenue. Lots of Tiffany. American paintings and pottery. BARDON

H-10 Winter Park - Cornell Fine Arts Museum - I-4 exit 45, east 2 miles to Park Avenue, south 1 block to Holt Avenue, east three blocks to 1000 Holt Avenue. Collection of 6000 pieces rotates through them. BARDON

H-10 Winter Park - Albin Polasek Foundation Museum - I-4 exit 45, east 3 miles to 633 Osceola Avenue. More than two hundred of his sculptures in landscaped gardens on his estate. BARDON

H-10 Winter Park - Walk of Fame. Constructed of more than 450 steppingstones taken from birthplaces or former homes of distinguished men and women including Ben Franklin and Buffalo Bill. WPA

H-10 Winter Park - Indian Mound - Small park at Interlachen and Knowles Avenues. WPA

H-11 Christmas - Fort Christmas Museum - I-4 to exit 39, east 30 miles on SR 50 to Christmas, north on SR 20 2 miles to 1300 Fort Christmas Road. Replica of original fort built in 1837. Also the usual late nineteenth century settlement stuff. BARDON

H-11 - Christmas - Jungle Adventures. 26205 East Colonial Drive (State Road 50). Indian Village, animals shows and alligator farm. Not to mention the world's largest alligator (concrete).

H-11 Titusville Valiant Air Command War Bird Air Museum. From I-95 take exit 79 toward Kennedy Space Center, Turn right on SR 405. The musuem is located on Spacecoast Regional Airport at 6600 Tico Road, in Titusville. Has WWII and Viet Nam era aircraft. 10-6 daily. Adults $9, seniors and military $8, children 4 to 12 $5. GEBHART.

H-11 Titusville - Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. From Titusville on US 1, SR 406. Scenic drives with lots of wildlife viewing. Nature trail. Hiking on back roads. Alan Cruikshank Memorial Trail (5 miles) from Black Point Wildlife Drive. Observation tower. PERRY, EDENS, BIRD

H-11 Titusville - North Brevard Historical Museum - I-95 to exit 80, east three miles to US 1, south 1/4 mile to 301 South Washington Street. Former store in the historic downtown section of Titusville. Was winter tourist center. BARDON

H-11 Titusville - Valiant Air Command Warbird Aviation Museum - I-95 to exit 79, east on SR 50 to SR 405, continue east to Space Coast Regional Airport entrance, south 1/4 mile. About what you would expect. BARDON

H-11 Titusville - US Astronaut Hall of Fame and Space Camp Florida - I-95 to exit 79, east on SR 50 to SR 405, east 6 miles, just west of Kennedy Space Center. Training simulators and hands on exhibits. Astronaut artifacts and mementos. BARDON

H-11 Titusville - Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex - I-95 to exit 79, east on SR 50, east ten miles on SR 405, NASA Parkway. BARDON

H-11 Titusville - AirForce Space and Missile Museum - I-95 to exit 77, east 12 miles to SR 401, north 1 mile, ask for museum pass at the gate of Patrick AFB. BARDON

H-11 Titusville - Dummitt Grove - Left two miles out of Titusville. One of the early orange groves in the State. In 1939 some of the original were still bearing fruit. WPA

H-11 Orlando - Tosohatchee State Preserve - From Orlando, east on SR 50 to Christmas, three miles south on Taylor Creek Road. In 1979 was open only to groups by special arrangement. Sections of Florida Trail were being developed. SR says has Wrigley mansion, 12 trails of 3 to 12 miles, Indian middens, lots of wildlife, dikes on river, outdoor cathedral. Carter credits with loop trails of 17 and 27 miles. PERRY, SCALPONE RED, CARTER

H-11 Orlando - Harry P. Leu Gardens and Leu House - I-4 to Princeton Street exit, east 1 mile to Mills Avenue, south 1/4 mile to Virginia Drive, east 8 blocks to Forest Avenue, 1/4 mile ahead to 1720 North Forest Avenue. 2000, 2016. Very cool gardens, didn't do the house. BARDON

H-11 Orlando - Orlando Science Center - I-4 to exit 43, east 5 blocks on Princeton Street to Lockhaven Park and 777 East Princeton Street. Interactive Science Exhibits. BARDON

H-11 Orlando - Orange County Historical Museum - Was in the process of moving last time we were there in 2000, would imagine they are done by now. Local history and vintage fire fighting equipment. BARDON

H-11 Orlando - Orlando Museum of Art - I-4 to exit 43, east 5 blocks on Princeton Street to Lockhaven Park, 2416 North Mills Avenue. 19th and 20th century American, pre-Columbian and African art. BARDON

H-11 Orlando - Dickson Azalea Garden - I-4 exit 38, east 1 mile on Anderson, north on Summerlin, then east on Central to Rosearden Drive. Picturesque Fern Creek banked with azaleas. Free. EDENS

H-11 Orlando - Orange County Courthouse - North Main Street between East Wahington and East Main Streets. Architecture, landscape. Cacao tree marked with plaque. Planted in 1892. WPA

H-11 Orlando - Lake Eola Park - East Central Avenue between Rosalind Avenue and Eola Drive, 55 acres, landscape, swans. WPA

H-11 Orlando - Orlando Zoo- NE corner of West Livingston Avenue and Garland Street. WPA

H-12 Cape Canaveral - Cape Canaveral Lighthouse. "[CC] First noted in 1513 by Ponce de Leon, who called it Cape of Currents. ... Shipwrecked here in July 1572, Menendez walked to St. Augustine, arriving in late fall, having escaped death at the hands of Indians by telling them that a large Spanish force was following." Lighthouse is 145 tall. WPA

I-6 New Port Richey - West Pasco Historical Society Museum - US 19, east 1/2 mile to Main Street, south to Circle Drive, continue around lake to 6431 Circle Blvd. Historical materials and artifacts. BARDON

I-6 Tarpon Springs - Tarpon Springs Historical Society Museum - US 19A, east two blocks on Tarpon Avenue to 160 Tarpon Avenue. The usual at most. BARDON

I-6 Tarpon Springs - Tarpon Springs. Sponge capital of America. Named, it is said, because of a mistaken belief that tarpon spawned in Spring Bayou. What they have are mullet, shrimp, and sponge fishing. The sponge docks, along Dodocanese Blvd, have tons of Greek restaurants and bakeries of all sorts, and lots of places that sell natural sponges, hand-rolled cigars, and locally made soaps and lotions. Also several boat cruise lines. WPA. 2007.

I-6 Tarpon Springs - Spongeorama. Spongeorama at 510 Dodecanese Blvd in Tarpon Springs. Spongeorama has a movie about the sponge trade and a free rather old museum on the trade. 2007

I-6 - Tarpon Springs - Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art. US 19 to Klosterman Road (left if you are going north) then left on Belcher Road. Museum is at the first left at 600 Klosterman Road in the Tarpon Springs Campus of St. Petersburg College. The bulk of the permanent exhibit is devoted to the works of Abraham Rattner, one of the better artists I had never heard of, with some works by his second wife Esther Gentle and also an artist named Leepa. They also consistently host temporary exhibits. 2007.

I-6 Tarpon Springs - St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral. Located at 36 N. Pinellas Avenue in Tarpon Springs. Is a replica of St. Sophia in Istanbul. 2007

I-6 Anclote - Anclote Key Lighthouse - 3 miles north of Anclote River Mouth. On island accessible only by boat. Beaches, nature. SCALPONE RED

I-8 Tampa - Hillsborough River State Park - US 301 15 miles northeast of Tampa. Early state park, scenic river, replica fort foster, nature trails through hammock and along river. 8 miles of trails. Canoe and paddleboat rental. "Alligator often seen." PERRY, SCALPONE RED, EDENS

I-8 Dade City - Pioneer Florida Museum - I-75 to exit 59, east on SR 52, 10 miles to Dade City, east on Meridian Avenue to US 301, then east on Pioneer Museum Road to 15602 Pioneer Museum Road, Dade City, 352-567-0262. Artifacts and restored historic buildings, antique train and depot. Twenty acre grounds. Thurs-Sun 1-5 pm. BARDON

I-9 Polk City - Fantasy of Flight - I-4 to exit 21, north 1/2 mile to SR 559, west 1/2 mile to 1400 Broadway Blvd. Southeast. World's largest private collection of vintage aircraft and state-of the art flight simulators. Reenactments. Airplane and balloon rides. BARDON

I-9 Davenport - Citrus Candy Factory. Makes crystallized fruit peel. WPA

I-10 Okeechobee - Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park. 33104 NW, 192d Avenue, Okeechobee, Florida. Last portion is dirt road. Miles of trails through the prairie. When I was there in August of 2020 a fair part of the trail was under 3-5 inches of water. It also has a wide selection of biting insects, including nasty biting black ants whose bites turn to pustules. Also, keep an eye out for alligators. (I accidentally walked right over one that was under a bridge that was only about 18" above the creek bed he was in).

I-10 Kissimmee - Spence-Lanier Pioneer Center - I-4 to exit 25, east 5 miles to North Bass Road, south 2 blocks to 750 North Bass Road. Cracker cabin, museum, one room country store. BARDON

I-10 Kissimmee - World of Orchids - I-4 to exit 25B, west 2 miles on I-192, south 1 mile on 545 to 501 North Old Lake Wilson Road. Thousands of orchids in conservatory gardens. EDENS

I-10 Kissimmee - Disney Wilderness Preserve - I-4 exit 25 east 3 miles on US 192 to Poinciana Blvd, south 15 miles to junction with Pleasant Hill Road, turn right 1 1/2 mile to sign for Scrub Jay Trail. Two mile dirt road to trail head. 4 mile nature trail. Free EDENS

I-10 Kissimmee - Gatorland - I4 east to exit 26A (SR 536) becomes SR 417N. Take exit 11,onto US 441 S. (OB Trail) on mile south, gatorland on left at 14501 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Kissimmee. 407-855-5496. 110 acre park and wildlife preserve, shows. Bird sanctuary. Gatorland had a fire in late 2006 but has already reopened.

I-10 - Kissimmee - Monument of the States. Lakefront Park, corner of Johnston St. at East Monument Avenue at 300 East Monument Avenue. Fifty foot high monument containing stones and rocks from all fifty states. WEIRD.

I-10 - Kissimmee - Lakefront Park. 201 Lakeview Dr, Kissimmee, FL 34741. Lakefront Park with grassy areas, park pavilions, playground, the above mentioned monument of the states, and (should you be feeling overly cheerful) a Bataan Monument.

I-10 Intercession City - Intercession City. Hit hard by the boom. In 1934 J.W.Wile gave 5000 acres of land including the town, to the House of Faith, an nondenominational Christian sect with tenets based on the original teachings of John Wesley.WPA

I-12 Cocoa - Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science - I-95 to exit 76, east 3 miles on Clearlake Road, 1/2 mile to first red light, west 1/2 mile to 2201 Michigan Avenue. The progress of regional settlement and the natural history of the county. Windover archeological find, regional exhibits, nature trail. BARDON, EDENS

I-12 Cocoa Beach - Sylvan Tropical Nursery - Nine miles south of Cocoa Beach. Lots of plants, 75 varieties of bougainvillea. WPA

J-6 Dunedin - Dunedin Fine Arts Center - US 19A, east one mile on Michigan Blvd. to 1143 Michigan Blvd. Temporary exhibits new and emerging artists. BARDON

J-6 Dunedin - Dunedin Historical Museum - US 19A, east one block on Main Street to 349 Main Street. Converted train station with the usual, with the difference being that the founders were Scottish. BARDON

J-6 Dunedin - Caledesi Island State Park - Accessible only by boat, but there is a ferry. Beaches, trails, observation tower. SCALPONE RED

J-6 Dunedin - Honeymoon Island State Park - Road 586. Developers built bungalows, ended at WWII. DNR bought it in the 70's. Beach, two nature trails. SCALPONE RED, BIRD

J-6 Clearwater - Clearwater Marine Aquarium Route 19 to SR 60 in Pinellas, west to Memorial Causeway, Follow causeway to light, at Island Way, turn right, then left at single flashing light. Windward passage. Aquarium on left at 249 Windward Passage, Clearwater. 727-441-1790. Primarily dedicated to rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured animals, it has many demonstrations, and a petting tank, but not the variety one would find in an Aquarium focused on the entertainment of the public. On the bright side, the smaller scale gets you a ring side seat for the demonstrations. Monday through Saturday 9-5, Sunday 11-5. 2007.

J-6 Safety Harbor - Safety Harbor - at head of Old Tampa Bay at 2355 Bayshore Blvd. Built around a group of mineral springs known to the Indians, early Spanish explorers, and pirates. Site of Philippe Park Temple Mound and burial mounds. Has a house decorated with bowling balls, among other things, on Third Street, north of Main. WPA, WEIRD.

J-6 Safety Harbor - Whimsey House, which is decorated with bowling balls, broken glass and many other things, is located at 1206 3rd Street North. Philippe Park is located at 2525 Philippe Parkway. 2015. WEIRD.

J-6 Safety Harbor - Safety Harbor Museum and Culture Center - US 19 to SR 588 (also known as Sunset Point and Main Street), east 2 miles to Safety harbor, south on Bayshore Blvd 1 block to 329 Bayshore Blvd South. Prehistoric peoples and artifacts plus the usual photographs and memorabilia. Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 10:00AM - 4:00PM, Thursday 1PM - 7:30PM, Saturday & Sunday, 1:00PM - 4:00PM BARDON

J-6 Largo - Pinewood Cultural Park - Heritage Village, Pinellas County Historical Museum, Pinellas Botanical Learning Center, Gulf Coast Art Museum - US 19 to Ulmerton Road exit (SR 688) west 10 miles to 11909 125th Street North. (The difference between avenues and streets is crucial). Heritage Village has more than 20 restored historic buildings. Plan to spend hours - in fact, you could spend all day unless you happen to need food. Museum is tiny. Botanical center has very cool gardens, pineland trail, exhibits on storm water control. Thirty five mile Pinellas Trail. All but art museum free. BARDON, EDENS 2002

J-6 Indian Rocks Beach - Indian Rocks Historical Museum. The usual. But on a key that looks like it could be cool. BARDON

J-7 Tampa - Museum of Science and Industry - I-275 to exit 34, east on Fowler Avenue 3 miles to 4801 East Fowler Avenue. Pretty cool science museum with lots of hands on stuff. Butterfly conservatory, trail. 1999. BARDON, EDENS

J-7 Tampa - Children's Museum of Tampa - I-275 to exit 31, west 3 miles on Sligh Avenue to entrance of Lowry Park (North Blvd.) north 3 blocks to 7550 North Blvd. Kids stuff. This museum will be moving, check site for location. BARDON

J-7 Tampa - Tampa Museum of Art - I-275 to exit 25 (downtown), south on Ashley Street to Twiggs Street, turn west into parking garage entrance. 601 North Ashley Street. 19th and 20th century masters. BARDON

J-7 Tampa - Florida Aquarium - I-275 to exit 44, Downtown (Scott Street) to Jefferson Street, right on Jefferson to Twiggs, left on Twiggs to Channelside Drive. Aquarium is at 701 Channelside Drive, but a left on Washington gets you to their parking lot. Once you get off at Scott Street there are signs. 12/6/2002 Cool aquarium with Florida habitats. Also has kids play area in back that involves getting wet, so bring a change of clothes if you have younger kids. We spent 2 1/2 hours there and could have used a little more time.

J-7 Riverview - International Independent Showmen's Museum. Dedicated to preserving carnival history. Has a sideshow exhibit, and vintage rides (non-functioning), and other similar exhibits. Open Thursday through Sunday 12-5. Located at 6938 Riverview Drive in Riverview (near Tampa).

J-7 Tampa - Tampa Bay Historical Center - Has moved - The usual. BARDON

J-7 Tampa - Henry B. Plant Museum - I-275 to exit 25, south 1/2 mile on Ashley Street, west at Kennedy Blvd, cross bridge, 1 block to University of Tampa entrance to 401 West Kenney Blvd. Very cool building with period furniture and cool art and objects. BARDON, WPA

J-7 Tampa - Ybor City State Museum - I-4 to exit 1, south to Palm Avenue, west 2 blocks to 1818 East 9th Avenue. The usual, with cigars and social clubs thrown in. BARDON, SCALPONE RED

J-7 Tampa - Eureka Springs Garden - 5 miles east of Tampa, take I-4 to 301 North, follow signs to Vandenberg Airport which will take you to the first right on Sligh Road, then right on Eureka Springs Road, past airport administration on left to park entry on left at 6400 Eureka Springs Road. Landscape with water gardens, small greenhouse, long boardwalk through swamp. Picnic facilities. Free. On December 2, 2003 we were the only people there. EDENS

J-7 Tampa - Lowry Park Zoo - I-275 exit 48, west 1/2 mile on Sligh Avenue to 7530 North Blvd. Florida wildlife in native landscapes. In 2004, the admission for adults was $14.95 and children were about $5. EDENS

J-7 Tampa - Lowry Park - I-275 exit 48, west 1/2 mile on Sligh Avenue. Park with walking paths, play equipment, picnic shelters.

J-7 Tampa - Upper Tampa Bay County Park - West of Tampa near Oldsmar, go west on Hillsborough Road (580) to Double Branch Road go south to 8001 Double Branch Road. Trails, exhibits. Free. EDENS

J-7 Tampa - Oak Lawn Cemetery - Entrance on Harrison Street between Morgan and Pierce Streets. Blank spaces are mass graves of yellow fever victims. WPA

J-7 Tampa - Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church - SE corner Twigg Street and Florida Avenue. Dedicated in 1905. WPA

J-7 Tampa - Ybor - Leiman-Weidman Box Plant - SW corner 22d Street and 2d Avenue one of the largest cigar box factories in the US. WPA

J-7 Tampa - Ybor - Hav-a-Tampa Cigar Factory - SE corner 10th Avenue and 21st Street. Tours. WPA

J-7 Tampa - Cuesta-Rey Cigar Factory - SW corner N. Howard Avenue and Beach Street. Tours. Handmade cigars. WPA

J-7 Tampa - Ballast Point Park - Bayshore Blvd. Playgrounds, picnic areas, fishing pier. WPA

J-7 Tampa (Port Tampa City) - Ed's Rattlesnake Cannery and Reptilorium. Really too good to still exist. WPA

J-7 Gibsonton - Winter home of circus freaks. Circus freak is a dying avocation, and even the retirees are mostly dying, but Gibsonton, known as Gibb'town, apparently has some of the old charm.

J-8 Lakeland - Polk Museum of Art - I-4 to exit 16, east on US 92 to Florida Avenue, south 5 blocks to Lake Monroe, east 1 block to 800 East Palmetto Street. 20th century American plus pre-Columbian and Asian. BARDON

J-8 Lakeland - Sun 'n' Fun Aviation Museum I-4 to exit 15, south 2 miles to Medulla Road, east 1 mile to 4175 Medulla Road. Large hangar with planes. BARDON

J-8 Lakeland - Lake Mirror - heart of the City. Forms a civic center which includes a chain of parks with many recreational facilities. Vine covered municipal buildings and churches and several tall stucco hotels occupy terraced lawns sloping to the water. WPA

J-8 Lakeland - Hindu Temple - On Florida Southern College campus. Brought from Benares by Frederick B. Fisher, a Methodist minister. Very small, 5 by 9 feet, and 25 feet high, topped by a Christian cross. Outside a reflecting pool and meditation garden. WPA

J-8 Mulberry - Mulberry Phosphate Museum - Intersection of SR 37 and Southeast First Street 1 block south of SR 60. Mulberry is the phosphate capital of the world. Fossilized remains found in mining, educational exhibits about phosphate mining, from the viewpoint of the mining companies. BARDON, WPA WPA also says that area between Bartow and Ft. Meade is so wracked by Phosphate mining that it looks like the Bad Lands of South Dakota, but it is kind of hard to tell that from the road these days. 2006.

J-8 Seffner - Airstream Ranch Airstreams buried end in along I-4 East. Might not be worth a trip all by itself. Drove by in 2016.

J-8 Plant City - Dinosaur World - I 275N to I4. Exit 10 (branch Forbes Road) turn left (North) go under I-4, turn left almost immediately onto Harvey Tew go about 1500 feet and turn into parking lot at 5245 Harney Tew Drive, Plant City, Florida. 813-717-9865. 12 acre outdoor, more than 150 life size models, hands on stuff. 9 to dusk.

J-9 Lake Wales - Bok Tower Gardens - US 27 to SR 60, east 1 mile to US 17, north 1 mile to SR 17A, east 1 mile. Very cool gardens with carillon. In 1939 it was called Mountain Lake Sanctuary, picnicking was prohibited and men were requested to wear coats. 2000. BARDON, EDENS, WPA

J-9 Lake Wales - The Depot, Lake Wales Museum and Cultural Center - US 27 to Central Avenue, east 2 miles to Scenic Highway (SR 17A), south 1/2 mile to 325 South Scenic Highway. Historic memorabilia. BARDON

J-9 - Lake Wales - Spook Hill. I-4 West to Hwy. 27 South. Continue onto Hwy. 17, Left on Dr. JA Wiltshire Avenue East, then left on North Wales Drive (Fifth Street). Spook hill is a gravity hill. That is, one with an optical illusion that makes it appear that cars roll uphill. WEIRD.

J-9 Homeland - Homeland Heritage Park - US 17 3 miles south of Bartow to CR 640, west three blocks to Hibiscus, south 1 block to Second Avenue, west 1 block to Corner of Church Street and Second Avenue. Old buildings and church in Homeland "an old farming community that grew up and prospered around the Bethel Church in the late 19th century." BARDON

J-9 Winter Haven - Cypress Gardens - I-4 exit 23, south 22 miles on US 27 to west 4 miles on Cypress Garden Blvd. Formerly a wild swamp. Botanic and horticultural gardens. Butterfly conservatory. EDENS, WPA

J-9 Winter Haven - Slocum Water Gardens - west 1/2 mile from Cypress Gardens entry. Commercial nursery with many water lilies.

J-10 Hesperides - Shrine of St. Anne des Lacs - Mile past Hesperides going west. Built 1920. Murals, sculpture and paintings. Relics. Biblical museum near the shrine. WPA

J-10 Lake Wales - Lake Kissimmee State Park - From US 27 at Lake Wales, east on SR 60, follow signs. Has 1876 cow camp. Observation tower. Perry says no marked trails, but not hard to travel on foot. (Hmmph). SR says 13 miles of trails. Carter says North Loop Trail 6.1, Buster Island Loop 6.4, Gobbler Ridge Trail 4.2, all off Camp Mack Road. PERRY, SCALPONE RED, EDENS, CARTER

J-12 Melbourne - Florida Tech Botanical Garden - I-95 exit 71 east five miles on 192 to 507 (Babcock Street) south one mile to 150 West University Blvd. Extensive collection of palms in oak/sabal hammock, picturesque trail, schoolhouse (1883). Free. EDENS

J-12 Sebastian - Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge. East Coast of the Pelican River between Sebastian and Wabasso on US 1. Land areas are off limits to visitors. PERRY

J-12 Grant - Grant Historical Society 1916 House - I-95 to exit 70, east 6 miles to US 1, south 5 miles to 5795 US 1. Restored house museum that pays homage to the commercial fishing families that settled Grant. Grant Seafood Festival in late February. BARDON

J-13 Vero Beach - Sebastian Inlet State Recreation Area - 1715 wreck site, observation deck from which you can see salvage. Restaurant on site 14 mile bike trail, swimming, museum, hiking trail. SCALPONE RED

K-6 St. Petersburg - Fort De Soto County Park - South of St. Petersburg from SR A19A, south on SR 693. Mullet key and four smaller islands, linked to mainland by causeway. Maximum elevation 8 feet. Sandy beaches, brush, open fields, pine woods. Birds. Swimming on gulf and bay sides. Beaches, bird spotting, trails, fort. PERRY, EDENS, BIRD, TRICEBOCK 12/1/2002 7 mile paved "all purpose" trail parallel to road, historic trail that walks around where the buildings for the fort were and shows you pictures of them. Remnants of the fort itself. Small museum. Can walk on beach, are also swimming and picnic areas. Not exactly wilderness but nice looking.

K-6 St. Petersburg - Museum of Fine Arts - I-275 to exit 10, east 1 mile to Beach Drive south 1 block to 255 Beach Drive Northeast. Lots of art through all of history and much of the world. 2003. BARDON

K-6 St. Petersburg - St. Petersburg Museum of History - I-275 to exit 10, east 1 mile to Beach Drive, south 1/4 mile to 2nd Avenue NE, east 2 blocks to 335 2nd Avenue Northeast. Located at the foot of the pier. Lots of stuff, was the usual but arguably better than many. Says there is a walking tour that can be done from there. BARDON

K-6 St. Petersburg - Salvador Dali Museum - One Dali Blvd., St. Petersburg, Florida. Great museum. Has moved and is now able to show much more of the collection. 1998, 2001, 2011.

K-6 St. Petersburg - Great Explorations - I-275 to exit 24, east 1 mile on 22d Avenue North, to 1925 4th Street North. Museum aimed at children with lots of hands on stuff, focus seems to be on kids. Admission $8 for adults, $7 for kids and seniors. Tuesday through Saturday 10-4:30. BARDON

K-6 St. Petersburg - Florida International Museum - I-275 to exit 10, east to 4th street north, south 2 blocks to 100 2nd street north. Major exhibits only - check to see what is current. BARDON

K-6 St. Petersburg - Florida Craftsmen Gallery - I-275 to exit 9, east to 5th Street, south to central avenue to 501 central avenue. Really just a store of crafts, but a good one. BARDON

K-6 St. Petersburg - Tampa Bay Holocaust Memorial Museum - Fourth largest one in the country. BARDON

K-6 St. Petersburg - Gizella Kopsick Palm Arboretum - Downtown at NE 10th Avenue, just south of the pier on North Shore Drive. Palms, cycads with bay view. Free. EDENS

K-6 St. Petersburg - Sunken Gardens - I-275 exit 24, east 1 mile on 22nd avenue, north to 1825 4th street north. Jungle garden (1935). Originally classic "roadside attraction" with animal shows, wax museum, famous gift shop. Now very nice gardens run by the City of St. Pete. Wednesday through Sunday 10-4. Tours at 10:30 and 1:30. 2005. EDENS

K-6 St. Petersburg - Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. I 275 to 54th Avenue South exit, east to MLK street south (9th Street) Turn left and go 4 blocks to Country Club Way South, turn left to 1101 Country Club Way, South St. Petersburg, parking on right. Three miles of trails and boardwalks. 727-893-7326 $1 adults kids 50 cents. 9-5 daily.

K-6 St. Petersburg - Pinellas Pioneer Settlement. Adjacent to Boyd Hill Nature Preserve at 3130 31st Street South. 727-893-7326. Settlement is a living history museum experience where visitors can observe and take part in the skills, crafts and social customs of late 19th century life in west central Florida.

K-6 St. Petersburg - Municipal Boat Slips - bordering central yacht basin. WPA

K-6 St. Petersburg - Municipal Pier - end of 2nd Avenue north. Fishing, birds, casino. WPA

K-6 St. Petersburg - Municipal Solarium - End of 2nd Avenue North near the pier. A roofless enclosure with an Egyptian facade, provides facilities for nude sun bathing. WPA

K-6 St. Petersburg - Federal Building - SW corner of 1st Avenue North and 4th Street north. Built 1917. First open air post office. WPA

K-6 St. Petersburg - Alligator Farm - 36th Avenue South and 6th Street South. Exhibition of 1500 alligators from the just hatched to the very old. Unfortunately defunct. WPA

K-6 St. Petersburg - Jungle Prado Mounds - Park Street and Elbow Lane. Private. Site of a large Indian village. Overgrown. WPA

K-6 Gulfport - Gulfport Historical Society Museum - I-275 to exit 7, west 2 miles to 28th avenue, south 6 blocks to 5301 28th Avenue South. The usual in a church. BARDON

K-6 St. Petersburg Beach - Gulf Beaches Historical Museum - SR 689 south past the Don CeSar Resort to Pass-a-Grille Beach, 115 10th Avenue. Small museum history from 1500 to the present. BARDON

K-6 Anna Maria Island - Anna Maria Island Historican Museum - SR 64 to CR 789 on Anna Maria Island, north 1 mile to 402 Pine Avenue. Tuesday through Thursday and Saturday (1-4 in November). Small museum with books, photos, maps, artifacts and a gift store. 941-778-0492. BARDON

K-6 Egmont Key State Park - Island up from Anna Maria, 7 miles south of St. Pete. - Ruins of Fort Dade. Overgrown brick roads leading to 1858 lighthouse beacon. Swimming and shells. Birds and animals. Nature paths are "unorganized." Day trips leave from St. Pete Pier, downtown. Open 8 am to sundown, 365 days a year. Admission free. There are no stores or supplies on the island. SCALPONE RED

K-6 Bradenton Beach Leffis Key Preserve. Hiking trails on the bay side from Bradenton Beach. Nice sandy walking trails and board walks and was not at all crowded when I was there in August of 2021. (I had somehow never been there despite having been at Coquina Beach many times in my life. It has has a prominent hill where one can get a panoramic view of beautiful Sarasota Bay and lush vegetation. ME.

K-7 Ruskin - Indian Mound - Gulf City Road. First in Florida in which partially cremated bodies were found. Articles from it in University of Tampa Museum. WPA

K-7 Terra Ceia Island. Mostly farmland. Unexplored Indian mounds on south end. WPA

K-7 Bradenton - Manatee Village Historical Park - I-75 to exit 42, west 2 miles on Manatee Avenue, south at 15th street to 604 15th street East. Restored historic buildings from around Bradenton. BARDON, TRICEBOCK

K-7 Bradenton - South Florida Museum, Bishop Planetarium, and Parker Manatee Aquarium. I-75 to exit 42, est 5 miles on SR 64 to 10th Street West, east three blocks to 201 10th Street West. Pretty good museum, manatees very cool, Planetarium burned 2001. BARDON, EDENS SCALPONE BLUE, TRICEBOCK

K-7 Bradenton - De Soto National Memorial - I-75 to exit 42, west 8 miles on Manatee, north 1/2 mile on 75th Street to 75th Street NW. Monument, trails through woods and along bay, tiny museum. Also contains Shaw house ruins - tabby ruins along the nature trail. 1999. BARDON, EDENS, TRICEBOCK, FNP

K-7 Bradenton - Lake Manatee State Recreation Area - 10 miles east of Bradenton on Road 64. Activity area along three miles of a five mile reservoir, Fishing, swimming, camping, boating. Official canoe trail starts on east side of reservoir. SCALPONE RED

K-7 Bradenton - Madeira Bickel Mound - Bayshore Drive. Ancient Indian mound so badly interpreted that we decided that it was just there to allow Floridians to go see a hill. TRICEBOCK

K-7 Bradenton - Carnegie Library Building - 15th Street and 4th Avenue West. Built in 1918, now the Manatee County Historical Records Library. TRICEBOCK

K-7 Bradenton - Major Adams Cemetery - 9th Avenue West and 3rd Street. Major Adams buried here. Also Jeffrey Bolding, a freed slave. TRICEBOCK

K-7 Bradenton - Fuller Building - Northwest Corner Manatee Avenue and 12th Street West. 12th Street north of Manatee was the original Main Street. Apparently now has stores, antique shops, galleries, and restaurants. Fuller one of the only original buildings, built in the early 1900's. TRICEBOCK

K-7 Bradenton - Manatee Burying Ground - 14th Avenue East and 6th Avenue. Graves of some of the earliest settlers. Is a list of them. TRICEBOCK

K-7 Bradenton - Braden Castle Ruins - Braden Castle Drive in Braden Castle Village. Ruins of the sugar cane plantation house of Dr. Braden. TRICEBOCK, WPA

K-7 Bradenton - Fogartyville Cemetery - 3rd Avenue West at 43d Street. Fogartyville was an early settlement absorbed by Bradenton. Founders and other early folks buried here. TRICEBOCK

K-7 Bradenton - Family Heritage House Museum. Located at Manatee Community College Campus, 5840 Twenty-Sixth Street West. Gallery and resource center for the study of African American achievements. Also a facility on the Natural Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program. Has research materials on slavery in the United States.

K-7 Parrish - Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum. Located at Eighty-Third Street East. 941-776-0906, 877-869-0800. Has historic artifacts, memorabilia, and more chronicling the history of the railroad. (Basically, a collection of train cars and engines from various eras. Also offers scenic train rides through Manatee County aboard vintage railroad coaches from the 30's, 40's, and 50's. Open Saturday and Sunday runs at 11, 1 and 3 on Saturday and 1 and 3 on Sunday. They sometimes have reenactments. The train ride is about 90 minutes, which is longer than your young child wants to be on a train. 2006. SCALPONE BLUE

K-7 Palmetto - Yellow Fever Cemetery - 5th Street West and 14th Avenue. Burial ground established before 1888. Got the name after victims of the 1888 epidemic were buried there. TRICEBOCK

K-7 Palmetto - Palmetto Historical Park. In the area of 10th Avenue West, south of 6th Street. Contains the Carnegie library, the original post office, Heritage Chapel and Agricultural Museum at 515 10th Avenue West (10-4 Tuesday - Friday). 941-723-4991. TRICEBOCK

K-6 Palmetto - Portavant Indian Mound. A small mound on Snead Island, a point of land between Terra Ceia Bay and the Manatee River, North of Palmetto at the end of Hwy. 43. The mound itself is in the mangrove swamp near the N. tip of the island. Indian mounds are a treat for the fan, and a pile of dirt for everyone else, but it is apparently a nice spot.

K-7 Sun City - Little Manatee River State Park - 5 miles south of Sun City off US 301. Park is 2,416 acres and offers camping, canoeing, fishing or hiking. SCALPONE RED

K-9 Zolfo Springs - Pioneer Park - At juncture of highways 17 and 64. Cracker Trail Museum with Blacksmith Shop, Post Office, Cracker Cabin and Wood burning locomotive. Animal Refuge for native Florida wildlife viewable from boardwalk. Park is open daily and is free. Museum open every day but Sunday for nominal donation. Animal Refuge open daily except Wednesday. Fee in 2006 was $4. Are campgrounds there as well. 2006. SCALPONE BLUE

K-9 Bowling Green - Payne's Creek State Historic Site - SR 664A. Fort Chokonikla. Hike paths lead to old fort site, block house and bridge that is not there. Small museum has Indian garb, trade post items and military equipment. Lots of fossils. SCALPONE BLUE AND RED

K-9 Wauchela - Wauchula. Big in the frog leg industry. WPA

K-10 Avon Park.- Avon Park Air Force Base - Lake Arbuckle Trail (16 miles) located on the base. Open to public, but you have to contact the Resource Manager. CARTER

K-10 Sebring - Highlands Hammock State Park - from Sebring on US 27, 3 miles west on SR 634. Eight excellent nature trails, each with a different habitat. Boardwalks. Loop road. Museum near entrance. Tour tram. PERRY, SCALPONE RED, EDENS, BIRD, WPA

K-10 Sebring - Highlands Museum of the Arts - US 27 to Southeast Lakeview Drive, north 1 mile to Center Avenue, west 1 block to 351 West Center Avenue. Two story art museum, that they really don't say much about. BARDON

K-10 Sebring - Civilian Conservation Corps Museum - US 27 to CR 634 (Hammock Road) west 4 miles to 5931 Hammock Road. CCC Museum. Not clear if nationwide or focus on Florida works. BARDON

K-13 Vero Beach - Indian River County Historical Museum - I-95 to exit 68, east 8 miles on SR 60 to 14th Avenue, north 2 blocks. BARDON

K-13 Vero Beach - Center for the Arts - I-95 to exit 68, east 12 miles on SR 60 cross Barber Bridge to Riverside Park. Three galleries, permanent collection devoted to the work of Florida artists. BARDON

K-13 Vero Beach - McLarty State Treasure Museum. I-95 to exit 71, east 8 miles to Melbourne Beach, south on A1A to Sebastian Inlet State Recreation Area, 1 1/2 miles south of Sebastian Inlet. Museum overlooking site of famous shipwreck. Artifacts that have been recovered. BARDON

K-13 Vero Beach - Environmental Learning Center - I-95 exit 69, east 512/510 cross Indian River, to Wabasso Island turn south to 255 Live Oak Drive. Exhibits, trails, native plant gardens, home of poet Laura Riding Jackson. EDENS

K-13 Vero Beach - McKee Botanical Garden - I-95 exit 68, east on 60 to Vero Beach, 350 US 1. Historic landscape and buildings. Used to be called McKee Jungle Gardens, opened in 1931. 80 acres then. EDENS, WPA

K-13 Vero Beach - Indian River Citrus Museum - I-95 to exit 68, east 8 miles on SR 60 to 14th Avenue, north one block to 2140 14th Avenue. The story of citrus. BARDON

L-6 Ellenton - Gamble Plantation. Highway 301, Ellenton. Built 1844, 3,500 acres of sugar. Run by the Daughters of the Confederacy. When I was there (before 2009) they were pretty tone deaf about slavery - barely mentioned it, no suggestion it was wrong. Slave quarters had been razed. Open Thursday through Monday, tours on the hour except noon. SCALPONE BLUE AND RED, EDENS, TRICEBOCK, WPA

L-6 Ellenton - Gamble Mill Ruins - Ellenton-Gillette Road half mile north of Route 301. Remains of the Gamble Plantation Mill. TRICEBOCK, WPA

L-7 Sarasota - South Lido Beach Park - West of Sarasota on West Lido Key, take Ben Franklin Drive. 100 acre park with beach, plus inland swimming. Nature trail along waters edge. SCALPONE BLUE

L-7 Sarasota - MOTE Marine Aquarium. 1600 Ken Thompson Pkwy. in Sarasota. Cool aquarium. 1998. SCALPONE BLUE

L-7 Sarasota - Ringling Museums. Residence (Ca'd'Zan) art museum and Circus Museum. Art primarily renaissance through 18th century. Takes 1 to 2 hours. Residence renovated 2003. Cafe on premises. Art museum free on Monday. Daily 10-5:30. 1999, 2000, 2003. SCALPONE BLUE, WPA

L-7 Sarasota - Selby Gardens - Downtown Sarasota off US 41 811 South Palm Avenue. 10 acres on Sarasota Bay. Museum of Botany and the Arts. International center for orchids and bromeliads. 2000. SCALPONE BLUE. BARDON EDENS

L-7 Sarasota - Phillippi Estate Park - US 41 Phillippi Creek Bridge. 15 room 2 story Italian Renaissance Home. As of 1992 no furniture. Book for parties and weddings. 60 acre park with it. SCALPONE BLUE

L-7 Sarasota - Sarasota Jungle Gardens - 3201 Bayshore Road, one mile south of Airport. 10 acres of imported plants, trees and flowers from all parts of the globe. Butterfly and shell collections. Leopards, alligators and otters. Bird and reptile shows. Lush gardens (1940) with many exotic plants, flamingos, animal shows, biblical garden. Allow 2 1/2 hours. SCALPONE BLUE. EDENS 11/2/2002 Great combination of cool gardens with intense cheesiness - $10.

L-7 Sarasota - Island Park - On US 41, Bayfront. Jogging and strolling paths. Restaurant at the end of the boat docks. Free SCALPONE BLUE

L-7 Sarasota - First United Methodist Church. 104 Pineapple Street, downtown Sarasota. Built 1954. Massive pipe organ. SCALPONE BLUE

L-7 Sarasota - Gulf Coast Wonder and Imagination Zone (G.WIZ) - Is moving - Hands on, sounds like it could be cool. BARDON

L-7 Sarasota - Caples Mansion - 5315 Bay Shore Road. Italian Renaissance mansion built by the Caples in 1930. Is now part of New College. TRICEBOCK

L-7 Sarasota - Yellow Bluffs - On Sarasota Bay south of Whitaker Bayou. Apparently not open to the public? Rebuilt in 1879 after being burned by the Seminoles. TRICEBOCK

L-7 Sarasota - Whitaker Pioneer Cemetery - 12th Street East of Tamiami Trail. Small cemetery established in 1879 behind the house of the Whitakers and maintained by DAR. TRICEBOCK

L-7 Sarasota - Crocker Memorial Church and Bidwell Wood House - 881 and 849 Florida Avenue. Built in 1903 moved (and changed affiliation) twice. Crocker is now the Charismatic Episcopalian Church. Bidwell Wood built 1884, now owned by Charismatics. TRICEBOCK

L-7 Sarasota - Rosemary Cemetery - Central Avenue and 9th Street. Established 1886 by the Florida Mortgage and Investments Co, Scottish real estate syndicate then developing Florida. TRICEBOCK

L-7 Sarasota - Historical Resources Department - 701 Plaza de Santo Domingo - Library of historical resources for the area. Museum with objects that trace county history from prehistoric to modern times. TRICEBOCK

L-7 Sarasota - Edwards Theatre - Pineapple Avenue and First Street. Opened in 1926. TRICEBOCK

L-7 Sarasota - Dr. Joseph Halton House - Fruitville Road and Pineapple Avenue. Home of local doctor, now a professional building. TRICEBOCK

L-7 Sarasota - The Mira Mar - Palm Avenue south of Main Street. First "modern" hotel. Built 1922 to 1924. TRICEBOCK

L-7 Sarasota - Miakka Methodist Church - Myakka Road south of Wilson Road. Built 1886. Graveyard. TRICEBOCK

L-7 Sarasota - Myakka Schoolhouse - Wilson and Verna Roads. In use 1914-1944. Restored by Myakka Community Club. TRICEBOCK

L-7 Sarasota - Reptile Farm - Fruitville Road and Tuttle Avenue. What it sounds like, complete with the extraction of rattlesnake venom. Alas, I believe it is gone. WPA

L-7 Sarasota - The Powel Crosley Estate - Mediterranean Revival-style mansion, named "Seagate" is situated directly on the water, features a circular tower and a carriage house in addition to the main building and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Does not appear to still be open to the public except by rental for events. One Seagate Drive, 8374 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34243. 2002.

L-7 Siesta Key - Turtle Beach - South end of Siesta Key (Midnight Pass Road) Fourteen acre park with beach, short boardwalks over dune restorations. Beach, occasional turtles. SCALPONE BLUE

L-7 Osprey - Spanish Point at the Oaks - On US 41 south of Sarasota. 30 acre preserve reflecting prehistoric Indian, 19th century homesteader and 20th century wealth civilizations. Shell middens, native plant trail. Is interesting, but we've done it and people seemed to think that once would do them. SCALPONE BLUE, BARDON, EDENS, TRICEBOCK

L-7 Osprey - Oscar Scherer State Park. US 41, 5 miles north of Venice. Lots of trails. Nature along creek looked best, but very sandy and it is 5 miles so no one would do it with me. Swimming area in small lake. Has alligators, so don't swim towards evening. 2001. SCALPONE BLUE

L-8 Sarasota - Myakka River State Park - From US 41, 5 miles south of Sarasota, east on SR 72 13 miles. Canopy walk and observation tower. Bird watch walk out in 2001. Lots of trails. Boat ride. One of the largest state parks. Lots. PERRY, BIRD

L-9 Arcadia - Pine Level Ghost Town - Seven miles west of Arcadia off SR 70, narrow tar road leads to oak grove site of courthouse. Was large, wild and wooly town. Historical marker, hanging tree old church from 1868, remains are about it now.SCALPONE?

L-9 Arcadia - Arcadia. Cowboy town. Trying to restore to older look. Sell "real" western garb here. SCALPONE BLUE

L-9 Arcadia - Peace River Canoe Trips. Rentals available at Canoe Outpost on mile northwest of Arcadia on SR 661. SCALPONE BLUE

L-9 Arcadia - Heritage Baptist Church. Corner of Hickory and Polk Street in downtown Arcadia. 80 year old church. SCALPONE BLUE

L-9 Arcadia - St. Edmund the Martyr Episcopal Church - 18 N. Manatee in downtown Arcadia. Two churches, one from 1897 one from 1930. The latter is the one they are excited about. Have to arrange to see other. SCALPONE BLUE

L-9 Arcadia - Antique Mercantile District - Oak Street, Magnolia Street and Orange Avenue in Arcadia. Most of the stores themselves antiques. Old Opera House Mall recommended. Old Jail Museum has antiques and exhibits. Best days supposedly Thursday through Sunday. Some weekends better than others also (first Saturdays?). 2005. SCALPONE BLUE

L-9 Arcadia - Solomon's Castle - Northwest of Arcadia between highways 64 and 70, off SR 665 near Ona. Castle built by artist on 55 acres. Features his art, most of it made with found materials and all of it worth seeing. Also a restaurant in a boat. Closed Mondays and Septembers. Open for tours 11 to 4. If you are lucky, your tour will be led by the artist himself and include as many puns as you can stand. Or more. Adults $10. Also a nature trail. Closed monday and september. 2005. SCALPONE BLUE

L-9 Arcadia - DeSoto Environmental Learning Lab - Southwest of Arcadia off Highway 761, 3/10 of a mile north of highway 760 on Environmental Lab Road. 20 acre sanctuary, nature paths and boardwalks. SCALPONE BLUE

L-10 Lake Placid - Lake Placid - "The hills." Off highway 27, west on Interlake Blvd. to Main Street. Caladium capital of the world. Old railroad depot has historical museum. Happiness Tower. Pineapple Farm. SCALPONE BLUE

L-10 Lake Placid - Archbold Biological Station - Several miles south of Lake Placid, 2 miles south of Highway 70 on old state road 8. Exhibits on endangered scrub ecosystem. Twenty minute nature walk and lake. Can get tour by calling ahead. SCALPONE BLUE, EDENS

L-13 Fort Pierce - Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution - I-95 to exit 67, east 6 miles to US 1, north 1 mile to 5600 US 1. Museum exhibits and tours of the facility. BARDON

L-13 Fort Pierce - St. Lucie County Historical Museum - I-95 to exit 66, est 4 miles to US 1, north 6 blocks to Seaway Drive (A1A) east over bridge, turn north right away at parking lot. BARDON

L-13 Fort Pierce - A.E.Bean Backus Art Gallery and Museum - I-95 to exit 66, east 4 miles to North Indian River Drive, south 1 block to 500 North Indian River Drive. BARDON

L-13 Fort Pierce - Manatee Observation and Education Center - I-95 go exit 66, east 4 miles to North Indian River Drive, south 1 block to 480 North Indian River Drive. BARDON

L-13 Fort Pierce - UDT-SEAL Museum - I-95 to exit 66, east 4 miles to US 1, north 2 miles to A1A, cross North Beach Causeway to North Hutchinson Island, north 1/2 mile. BARDON

L-13 Fort Pierce - Fort Pierce Inlet State Recreation Area - North Beach Causeway, 2200 N. Beach Blvd. Swimming and surfing, dunes, mangrove and hammock, birding. Also has trails for walking. SCALPONE RED

L-13 Fort Pierce - Heathcote Botanical Gardens - I-95 exit 65, northeast on Okeechobee Road then east on Virginia Avenue to US 1, south two blocks to 210 Savannah Road. Variety of gardens with uncommon and colorful plants. EDENS

L-13 White City - White City. Named White City because negroes were excluded. WPA

L-13 Stuart - Stuart Heritage Museum - US 1, take old bridge (SR 707)south across the St. Lucia River then east 1 block to 161 Southwest Flagler Avenue. Set up at least partly as a store. Also is a walking tour of the area. BARDON

L-13 Stuart - Court House Cultural Center - US 1, east two blocks on Ocean Blvd. to 80 East Ocean Blvd. Deco style courthouse building, gallery with changing exhibits. BARDON

L-13 Stuart - Coastal Science Center - I-95 to exit 52, east on SR 714, 10 miles to US 1, continue east on A1A (Ocean Blvd.) 5 miles to Hutchinson Island at 890 Northeast Ocean Blvd. Tanks in aquariums with local flora and fauna, exhibits, boardwalk walk. BARDON

L-13 Stuart - Elliott Museum - I-95 to exit 61, east on SR 76 (Monterey Road) and continue east to A1A (Ocean Blvd.) 5 miles to Hutchinson Island, 825 Northeast Ocean Blvd. Familiar and exotic objects, costumes and Americana from 1830 to 1930. Sounds like an old-fashioned collection. BARDON

L-13 Stuart - Gilbert's Bar House of Refuge - I-95 to exit 52 (SR 714) east 10 miles to US 1, continue east 5 miles on A1A to Hutchinson Island, south 1 mile on Macarthur Blvd to 301 Southeast Macarthur Blvd. Old haven for shipwrecked sailors and travelers, sounds like good scenery, period furnishings, small museum. Apparently these things were everywhere and this is the only one left. BARDON

L-13 Jensen Beach - Maritime and Yachting Museum. Call 561-692-1234 for directions. BARDON

L-13 Hutchinson Island - Florida Power and Light Energy Encounter is unfortunately "permanently closed."

M-7 Nokomis - Knight Memorial Cemetery - Colonial Drive and Riverview Drive. Established 1880's. TRICEBOCK

M-7 Nokomis - Point O' Palms - Sunset Drive at Cherokee Place. Built by founder and developer of Nokomis. TRICEBOCK

M-7 Venice - 5115 Road 776 - Dome Flea Market. Mix 50/50 old/new. Friday, Saturday, Sunday (9-4). SCALPONE BLUE

M-7 Venice - Warm Mineral Springs - 12 miles south of Venice near North Point. 220 deep springs site on National Registry of Historic Places. See for free, admission for else (the waters?). SCALPONE BLUE

M-7 Venice - Venice Pier. Harbor Drive in Venice. 740 foot pier on 84 acres of land. Usual pier stuff including restaurants. SCALPONE BLUE

M-7 Venice - Eagle Point - 759 North Tamiami Trail. Back to nature resort for a "restricted clientele" opened in 1918 and ran until 1989. Clubhouse and several cottages preserved by the housing development that replaced it. TRICEBOCK

M-7 Venice - Triangle Inn - 251 S. Nassau Street. Built 1926-1927, saved and restored as Venice Archives and Area Historical Collection. TRICEBOCK

M-7 Englewood - Indian Mound Park - Off Dearborn Street, 210 Winston Avenue. Nature trail with stations. Overlooks Lemon Bay. SCALPONE BLUE, TRICEBOCK

M-7 Englewood - Oldest House - 2 Englewood Road. Opened as boarding house 1897. Recently sold (as of book) so future in doubt. TRICEBOCK

M-7 Englewood - Buchan's Landing - Dearborn Street and Englewood Road. Built 1916. TRICEBOCK

M-7 Englewood - Historical Society Building - 404 Green Street. Built as church in 1928. In progress as museum of local history. TRICEBOCK

M-7 Englewood - Lemon Bay Cemetery - Indiana and Church Avenues. Established 1884. TRICEBOCK

M-7 Grove City - Don Pedro Island - three small isles stitched together with rickety bridges. Access by private boat. 130 acres. Only mentions the swimming, but I am starting to think this woman does not walk. SCALPONE RED

M-7 Manasota - The Hermitage - Manasota Key Road, 3 miles south of Manasota Beach Road. Built 1905. Rumored haunted. Restored and maintained as landmark. TRICEBOCK

M-8 Punta Gorda - Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center (CHEC) - Burnt Shore Road off of US 41 Punta Gorda. 3,000 acres. Elevated visitor center. Two trails. SCALPONE BLUE, EDENS

M-8 Punta Gorda - Museum of Charlotte County - US 41 across from the Holiday Inn in Punta Gorda. African room with trophy animals. African collection. North American room more of the same and a doll collection. Shell collection and rotating exhibits as well. Tuesday to Friday 10-5, Saturday 12-5. SCALPONE BLUE

M-8 Punta Gorda - Cecil M. Webb Wildlife Management Area - Exit 27 off of I-75 5 miles south of Punta Gorda. Bird watching, hunting in season. Drives and biking. SCALPONE BLUE

M-8 Punta Gorda - Ponce de Leon Historic Park - West Marion Avenue dead ends at the park. First European settlement in the US. [?] Markers, marvelous view, nature trail boardwalk over the mangroves. Peace River Wildlife Center on the grounds. SCALPONE BLUE

M-8 Punta Gorda - Babcock Wilderness Adventures - 8000 SR 31, Punta Gorda. 90,000 acre modern ranch that sells cattle by satellite. Balloon tire swamp buggy pulls visitors right alongside bison. Lots of alligator. 90 minute tour. Short boardwalk to panther blind. Reservations 941-489-3911. SCALPONE BLUE, EDENS

M-8 Punta Gorda - Gilchrist Park - West of US 41 on Retta Esplanade near Holiday Inn. Large banyan, sculpture of Peter Toth. On the Peace River. SCALPONE BLUE

M-8 Punta Gorda - First United Methodist Church - 507 W Marion Avenue, Punta Gorda. Church built in 1913. Stained glass and woodwork the big deal. Probably need to call to ensure entry, but we'll never be intent enough to do that. SCALPONE BLUE

M-8 Punta Gorda - Florida Adventure Museum - US 41 South of the bridge at 260 West Retta Esplanade. Hands on, focus appears to be on children. BARDON

M-10 Palmdale - Lykes Fisheating Creek Wildlife Management Area - West of Lake Okeechobee, near intersection of US 27 and SR 29. Several sections 1) entrance on US 27 north of intersection 2) Mizell Island area on SR 29, 9 miles sw of Palmdale and 3) area west of US 27, north of SR 74. Private land. Looks like hunting is the big thing. PERRY

M-10 Palmdale - Cypress Knee Museum - On US 27, 15 miles west of Lake Okeechobee in Palmdale. Has museum, catwalk, factory and sales room. SCALPONE BLUE

M-13 Jupiter Island - Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge - 2 units 1) US 1, 4 miles North of Jupiter/Tequestra and 2) North end of Jupiter Island, access from A1A. EDENS directions are I-95 exit 60, east on 708 to US 1, for center go south 2 miles, for beach refuge continue east across bridge to Beach Road and go north to end. Nature trail at headquarters on Route 1 and hiking on beach. Lots of turtles, also birds. Exhibits, trail, wilderness beach. PERRY, EDENS

M-13 Jupiter Island - Blowing Rocks Preserve - I-95 exit 59, east three miles on Indiantown Road, to Alt A1A, north across bridge then east on Beach Road, north one mile on Jupiter Island. Exhibits, wilderness beach, trails. EDENS

M-13 Tequesta - The Lighthouse Gallery and School of Art - US 1, west 1 mile on Tequesta Drive to Gallery Square North. 373 Tequesta Drive. In a shopping center. Bardon seems to think it gets good exhibits. BARDON

M-13 Jupiter - Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse - US 1, just north of the Jupiter Inlet Bridge. Light house built in 1850's great view from the top. On the site of Fort Jupiter. BARDON, WPA

M-13 Jupiter - Florida History Center and Museum - US 1, just south of the Jupiter Inlet Bridge at 805 North Route 1. Cracker style building with museum, outdoor Seminole village. BARDON

M-13 Jupiter - Burt Reynolds Park. Located at 16133 Jupiter Farms Road in Jupiter. Has frontage on intracoastal waterway, salt water fishing, boat launching ramps, picnic shelters and picnic areas. Florida History Museum. Sunrise to sunset. GEBHART

M-13 Jupiter - DuBois Home - US 1, cross bridge, east on A1A to Jupiter Beach Drive, turn left and left again (in DuBois Park). Pioneer home built in 1887 - many of the original furnishings. BARDON

M-13 Stuart - Jonathan Dickinson State Park - US 1, 13 miles south of Stuart, 16450 SE Federal Highway. Boat tour on river, four nature trails, observation tower on Hobe "Mountain". 7.8 mile trail. I was there in 2021. Only thing I would add is to bring sun protection. PERRY, SCALPONE RED, EDENS, BIRD, CARTER

N-8 Gasparilla Island Recreation Area and 1890 Lighthouse Museum - Old Light House Beach. South end of Gasparilla Island. Wooden lighthouse (1890), underused beach. Tiny historic church. Lots of shells. SCALPONE BLUE AND RED, TRICEBOCK

N-8 Gasparilla Island - Our Lady of Mercy Mission Chapel - Park Avenue on Gasparilla Island. Replica of Spanish missions built in the 1800's. SCALPONE BLUE

N-8 Gasparilla Island - Gasparilla Inn - Boca Grande, on Gasparilla Island near Port Charlotte. Still an inn, complete with restaurant. Built 1913. Fancy and nice. Shell display in the Pelican Room. SCALPONE BLUE, TRICEBOCK

N-8 Gasparilla Island - Phosphate Pier Ruins - Belcher Road at Charlotte Harbor. TRICEBOCK

N-8 Gasparilla Island - Power Plant Building - Gulf Boulevard north of Belcher Road. Built 1910, now restored as a rec center. TRICEBOCK

N-8 Gasparilla Island - Boca Grande Depot - Park Avenue and Fourth Street. Was depot built 1907, now offices shops and a restaurant. TRICEBOCK

N-8 Captiva Island - Chapel by the Sea and Pioneer Cemetery - West on Chapin Drive on Captiva Island. Built 1921. SCALPONE BLUE

N-8 Bokeela - Museum of the Islands - I-75 to exit 26, west 18 miles to Pine Island, north 1 block on Stringfellow Road, west 1 block to 5728 Sesame Drive. Artifacts and photographs. Shell mounds on island. BARDON

N-8 Cayo Costa State Park - Accessible only by water, are private boats that leave from Punta Gorda. No cars on island. Pioneer cemetery. Trails for hiking. SCALPONE RED

N-9 Cape Coral - Children's Science Center - I-75 to exit 26, west on SR 78, 6 1/2 miles (becomes Pine Island Road). Center is 1/2 mile west of US 41 at 2915 Northeast Pine Island Road. Hands on. BARDON

N-9 Ft. Myers - Edison-Ford homes - I-75 to exit 22, west on Colonial Blvd, to US 41, turn right and go to Edison Avenue, turn left and follow signs to 2350 McGregor Blvd in Ft. Myers. Intensely cool, gardens and lab also on the property and a museum. Botanical tours. 1998. SCALPONE BLUE, BARDON, EDENS

N-9 Ft. Myers - Calusa Nature Center [of Lee County] and Planetarium - 3450 Ortiz Avenue north of Colonial Blvd, near I-75 in Ft. Myers. Has a 105 acre pine woods and swamp, 2 miles of nature trails, an aviary, natural history exhibits, Indian village reconstruction on the nature trail. SCALPONE BLUE, EDENS

N-9 Ft. Myers - Murphy Burroughs Home - I-75 to exit 25, west 4 miles, south of the Edison Bridge at Corner of First and Fowler Streets downtown. Georgian revival house - recreation of Fort Myers social life early in the century. 2 1/2 acre property - botanical wonderland. Open monday through friday. Tours on the hour 10 to 4. SCALPONE BLUE, BARDON

N-9 Ft. Myers - Ortiz Flea Market - Near I-75 between exit 23 and 24, on Ortiz. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. SCALPONE BLUE

N-9 Ft. Myers - Fort Myers Historical Museum - I-75 to exit 23, west 4 miles to Jackson Street, south 1 block to 2300 Peck Street in downtown Fort Myers. In railroad depot building. Seminole artifacts, old cars, glass collection. SCALPONE BLUE, BARDON

N-9 Ft. Myers - Manatee Park - Manatee Park Road 80, 1.2 miles east of I-75 (exit 25). New (1997) manatee park, viewing from walkways. Cold days are best. SCALPONE BLUE

N-9 Ft. Myers - Wildlife Corridor Wetlands - Six Mile Cypress Parkway. 1 mile boardwalk. SCALPONE BLUE

N-9 Ft. Myers - Lakes Park. Jogging path. Boardwalks over the lakes. Horticultural displays, nature trail. Fragrance garden. 279 acre park. SCALPONE BLUE

N-9 Ft. Myers - Imaginarium Hands-On Museum and Aquarium - I-75 to exit 23, west 4 miles to 2000 Cranford Avenue. Seems cool, hands on aquarium. Not too expensive. BARDON

N-9 Alva - Alva - Fifteen miles east of Fort Myers on the Caloosahatchee River. Founded in the 1880's. River town on the Caloosahatchee. Wooden general store almost 100 years old. Paintings inside. Alva Methodist Church. SCALPONE BLUE

N-9 Alva - Alva Museum. On Julia Street in Alva. Collection larger and more varied than you would expect. Lace and tatting exhibit. Saturday 2 to 4. SCALPONE BLUE

N-9 Olga - Franklin Locks and Dam - On Caloosahatchie River, 10 miles east of Ft. Myers, near Olga off of SR 80. Locks stabilize the water level in Lake Okeechobee among other reasons, are functioning. Are picnic sites. SCALPONE BLUE

N-10 Denaud - Fort Denaud - 25 miles east of Ft. Myers via Highway 78, north side of Caloosahatchie, or highway 80 south side of the river. Fort established in 1839. Old swing bridge still in operation. Old Fort Denaud Road has good examples of Florida architecture. SCALPONE BLUE

N-10 Labelle - Labelle - Thirty miles east of Ft. Myers on Caloosahatchee River, highways 29 and 80. Town dates to 1800's, courthouse to 1926. Quaint place to walk around. Stores specializing in honey. SCALPONE BLUE

N-10 LaBelle - Ortona Lock and Dam - Five miles east of LaBelle off Road 80. In the middle of cattle ranching country. Can walk or bike for miles on the grassy dike. Small creek bank to the west usually covered with wildflowers, picturesque railroad bridge. SCALPONE BLUE

N-14 Palm Beach - Hibel Museum of Art - I-95 to exit 52A, east 3 miles, north 1 mile on Route 1, cross Royal Palm Bridge to 150 Royal Poinciana Plaza. Hibel is an impressionist. BARDON

N-14 Palm Beach - Henry M. Flagler Museum - I-95 to exit 52A, across bridge, left at first traffic light, to 1 Whitehall Way on left. Huge mansion, period furnishings.

N-14 Palm Beach - Bethesda by the Sea - I-95 exit 52, east on Okeechobee Blvd/Royal Palm Way to Country Road (A1A) north 1 mile to 141 S. Country Road. Episcopal paradise garden, stained glass windows. Episcopal church of Gothic design. Cluett Memorial Garden. EDENS, WPA

N-14 Palm Beach - Four Arts Garden - I-95 exit 52, east on Okeechobee Blvd/Royal Palm Way two blocks on left after bridge at Four Arts Plaza. Historic Demonstration Gardens (1936) EDENS

N-14 Palm Beach - Pan's Garden - I-95 to exit 52, east on Okeechobee Blvd./Royal Palm Way, 3 blocks after bridge go south on Hibiscus Avenue to Peruvian Street. 386 Hibiscus Avenue. Florida native landscape garden. EDENS

N-14 Palm Beach - Memorial Fountain and Plaza - Center of South County Road between Brazilian and Australian Avenues. Built 1920. Mizner designed. Landscape. WPA

N-14 Palm Beach - Via Mizner and Via Parigi - Worth Avenue between Coconut Row and Hibiscus Avenue. Two roofless winding courts are Mizner creations. Narrow flag-paved streets "restricted to pedestrians and afromobiles." Shops, restaurants, open air cafes. WPA

N-14 Palm Beach - Everglades Club - Worth Avenue at South end of Coconut Row. Private Club designed by Mizner. Private. WPA

N-14 Palm Beach - Parke Marine Museum - North end of North Ocean Blvd. Stuffed fish collection. Owned by a taxidermist. WPA

N-14 North Palm Beach - John D. MacArthur Beach State Park - Highway A1A. 2 miles of beach, sea turtles, good snorkeling, nature center, 1,600 foot board walk, birds, at least one trail. Exhibits, trails, swimming. SCALPONE RED, EDENS

N-14 West Palm Beach - Norton Museum of Art - I-95 to exit 52A, east 3 miles to US 1, south 8 blocks to 1451 South Olive Avenue. Apparently a big one, huge Chinese collection, plus lots of Western. BARDON

N-14 West Palm Beach - Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens - I-95 to exit 52A, east 3 miles to Flagler Drive, south 1/2 mile to 253 Barcelona Road. Naturalistic gardens with her sculptures. BARDON, EDENS

N-14 West Palm Beach - South Florida Science Museum - I-95 to exit 50, east 3 blocks to Parker Avenue, south 12 blocks to Summit, west 1 block to Dreher Park at 4801 Dreher Trail North. Lots of hands on. At least some focus on kids. Park also has a zoo. BARDON

N-14 West Palm Beach - Mounts Botanical Garden - I-95 exit 51, west 3 miles on Belvedere Road to Military Trail, south 1/2 mile to 531 N. Military Trail. Landscape garden with horticultural displays, information center for South Florida's gardeners. EDENS

N-14 West Palm Beach - Okeeheelee Nature Center - I-95 exit 49, west 6 miles on Forest Hill Blvd to Okeeheelee Park, center in the park. Exhibits, trails. EDENS

N-14 West Palm Beach - Pine Jog Environmental Center - I-95 exit 49, west 5 miles on Forest Hill Blvd. To Jog Road, north 3/4 mile to Summit Blvd., east to 16301 Summit Blvd. Trails, exhibits, Sunday only. EDENS

N-14 West Palm Beach - Dockmaster's Museum - Municipal dock at the foot of 2nd Street - Exhibit of shells, coral, seagrasses and sponges found in the vicinity. WPA

N-14 West Palm Beach - Dimick Monument - Corner of Railroad Avenue and 5th Street. Elisha Dimick "A pioneer who served his community well. Legislator, Developer and Friend." WPA

N-14 West Palm Beach - Woodlawn Cemetery - Acacia Road and South Dixie Highway. Entrance says "That which is so Universal as death must be a blessing." Has a mass grave for hurricane victims. WPA

N-14 Lake Worth - Museum of Contemporary Art - I-95 to exit 48, east to US 1, south 1/2 mile to Lake Avenue east to 601 Lake Avenue. In art deco theater, art glass and kinetic sculpture among other things. BARDON

N-14 Lake Worth - An Ostrich and Alligator Farm - WPA

NtoO - 13 Everglades - Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. From West Palm Beach, 9 miles west on US 98, 11 miles south on US 441. 3 entrances, HQ area on US 441, 20 Mile Bend Recreation area at north end on US 98 and Loxahatchee Recreation area on SR 827 at the south side. Boardwalk through swamp, plus a marsh trail. Trails and observation tower. PERRY, EDENS, BIRD, CARTER

O-8 Sanibel Island - J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge - From Ft. Myers SR 867 across causeway, right on Periwinkle, then right past the center of town to Captiva. Great birding site. Observation tower. Spur trails. Tram tours. PERRY Closed Friday. 1999. SCALPONE BLUE, EDENS, BIRD

O-8 Sanibel Island - Lighthouse Beach - 1884 Lighthouse. Great beaches. Apparently good for shells also. Water calm. SCALPONE BLUE

O-8 Sanibel Island - Sanibel Pioneer Village. I-75 to Exit 21, west 1 mile to Six Mile Cypress, south to Summerlin Road, 10 miles to McGregor Blvd and over the toll causeway to Sanibel. Continue west 2 miles on Periwinkle Way, turn at Dunlop Road to 950 Dunlop. Four original island structures: post office, 1920's store, tea house and a private home, now a museum. Open Wednesday through Saturday. Think that this was the one we could not find. SCALPONE BLUE, BARDON

O-8 Sanibel Island - Sanibel/Captiva Conservation Foundation - 3333 Sanibel/Captiva Road one mile past Tarpon Bay Road. 247 acre wetland tract. 4 short trails, observation tower, visitor's center. Native plant nursery. Carter says 10 trails that can be combined for a total of 4.15 miles. SCALPONE BLUE, EDENS, CARTER

O-8 Sanibel Island - Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum - I-75 to exit 21, west 1 mile to Six Mile Cypress, south to Summerlin Road, 10 miles to McGregor Blvd and over the toll causeway to Sanibel. Continue west 4 miles on Sanibel-Captiva Road to 3075 Sanibel-Captiva Road. All about shells. BARDON

O-9 Bonita Springs - Delnor-Wiggins Pass Recreation Area - North tip of Vanderbilt Beach, 6 miles south of Bonita Springs. 166 acres of dunes, tidal creeks and mangrove swamp. Observation tower. Beach. Sea turtles in abundance. Popular spot. SCALPONE BLUE

O-9 Estero - Koreshan Settlement - US-75 to exit 123 (Corkscrew Road) west 2 miles to US 41, across 41 and west 1 block to entrance. Park on land of Koreshan Community established 1894. They believed earth a hollow sphere and we lived on the inside curve. Also in communal living, celibacy and female equality. Tropical gardens. Buildings and remnant garden. Guided tours on weekends. Is also a hiking trail, camping and canoe rental. Entrance fee $3 per vehicle for one person, $4 per vehicle for up to 8. So take friends. Open 365 days a year. BARDON. SCALPONE RED (has a map). EDENS, WPA. 2007.

O-9 - Estero - Estero Bay Preserve State Park. I 75 to Corkscrew Rd exit 123. Travel west on Corkscrew Rd. At intersection with US 41, turn north (right) onto US 41. Turn west (left) onto Broadway W. Public access point is on the north (right) side of the road next to the FPL substation. 10,000 acre state preserve with about six miles of trails.

O-9 - Estero - Mound Key Archaelogical State Park. It can be reached by the Estero River and accessed at the Koreshan State Historic Sites boat ramp. It is approximately 3.5 miles from the boat ramp to the island. Also Lovers Key State Park on Estero Island offers a boat ramp which can be used as a starting point. Small island with trail in area of ancient Native American settlement. Beachcomber Tours provides access 239-443-7456.

O-9 Naples - 1895 Palm Cottage - I-75 to exit 16, west 3 miles to US 41, south 5 miles to 5th Avenue, west 8 blocks to Gulf Shore Blvd, south 8 blocks to 137 12th Avenue South. Tabby house. Period antiques. Open 2 to 4 monday through friday late fall to early summer. SCALPONE BLUE, BARDON

O-9 Naples - Teddy Bear Museum - I-75 to exit 16, west 2 miles on Pine Ridge Road. Gag me. BARDON

O-9 Naples - Collier County Museum - I-75 to exit 16, west 3 miles to Airport Road, south 8 miles to Collier County Government Center, east 1 block, south 1 block to 3301 Tamiami Trail East. Four acre museum complex, 10,000 years of history. Cottage and train. BARDON Monday to Friday 9-5. SCALPONE BLUE

O-9 Naples - Big Cypress Conservancy - 1450 Merrihue Drive, Naples. Museum, nature trails, boat rides on the half hour. Monday through Saturday. SCALPONE BLUE

O-9 Naples - [Jungle Larry's African Park and] Caribbean Gardens - 1590 Goodlette Road, US 41 Naples. 70 acre tropical park, wild animal shows. Rich gardens, zoo, boat tour. Last ticket sold at 4pm. SCALPONE BLUE, EDENS

O-9 Naples - The Depot - 1051 5th Avenue South, downtown Naples. Restored railroad depot. Railroad memorabilia etc. SCALPONE BLUE

O-9 Naples - Rookery Bay Reserve - 401 Shell Island Road, south of Naples. 7,000 acres of wilderness. Estuarine sanctuary. Observation platform on large lake. 2,500 foot boardwalk. Boat rides Tuesday to Saturday. SCALPONE BLUE

O-9 Naples - Briggs Nature Center - 9 miles southeast of Naples. From US 41 go south 2 miles on 951, turn right on Shell Island Road (unpaved). Exhibits and trails. EDENS

O-9 Naples - Naples Nature Center - 1450 Merrihue Drive not too far from Caribbean Gardens. Exhibits, boat tours, trails. EDENS

O-9 Naples - Dry Tortugas National Park - Fort Jefferson National Monument - 70 Miles west of Key West - Boat access from Naples and Ft. Myers area. (Naples Chamber of Commerce 813- 262-6141). See last entry on list for park details PERRY, FNP

O-9 Lover's Key - Lover's Key State Recreation Area - 10 miles south of Fort Myer's Beach. Beach, bridges over salt creeks, apparently are trails. Can wade over at low tide from just south of Big Carlos Pass Bridge, or take scenic pedestrian path 2,500 feet further south. SCALPONE RED

OtoP - 9&10 Naples - Collier-Seminole State Park - US 41, 15 miles southeast of Naples. Museum with natural history exhibits. Huge portion accessible only by boat. 13 mile canoe trail limited permits per day. Biting insects numerous in summer. 6.6 mile loop. PERRY, CARTER Mammoth dredge displayed at entrance. SCALPONE BLUE Mike, Diane and I went to this place on the way back from the Everglades and were nearly eaten alive. In December. EDENS

OtoQ- 10-11 Ochopee - Big Cypress National Preserve - Access from Alligator Alley and US 41. North of Everglades National Park. Has 33 miles of trail - 31 miles of the Florida Trail Begins at Oasis ranger station, which is 20 miles in on 41. 26 mile scenic loop drive. ("rugged") Not heavily populated or patrolled - you are on your own. PERRY, EDENS, FNP

O-10 Bonita Springs - Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. From US 41 9 miles north of Naples - east on SR 846 21 miles, left at sign to 375 Sanctuary Road. 2.25 mile boardwalk, platform at central marsh. Virgin bald cypress forest. Birds, wildlife, and nature center operated by Audubon Society. Admission $10 for adults. PERRY, Springs SCALPONE BLUE, EDENS, BIRD. 2007

O-10 Seminole Reservation - Kissimmee Billie Swamp Safari - Off Alligator Alley at exit 14, north 19 miles on Snake Road. Trails, overnight stay in chickee hut, campfire stories, swamp buggy nature tours. EDENS

O-11 Clewiston - Ah-Tha-Thi-Ki Museum - I-75 to exit 14, north on CR 833 (Snake Road) 17 miles. On the Big Cypress Reservation. Culture and history of the Seminoles as presented by the tribe. Sixty acre site with homes, nature trail to recreated village, plus main museum. BARDON

O-13 Coconut Creek - Butterfly World - I-95 to exit 36, west 3 miles to 3600 West Sample Road. Enclosed gardens for butterflies, hummingbirds, people. EDENS

O-13 Pompano Beach - Fern Forest Nature Center - I-95 exit 34, west three miles on Atlantic Blvd just south on Lyons at 201 Lyons Road. Exhibits, swamp trails with many fern species. EDENS

O-13 Pompano Beach - Hillsborough Lighthouse - On Hillsborough Inlet. Lighthouse completed 1907. WPA

O-14 Pompano Beach - Goodyear Blimp Base, Pompano Air Base located at 1001 Northeast 10th Street or 1500 Northeast Fifth Avenue in Pompano Beach. Home of the blimp. Tours are available when it is in town, but rides are hard to get. GEBHART.

O-13 Deerfield - Clyde Beatty Jungle Zoo - Actually about 13 miles below Deerfield. Where wild animals are bred and trained for circuses. WPA

O-14 Delray Beach - Old School Square Cultural Arts Center - I-95 to exit 42, east 1 mile to 51 North Swinton Avenue. Rotating fine arts exhibits. BARDON

O-14 Delray Beach - Cason Cottage - North of Old School Square. Local history exhibits and so on. BARDON

O-14 Delray Beach - Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens - I-95 to exit 41, west 4 miles on Linton Blvd to Jog Road, south 1 mile to 4000 Morikami Park Road. Museum preserves and interprets "the essence of Japanese culture as a part of Florida history." Gardens and 200 acre park. BARDON, EDENS

O-14 Delray Beach - Sunken Gardens - Left from Delray Beach (when going south) on Ocean Blvd. WPA

O-14 Delray Beach - Cornell Museum of Art and History. I-95 to Atlantic Avenue exit, east one mile to Swinton Avenue, to 51 North Swinton Avenue in Delray Beach. Four galleries, tea room and gift shop. Rotating exhibits. Tuesday to Saturday 10:30-4:30. Adults $6, seniors and students $4, children under 13 free. GEBHART

O-14 Boca Raton - Boca Raton Museum of Art - I-95 to exit 38, east 1 mile to 801 West Palmetto Park Road. Sculpture garden plus traditional art. BARDON

O-14 Boca Raton - Children's Museum - I-95 to exit 38 (Palmetto Park Road) east 2 miles to Federal Highway, north 1 block to 71 North Federal Highway. The usual. BARDON

O-14 Boca Raton - International Museum of Cartoon Art - I-95 to exit 38, east 3 miles to Federal Highway, north 2 blocks to Mizner Park (this may have moved) 201 Plaza Road, Mizner Park. Mainstream comic museum. BARDON

O-14 Boca Raton - Gumbo Limbo Environmental Complex - I-95 exit 38, east on Palmetto Park Road to A1A, north one mile to 1801 North Ocean Blvd. Exhibits on coastal habitat and marine life, trails. EDENS

P-10 Everglades City - Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve - From US 41 north of Everglades City, north short distance on SR 29, Left on Jane's Scenic Drive. Ten mile trail along old railroad bed. Wading sometimes necessary. Orchids. Carter says the 10 mile is moderate to strenuous. PERRY, CARTER 2000 foot boardwalk through swamp jungle by Indian village. SCALPONE BLUE, RED

P-10 Ochopee - Nation's Smallest Post Office. On U.S. 41 about three miles east of Hwy 29 in Ochopee in the Big Cypress National Preserve. Tool shed converted to a post office when the original was destroyed by fire. WEIRD.

P-13 Davie - Flamingo Gardens - I-595 to Flamingo Road exit - south 3 miles to 3750 Flamingo Road. Twelve acre botanical garden, wildlife center, tram tour. EDENS

P-13 North Miami - Oleta River Park - Sunny Isle Causeway 3400 NE 163 Street - Bike Trails, canoeing, fishing, picnic. SCALPONE RED

P-13 North Miami - Cloisters of the Monastery of St. Bernard de Clairvaux (Ancient Spanish Monastery) - I-95 to exit 17, east 2 miles to West Dixie Highway, north 2 blocks to 16711 West Dixie Highway (exit on next road). Mildly interesting and and a peaceful place to wander around. Oldest building in America. Largely by virtue of being built in Spain around 1140 and moved here in about 11,000 wooden cases. Originally bought by William Randolph Hearst to be added to his mansion in California, but never quite made it. Formal gardens. 2013. BARDON, EDENS, WEIRD.

P-13 North Miami - Greynolds Park - I-95 exit 19, east 3 miles on Miami Gardens Drive, just south on 22d to 17530 W. Dixie Highway. Historic Landscape Park (1933) with bird rookery. EDENS

P-13 North Miami - Enchanted Forest Nature Center - I-95 exit 14, east 3 miles on NE 135 street to NE 17 Avenue to 1725 NE 135th Street. Trails, exhibits, adjacent to historic Arch Creek Park. EDENS

P-13 North Miami - North Miami Zoo - NE 2d Avenue and 132d Street. Formerly Opa Locka Zoo. WPA

P-13 North Miami - Arch Creek Natural Bridge - 1855 NE 135th Street, North Miami. Recreation area including recreation of natural stone bridge - a geologic formation carved in oolitic rock. Used since early Spanish days, part of the Capron Trail. Has a tiny museum with some very odd interpretation - not what they have to say, but how difficult it is to read. Nice little hiking trails. Make sure you are not the first one to walk down them -they have a lot of spiders and I saw one web that was about ten feet wide. A few picnic areas. Open 9-5 Wednesday through Sunday. 2013. WPA

P-13 Hollywood - Ann Kolb Nature Center - I-95 exit 24, east 3 1/2 miles on Sheridan Street to 751 Sheridan Street. Exhibits on mangroves, boat tour, trails. EDENS

P-13 Opa-locka - Opa-locka. Town in Dade County developed by Glenn Curtis with an Arabian Nights theme. It has the largest collection of Moorish architecture in the Western hemisphere. It also has shockingly high levels of violent crime. WEIRD.

P-14 Ft. Lauderdale - Bonnet House - I-95 to exit 30 (Sunrise Blvd.) east 4 miles to Birch Road, south 1 block to 900 North Birch Road. House Museum, plus huge orchid collection. Historic mansion with art works, landscape garden, coastal wilderness. EDENS

P-14 Ft. Lauderdale - International Swimming Hall of Fame Museum - I-95 to exit 29, east 4 miles to Seabreeze Blvd, south 1 block to 1 Hall of Fame Drive. Probably not any more interesting than it sounds. BARDON

P-14 Ft. Lauderdale - Museum of Art - I-95 to exit 29, east 2 miles to Andrews Avenue, south 2 blocks to 1 East Los Olas Blvd. "Major" art museum. BARDON

P-14 Ft. Lauderdale - Fort Lauderdale Historical Museum - I-95 to exit 29, east 2 miles to 219 SW 2nd Avenue. Sounds like one of the better ones. BARDON

P-14 Ft. Lauderdale - Museum of Discovery and Science - I-95 to exit 29, east 2 miles to SW 5th Avenue, south 1 block to 401 SW 2nd Street. Ecosystem displays, other stuff, not mention children. BARDON , EDENS

P-14 Ft. Lauderdale - Old Dillard Cultural Arts Museum - I-95 to exit 29, east 2 miles to 9th Avenue, north 3 blocks to 1001 NW 4th Street. Focus on African American culture and contributions to Broward County. BARDON

P-14 Ft. Lauderdale - Stranahan House - I-95 to exit 29, east 2 miles to US 1 (SE 6th Avenue), turn right, go 1 1/2 blocks to 335 SE 6th Avenue. Oldest house in Broward County built as a trading post for Seminoles. Bardon really likes it. BARDON, EDENS

P-14 Ft. Lauderdale - Secret Woods Nature Center - I-95 exit 27, west 1/2 mile on 84 to 2701 West SR-84. Nature Center, trails. EDENS

P-14 Ft. Lauderdale - Colee Monument - in a little wooded park on the shore of Tarpon Bend in the New River. Site of massacre by the Seminole. WPA

P-14 Ft. Lauderdale - Hotel Amphitrite - near Las Olas Blvd. Hotel in a beached ocean going monitor. Used by government, then as floating casino, then when beached became a hotel. WPA

P-14 Dania - International Game Fish Association Museum - I-95 to exit 26 (Griffin Road), west to Anglers Avenue, south approximately 1/2 mile to entrance. World class museum with traditional and interactive exhibits was being built when the book was published. BARDON

P-14 Dania - Graves Museum of Archaeology and Natural History - I-95 to exit 25, east 1 mile to US 1, south 2 blocks to 481 South Federal Highway. Stuff from digs from all over the world. Center apparently active enough that one sees recent stuff. BARDON, EDENS

P-14 Dania - John U Lloyd Beach State Park - East on A1A - Beach, scuba. Canoe rentals.

P-14 Hollywood - Art and Culture Center of Hollywood - I-95 to exit 23, east 1 1/2 miles to Young Circle, east 1 block from Circle to 1650 Harrison Street. Six galleries, temporary exhibits. BARDON

P-14 Ojus - Reynolds Park - Western edge of town. CCC park. Observation tower patterned on an Aztec temple. Stone pavilion. Picnic grounds. WPA

P-14 Miami Beach - Art Center of South Florida - I-95 exit to 195, east 4 miles to Alton Road, south to 17th Street, east to Michigan Avenue, south to Lincoln Road Mall. Converted mall now full of artists studios. BARDON

P-14 - Miami Beach - Bass Museum of Art - I-95 to exit 5, east 4 miles to A1A, north 7 blocks to 21st Street, west 1 block to 2121 Park Avenue. Permanent collections spans the 14th to the 20th centuries. BARDON

P-14 Miami Beach - The Wolfsonian - I-95 to exit 5, east 3 miles to Miami Beach, north 3 blocks to 1001 Washington Avenue. Lots of modern art including sculpture and home furnishings. BARDON

P-14 - Miami Beach - Sanford L. Ziff Jewish Museum of Florida - I-95 to exit 5, east 3 miles to Miami Beach, south 2 blocks to 301 Washington Avenue. 230 years of Jewish history in Florida. BARDON

P-14 Miami Beach - Harvey S. Firestone Estate - Collins Avenue and 44th Street. Open once each spring for charity garden tea. WPA

P-14 Miami Beach - Flagler Monument - Bay Island, accessible only by boat. "A square white shaft, illuminated only at night, was erected in memory of Henry M. Flagler by Carl Fisher, Miami Beach pioneer. WPA

QtoR - 13&14 Keys - Biscayne National Park - Northern tip of the keys. Was a National Monument. Convoy Point Visitor's Center 9 miles east of Homestead on SW 328th Street. Must have own boat or hire. Glass Bottom Boat trips and snorkel/scuba trips available from Convoy Point. Activities almost completely water based. Interpretive Trail on Elliott Key. Islands and coral reefs is the topography. Are trails to either end of the island, 5 miles round trip to the north, 9 miles to the south. PERRY, EDENS, CARTER, FNP

QtoR - 3-4 Milton - Blackwater River State Forest - On Alabama border. 11650 Munson Highway N of I-10 and US 90, crossed by SR 4 and SR 191. Andrew Jackson Red Ground Trail - Indian trading path used by Andrew Jackson in 1818 - 21 mile link in Florida Trail. Also Sweetwater Trail (4.5 miles) a side trail to the Andrew Jackson Red Ground Trail starting on the north side of SR 4. Are other trails and dirt roads. Sweetwater trail is 1.5 miles between Bear Lake and Munson Recreation area through swamps, titi thickets, over swinging bridge. PERRY, SCALPONE RED, EDENS, CARTER

QtoT - 9-13 Homestead - Everglades National Park - Largest National Park in the East. Scenic drive on the 38 miles from east entrance to Flamingo. Hiking trails from visitors center. Most 4 to 5 miles. Longest 14. Need permit. Likely to be wet or impassible June to December. Insects all year, unbearable in summer. (Not really so bearable in December when we were there either. PERRY, BIRD, FNP Everglades Royal Palm Area (R-12) - Trails. Slash Pine Trail (7 miles) and Loop Trail (3 or 5 miles) are accessed from the road to Long Pine Key, only six miles from the main visitor's center outside of Homestead. Old Ingraham Highway (11 miles) also begins on Long Pine Key Road. Original road from Homestead to Flamingo. CARTER Flamingo Area Trails - Snake Bight (4 miles) Rowdy Bend (5 miles) Christian Point (4 miles) Bear Lake (4 miles) All are loops. Also in that area are Coastal Prairie Trail (12 miles from Flamingo Campground) and Alligator Creek Trail (14.6 miles) from Snake Bight Canal Road. Also loops. CARTER

Q-10 Chokoloskee - Smallwood's Trading Museum US 41 to SR 29 through Everglades City to Chokoloskee, about 8 miles, follow signs to store. If this is the one I think it is about enough to bore you to death. BARDON

Q-13 Miami - Museum of Contemporary Art - I-95 to exit 13, east 1 mile to 770 NE 125th Street. Bardon says it is "splendid." I think that you should call ahead as they apparently don't feel it important to mention on their web site when they are closed to create a new exhibit. Building has cool architecture. BARDON

Q-13 Miami - Historical Museum of Southern Florida - US 1, Biscayne Blvd to Flagler Street, west 6 blocks to 101 West Flagler Street. The usual, plus walking, boat and bus tours of the area. BARDON, EDENS

Q-13 Miami - Miami Art Museum - US 1, Biscayne Blvd to Flagler Street, west 6 blocks to 101 West Flagler Street. Recent western art. BARDON

Q-13 Miami - Cuban Museum of the Americas I-95 to exit 2, west 2 blocks on SW 7th Street to SW 12th Avenue, south 6 blocks to 1300 SW 12th Avenue. About what it sounds like. BARDON

Q-13 Miami- Vizcaya - I-95 to exit 1, south 1/2 mile on South Miami Avenue (Bayshore Drive) to 3251 South Miami Avenue. 16th century style palazzo on Biscayne Bay. Completed in 1920. Cost 15 Million then. House and pretty cool gardens. Bardon says it is worth a day. Only took me a couple of hours, but then I am a philistine. 2013. BARDON, EDENS, WPA

Q-13 Miami - Miami Museum of Science and Space Transit Planetarium - South on I-95, exit 1, east (for Rickenbacher Causeway) first turn on right go south 1/2 mile on to 3280 South Miami Avenue. Across from Vizcaya on South Miami Avenue. Focused on space science museum. Bardon seems to think it will entertain adults as well. Wildlife Center, natural history gallery. BARDON, EDENS (Bardon and Edens seem to have different impressions of the place).

Q-13 Miami - Parrot Jungle and Gardens - From US 1, south 2 miles on Red Road (SW 57th Avenue) to SW 112 Street (Killian Drive) Gardens with many kinds of colorful birds and plants. EDENS

Q-13 Miami - Bayfront Park - Biscayne Blvd. between SE 2d and SE 6th Streets. 40 acres of land, ampitheatre, promenade, observatory. WPA

Q-13 Miami - Municipal Yacht Basin - North of Bayfront Park at Biscayne Blvd and NE 6th Street. Boats, place to catch for tours and so on. WPA

Q-13 Miami - Miami Aquarium - Ship set in sand at Biscayne Blvd at NE 5th Street. Beached by accident, then used first as a hotel then as an aquarium. WPA

Q-13 Miami - Miami Daily News Tower - Biscayne Blvd at NE 6th Street. Architecture. Lobby has panels depicting the evolution of the art of painting. WPA

Q-13 Miami - Dade County Courthouse - NE corner W. Flagler Street and NW 1st Avenue. 28 Story behemoth. Architecture. 2013 - worth a look if you are in the neighborhood. WPA

Q-13 Miami - History Miami at the Miami Cultural Center at 101 West Flagler Street in Miami. The usual history starting with mastodons, going through a couple rounds of Indians, Spaniards and so on, but better than most. 2013.

Q-13 Miami - First Presbyterian Church - NE corner E. Flagler Street and SE 3d. Oldest church in Miami, built 1900 by Flagler. WPA

Q-13 Miami - City Curb Market - SW 2d Street and Miami River. Market. WPA

Q-13 Miami - Pflueger's Marine Museum - 1367 N. Miami Avenue. Mounted specimens of Florida marine life. WPA

Q-13 Miami - James Deering Estate - 3250 S. Miami Avenue. Private. Built for 15 Million in 1916. WPA

Q-13 Miami - American Police Hall of Fame and Museum. Located at 3801 Biscayne Blvd. Miami 305-573-0070. Dedicated to law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Adults $12 Kids 4-12 $8 10-6 daily. GEBHART

Q-13 Miami (Coconut Grove) - The Barnacle State Historic Site - US 1 to SW 27th Avenue, south 3 blocks to Bayshore Drive, southwest 1 mile to Main Highway in Coconut Grove, south 1 block to 3485 Main Highway. Unusual home built in 1891. Original furnishings. Boat house. Tropical hammock. BARDON, SCALPONE RED, EDENS

Q-13 Miami (Coconut Grove) Fairchild Tropical Gardens - US 1 to SW 27th Avenue, south 3 blocks to Bayshore Drive, southwest 1 mile to Main Highway in Coconut Grove to Cutler Road, 10901 Old Cutler Road. 83 acre tropical paradise. New tropical conservatory. Train ride. Small Museum. EDENS

Q-13 Coconut Grove - The Kampong of the National Tropical Botanical Garden - From US 1, south 1 mile to 4013 Douglas Road. Historic House and Garden (1928). Tours by appointment. EDENS

Q-13 South Miami - "Doc" Thomas House and Environmental Center - From US 1 south on Red Road to Sunset Road east 1 block to 5530 Sunset. Hammock, Pineland Gardens. Free. EDENS

Q-13 Coral Gables - Coral Gables Merrick House - US 1 to LeJeune Road, north 1 mile to Coral Way, west 5 blocks to 907 Coral Way. Historic House, tropical gardens. BARDON

Q-13 Coral Gables - Lowe Art Museum - US 1 to Standord Drive, University of Miami, north 2 blocks to 1301 Standord Drive. "Major" art museum. BARDON

Q-13 Coral Gables - John C. Gifford Arboretum of the University of Miami - from US 1 go north 3/4 miles on Red Road (SW 57 Avenue) east on Miller Road (SW 56th Street) then north on San Amaro Drive to third campus entry on right. Historic Botanical Trail with 500 plant species. EDENS

Q-13 Coral Gables - Venetian Pool. I-95 South onto US 1, right on Bird Road, right on Granada 16 blocks to fountain at 2701 De Soto Blvd, Coral Gables 305-460-5356. 820,000 gallon Venetian pool formed from coral rock quarry. Filled with cool spring water daily. Designed with waterfalls, cave, and beach. Hours vary by time of year, as do rates, but the top is $9.50 No children under the age of three. GEBHART

Q-13 Miami - Weeks Air Museum - Florida Turnpike to exit 19, west 2 miles to SW 137th Avenue, south 1/4 mile to 14710 SW 128th Street (Kendall Tamiami Airport). Hangar of vintage aircraft. BARDON

Q-13 Key Biscayne - Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Recreation Area - 1200 S Crandon Blvd. Has 1825 lighthouse, with museum, actual dunes on beaches, bikes and other things for rent SCALPONE RED

Q-13 Perrine - Tropical Monkey Jungle - Right on road 4 miles south of Perrine. Java monkies run wild in a gumbo limbo hammock. WPA

Q-13 Princeton - Allapattah Gardens - East two miles on Coconut Palm Road from Princeton. Acres of sweet peas. WPA

Q-13 Princeton - Fennel Orchid Jungle - two miles south of Princeton and left on Newton Road. Lots of orchids. WPA

Q-13 Homestead - Fruit and Spice Park - From US 1, west five miles on Coconut Palm Drive (SW 248 Street) to 24801 SW 187 Avenue. County Park (1944) showcase for more than 500 kinds of exotic edibles. EDENS

Q-13 Homestead - Subtropical Experimental Station - Waldrin Drive. Conducted by the University of Florida and the Dade County Commission along with the USDA to study the problems of raising oranges, avocadoes and winter vegetables under subtropical conditions WPA

Q-13 Homestead - Johnston Palm Lodge - Krome Avenue and Avocado Road. 20 acre estate with lots of tropical plants. Lots of preserves and jellies made and offered for sale. Java Jak tree has 100 pound fruits. WPA

R-2 Pensacola - Historic Pensacola Village - I-110 to Garden Street (Exit 1-C) west two blocks to Tarragona Street, left on Tarragona, south 4 blocks to 205 East Tarragona. Monday through Saturday. 10-4. Historic houses and museums. Including T.T. Wentworth Jr. Florida State Museum (330 Jefferson) (eclectic collections), Museum of Commerce, Museum of Industry. BARDON

R-2 Pensacola - Pensacola Historical Museum - I-110 to Garden Street, west three blocks to Palafax Street, south 4 blocks to Zaragoza Street, east 1 block to 115 East Zaragoza Street. What it sounds like. BARDON

R-2 Pensacola - Civil War Soldiers Museum - I-110 to Garden Street exit, west 2 blocks to Palafax Street, south two blocks to 108 South Palafax Street. What it sounds like, plus massive civil war book store. BARDON

R-2 Pensacola - Pensacola Museum of Art - I-110 to Garden Street exit, west 4 blocks to Jefferson Street, south 4 blocks to 407 South Jefferson Street. Free on Tuesday. Closed sunday and monday. Emphasis on contemporary American art. BARDON

R-2 Pensacola - Plaza Ferdinand VII - South Palafox Street between East Government and East Zarragossa Streets. Remnant of the original Spanish Square. Old cannon. This is where Spain ceded West Florida to the US. WPA

R-2 Pensacola - Seville Square - South Alcaniz Street between East Government and East Zarragossa Streets. Another remnant of the original Spanish Square. Was center of the fashionable residential district through the 1880's. WPA

R-2 Pensacola - Old Christ Church - SW corner South Adams and East Zarragossa. Oldest church building in the city. Converted to library in 1936. WPA

R-2 Pensacola - Barclay House - South end of Florida Blanca Street. Private. Built late 1700's, said to be the oldest house in the city. WPA

R-2 Pensacola - St. Michael's Cemetery - Alcaniz Street between East Chase and East Romana Streets. Oldest cemetery. WPA

R-2 Pensacola - St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church - Corner North Palafox and West Chase Streets. Built 1888. Glass windows from Munich. WPA

R-2 Pensacola - Dorothy Walton House - 137 West Romana Street. Built 1805. Dorothy Walton Museum in a portion of the house. WPA

R-2 Pensacola - Municipal Pier - south end of South Palafox Street. WPA

R-2 Pensacola - Ruins of Fort San Carlos - on a height commanding the harbor. Fort built between 1781 and 1790. WPA

R-2 Pensacola - Old Fort Barrancas - behind Fort San Carlos. Built by US between 1839 and 1844. WPA

R-4 Valparaiso - The Heritage Museum - I-10 to exit 12, south 12 miles on SR 85 to Valparaiso, south at SR 397 to Okalossa Avenue, east three blocks to Westview Avenue. 115 Westview Avenue. Displays of household implements, pioneer farming, and the local turpentine industry. BARDON

R-4 Niceville - Rocky Bayou - 5 miles east on Road 20. 357 acre park fishing, boating, swimming and short hikes. SCALPONE RED

R-5 Ponce de Leon - Ponce de Leon Springs State Recreation Area. Home of Ponce de Leon Springs, one of the many springs named for the fountain of youth sought by Ponce de Leon. WPA

R-5 DeFuniak Springs - DeFuniak Springs. Around the attractive spring (swimming) a mile in circumference and 80 feet deep, known in early days as Open Pond, are grouped the Walton County Courthouse, the railroad station, the business district and many attractive houses. On the Courthouse grounds, overlooking the springs, stands Florida's first confederate monument, erected in 1871. It is now controversial, but as far as I can tell, still there. WPA

R-6 Chipley - Falling Waters State Recreation Area - Off US 90. 70 foot water cascade. Swimming lake. Nature trails. SCALPONE RED

R-7 Marianna - Florida Caverns State Park - I-10 exit 21 or 20. to Marianna, park is 3 miles north of Marianna on Route 166. 3345 Caverns Road. Limestone caverns - some of the few in Florida not flooded. Natural Limestone Bridge over Chipola River. Freezing swim stream. Canoe on river. CCC Park. Fee for tour. Also trails. PERRY, SCALPONE RED, EDENS, WPA

R-7 Marianna - Marianna. A landscaped plaza, with a confederate monument and bandstand, occupies the center of the business district. WPA

R-8 Sneads - Three Rivers State Park - Road 271. Trails, boat ramp, on Lake Seminole. SCALPONE RED

R-12 Everglades National Park - HM69 Nike Missile Base - Visitors Center near Homestead entrance to park. Check hours and events, or call for reservation. Park admission, $10 per car, covers the cost of the tour. Be prepared to drive your own vehicle 14 miles round trip from the visitor center to the missile base.

R-13 Florida City - Ed's Place - Right from Florida City (west) on SR 205. House of oolitic rock equipped with huge rock furnishings. Map of Florida hewn from one ton slab in which a punch bowl of water is Lake Okeechobee. WPA

R-13 - Homestead - Coral Castle. I-75 to Rt. 997 (US 27), south to South 288th Street, left to 157th Avenue, turn left to 28655 South Dixie Highway. Castle built of Coral by Ed Leedskalnin. Very cool in a geez what a weirdo kind of way. Everything - walls, furniture, gates - made of fossilized coral. He quarried it on the spot and moved gigantic blocks of it around all by himself on the theory that if he built a castle Agnes (who had dumped him the day before his planned marriage in Latvia) would come join him. Nice gardening. Kind of steep at $15, but what the hell. Daily 9-5. 2013. It is currently privately owned. WEIRD.

S-2 Pensacola - National Museum of Naval Aviation - I-10 to exit 2, south 10 miles on Pine Forest Road, follow signs to NAS entrance, south 1 mile on Duncan Blvd. west 1 mile on Radford Blvd. to 1750 Radford Blvd. Daily 9-5. BARDON

S-2 Pensacola (outside) - Big Lagoon State Recreation Area - 10 miles west of Pensacola on SR 292. Located on Intracoastal Waterway. Boat the best way. Beaches, observation tower. Camping and so on. SCALPONE RED

S-2 Gulf Breeze - Fort Barrancas - I-10 to exit 2, south 10 miles on Pine Forest Road, follow signs to NAS entrance, south 1 mile on Duncan Blvd. west 1 mile on Radford Blvd. Fort is a short distance west of the National Museum of Naval Aviation on Taylor Road. Historic Fort operated by the National Park Service. Small interpretive museums. Confederate living history programs in November and January. BARDON

S-2 Gulf Breeze - Fort Pickens - I-10 to exit 4, south 10 miles to Pensacola Bay Bridge, cross over to Gulf Breeze, take toll bridge to Pensacola Beach, west 10 miles. Is on Fort Pickens Road. Historic fort, nature trails, museum. Daily. BARDON, WPA

S-2 Gulf Breeze [?] - Ruins of Fort McRae - peninsula on the opposite side of the channel from Pickens. Built after Pickens. Destroyed by tides and surf, part visible only at low tide. WPA

S-2 Gulf Breeze - Naval Live Oaks Center - I-10 to exit 4, south 10 miles to Pensacola Bay Bridge, cross over and turn east on US 98 at Gulf Breeze, continue east 3 miles to 1801 Gulf Breeze Parkway. Displays and so on about oaks, which were prized for ship building. Plus nature trails. BARDON, see also next entry.

S-2 Gulf Breeze - Gulf Island National Seashore - I-10, exit 4, south on I-110 to US 98, east on Pensacola Beach Bridge to Naval Live Oaks Center at Gulf Breeze. 1801 Gulf Breeze Parkway. Wilderness beaches, historic Forts, camping. Hiking and biking trails. EDENS, BIRD, FNP

S-4 Fort Walton Beach - Indian Temple Mound Museum - On US 98 just west of the bridge to the beach, 139 Miracle Strip Parkway. BARDON

S-4 Fort Walton Beach - Air Force Armament Museum - I-10 to exit 12, south 15 miles on SR 85 or US 98 to SR 85, north 5 miles to 100 Museum Drive. Daily. BARDON

S-4 Destin - Henderson Beach State Recreation Area - 2 miles east of Highway 98. Beach basically. SCALPONE RED

S-4 Shalimar - Shalimar Bonded Winery - On 10 above Fort Walton. Surrounded by experimental vineyards. Makes wine from Satsuma oranges. WPA

S-5 Point Washington - Eden State Gardens - I-10 to exit 14, south 20 miles on US 331, left on US 98, east 4 1/2 miles to CR 395, north 1 1/2 mile to Port Washington. Daily. Also Wesley house. Manor house and garden. European antiques. BARDON, SCALPONE RED, EDENS

S-5 Grayton Beach - Grayton Beach State Recreation Area - 15 miles east of Destin off highway 98 on Road 30-A - Florida's tallest dunes. Swimming, fishing, birds, turtles. Extensive salt marshes and nature trails. SCALPONE RED

S-6 Panama City - Pine Log State Forest - Northwest of Panama City. From US 98, north on SR 79 about 10 miles. Two mile nature trail, swimming in lake. Among them Pine Log Trail (3 miles) loop nature trail starting near park HQ. PERRY, CARTER

S-6 Panama City - Point Washington Wildlife Management Area - West of Panama City. Boundaries the Gulf of Mexico, Choctawatchee Bay, Choctawatchee River, Pine Log Creek, SR 20, SR 77, West Bay. Largest privately owned WMA in Florida. Hiking on back roads and gulf beach. PERRY

S-6 Panama City - Museum of the Man in the Sea - US 98 1/4 mile west of SR 79. 17314 Panama City Beach Parkway. Collection of diving equipment, exhibits, dioramas. BARDON

S-6 Panama City - Junior Museum of Bay County - West on US 98 to Jenks Avenue, north 1 mile to 1731 Jenks Avenue. Dinosaurs, different countries and pioneer life. Aimed at the young. BARDON

S-6 Panama City - Visual Art Center of Northwest Florida - US 98 to Harrison Avenue, south 1 mile to historic downtown Panama City. 19 East fourth Street. Constantly changing galleries. BARDON

S-6 Panama City - St. Andrews State Recreation Area - West of Panama City, US 98, south on SR 392. Thomas Drive. Quartz beaches. All water activities. Ferry boat to shell island. Bike rentals. Reconstructed turpentine still. PERRY, SCALPONE RED

S-7 Wewahitchhka - Dead Lakes State Park - Off Road 71. Water back up killed 12 miles of huge cypress and there they are. Fishing. SCALPONE RED

S-7 Wewahitchka - G.U. Parker Wildlife Management Area, North of Apalachicola, From Port St. Joe on US 98, northeast on SR 71 past Wewahitcha. Access from SR 71 or 22. Privately owned, but open to public. Hiking on woods roads that are closed to vehicles. PERRY

S-8 - Bristol - Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines. From State Road 20 in Bristol, take State Road 12 east (toward Greensboro) 1.6 miles to Garden of Eden Road, a dirt road to the left. There will be a large "Apalachicola Bluffs Garden of Eden Trail" sign on the left. Turn left on Garden of Eden Road. Go 0.4 miles to the trailhead. 6,294 nature preserve with 3.75 loop trail. Area was originally established by followers of Elvy Calloway, who believed that it was the Garden of Eden. It is now operated by the Nature Conservancy. WEIRD.

S-8 Rock Bluff - Torreya State Park. 40 miles northwest of Tallahassee. From Bristol on SR 20, North on SR 12, left on SR 271. Seven mile loop trail, (the Torreya Trail near high bluffs and deep ravines), a section of Florida Trail, plus Apalachicola River Bluffs Trail and Weeping Ridge Trail. Park is on high bluffs. Gregory Mansion pre civil war, fully furnished with period antiques. Precipitous terrain, with rare plants, trails, house (1849). Battery Point - confederate fortification. Part of the park, tours weekdays at 10, weekends and holidays at 10, 2, and 4. CCC Park. PERRY, BARDON, SCALPONE RED, CARTER, WPA

S-12 Upper Matecumbe Key - Indian Key State Historic Site and Lignumvitae Key State Botanical Site - US 1 to Upper Matecumbe Key, Mile Marker 781/2. Both are islands, boat tours are available. At Robbie's. Bring good shoes and repellant. Sounds pretty cool. BARDON. SCALPONE RED, WPA

S-12 Islamadora - Hurricane Memorial. Dedicated to the World War veterans who lost their lives in a hurricane there. WPA

S-12 Islamadora Windley Key Fossil Reef Geological State Park. on Bay side of Windley Key at Mile Marker 85.5 near Islamorada. 305-664-2540. Abandoned quarry that shows cross-sectional views of fossilized coral. Also hammock trail system. 8 am to 5 pm Thursday to Monday. Bring sun screen and insect repellant. GEBHART

S-13 Key Largo - John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park - US 1 at Key Largo. First underwater state park. Main thing is to see the reefs by boating (include glass bottom), snorkeling or scuba. Are catwalks in the mangrove area. Also apparently ruins believed to be from a Spanish settlement. PERRY, SCALPONE RED, EDENS

S-13 Key Largo - Key Largo Hammocks State Botanical Site - Road 905. Nature trail, 6 miles of trails. Thick. SCALPONE RED

T-7 Apalachicola - Apalachicola. Once thriving cotton port. Apparently worth strolling around. BARDON

T-7 Apalachicola - John Gorrie Museum - US 98 (Avenue E) to 6th Street, east 1 block to Gorrie Square. 46 sixth Street. Thursday through Monday 9-5. Guy who invented the ice Machine. Monument also. Also displays showing what life was like when Apalachicola was prosperous. And had steamboats. BARDON, SCALPONE RED, WPA

T-7 Apalachicola - Trinity Church - on Gorrie Square. Built 1839. In Civil War its bell was melted for cannons and its pillows and carpets were donated to the Confederate Army. It apparently has significantly more history than that. WPA

T-7 Apalachicola - Apalachicola Maritime Museum - US 98 to Avenue E, north 2 blocks to 268 Water Street. Marine artifacts, restored schooner. BARDON

T-7 Apalachicola - St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge - South of Apalachicola. Island, boat access only. 96 miles of trails, 16 on the beach and 80 inland. "Biting insects may be active at any season." Day use only. PERRY, CARTER, WPA

T-7 Port St Joe - T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park - Gulf of Mexico near Port St. Joe. From US 98, SR 30 to SR 30E. Hiking on beaches, and on firelanes on the interior. High dunes, birds. Nature trails. Registration required to hike. PERRY, SCALPONE RED, BIRD, CARTER

T-7 Port St. Joe - Constitutional Convention State Museum - US 98 to Allen Memorial Way, east of town. 200 Allen Memorial Way. Florida's constitution that is. Life size manikins portray some of the 56 delegates. Also story of nearby Port St. Joe. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday. SCALPONE RED

T-7 Port St. Joe - St. Joseph ghost town - before Port St. Joe if going west. St. Joseph was the site of the Constitutional convention. Wiped out by Yellow Fever and hurricanes. See also, St. Joseph's Cemetery. WPA

T-7 Beacon Hill - St. Joseph Point Lighthouse. Apparently not much to look at. WPA

T-8 Eastpoint - St. George Island State Park - In Appalachicola Bay. Nine miles of beaches and dunes. 2.5 or 3.5 mile hike loop trail on Bay side. Start at Sugar Hill Beach area. Very scenic. SCALPONE, BIRD, CARTER

T-8 Carabelle - Carabelle Lighthouse. WPA

T-9 Keys - Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges. Islands in Gulf of Mexico, generally north of overseas highway. Accessible only by boat except parts of Key Deer Refuge on Big Pine and Little Torch Keys. PERRY

T-9 Key West - The Wrecker's Museum, The Oldest House in South Florida - 322 Duval Street. Built 1829. Wreckers were the people who saved the crew then salvaged wrecks. BARDON, WPA

T-9 Key West - Heritage House Museum - 410 Caroline Street (Turn west from Duval) - Caribbean Colonial Mansion. BARDON

T-9 Key West - Curry Mansion - 511 Caroline Street (east of Duval) Luxurious Inn, open for self guided tours. Antiques, memorabilia, curiosities. Original key lime pie? BARDON

T-9 Key West - Audubon House and Tropical Garden - 205 Whitehead Street (turn west from Duval at Greene). Another wrecker house, but Audubon stayed at this one. Botanically interpreted historic garden. BARDON, EDENS

T-9 Key West - Mel Fisher's Maritime Museum - 200 Greene Street west of Duval. Recovered artifacts from ancient wrecks. BARDON

T-9 Key West - Customs House Museum - Across from Mel Fisher's. Being turned into a museum when the book was written. BARDON

T-9 Key West - Little White House - 11 Front Street. Truman stayed here when doctor advised him to take a break. Botanical garden also. BARDON

T-9 Key West - Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum - 907 Whitehead Street, (Duval Street to Olivia, west 1 block) What it sounds like. BARDON, WPA

T-9 Key West - Key West Lighthouse Museum - Duval Street to Truman Avenue, west 1 block to 938 Whitehead Street. 88 steps to a great view. Plus artifacts and so on. Built 1846. BARDON, WPA

T-9 Key West - Fort Zachary Taylor State Historic Site - Enter the Truman Annex of the Naval Air Station from Southard Street, follow signs 1 mile to Fort entrance. Fort with beach. Begun 1844, held union soldiers during the Civil War. BARDON, WPA

T-9 Key West - East Martello Museum and Gallery - Adjacent to Key West Airport. Built in 1863, now a historical museum and art gallery. BARDON, WPA

T-9 Key West - West Martello Tower - Atlantic Blvd by White Street Pier. Display gardens among ruins of fort. EDENS, WPA

T-9 Key West - Key West Botanical Garden - On Stock Island just before Cow Key Channel. Florida champion trees, hammock. Free. Established as part of the Key West rehabilitation program. EDENS, WPA

T-9 Key West - Nancy Forrester's Secret Garden - Off Simonton Road between Southard Street and Fleming Street. Artist's tropical rainforest garden with many unusual plants. EDENS

T-9 Key West - Sonny McCoy Indigenous Park - South end of White Street at Atlantic Blvd on east side opposite West Martello Tower. Many native plants, wildlife rescue center. EDENS

T-9 Key West - Sponge Pier - North end of Grinnell street. Where the sponge dealers hang out. WPA

T-9 Key West - Turtle Crawls - North end of Margaret Street. Pens where they hold turtles. Butchering at 8:30 Monday through Thursday. WPA

T-9 Key West - Fish Markets - North end of Elizabeth Street. WPA

T-9 Key West - Aquarium - North end of Whitehead Street. WPA

T-9 Key West - San Carlos Institute Patriotico y Docente - Duval between Southard and Fleming. Built by Cuban government in 1924. Offices of the consul, Cuban school. WPA

T-9 Key West - Delmonicos Grand Spanish Restaurant - 218 Duval Street. Murals by Stanley Wood and others. WPA

T-9 Key West - Key West Cemetery - entrance Margaret Street at Passover Lane. Oldest of the local cemeteries. WPA

T-9 Key West - Raul's Club - S. Roosevelt Blvd, east of the East Martello Tower. Murals by Avery Johnson depicting native dances from around the world. WPA

T-10 Big Pine Key - Bahia Honda State Park - US 1. Swimming, diving, snorkel, parasail, kayak, boat rental. Silver palm trail, tropical wilderness beach. SCALPONE RED, EDENS

T-10 Big Pine Key - Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuge - At light, go north on Key Deer Blvd., first turn on right for shopping plaza, information center is opposite Wynn Dixie. EDENS

T-11 Marathon - Museums of Crane Point Hammock - US 1 to Mile marker 50, across from Kmart to 5550 Overseas Highway. Natural history and cultural diversity of the keys is the focus. Short walk through Hammock to restored house from 1890's. BARDON, EDENS

T-11 Marathon - Pigeon Key - US 1, Knight's Key, Mile marker 47. Only intact railroad village left from Flagler railway to Key West. Five acre Island over the old railroad bridge. BARDON.

T-12 Long Key - Long Key State Recreation Area. Very long. Five distinct plant colonies. Golden Orb Trail. EDENS

Ocean - Key West - Dry Tortugas National Park - Fort Jefferson National Monument - 70 Miles west of Key West - Boat access only. Ferry Service from land's end marina. Also from Naples and Ft. Myers area. (Naples Chamber of Commerce 813-262-6141. 39 acres of land, 47,086 of water. Birds, coral reef. Self guiding tour at fort. Fort is largest of 19th century American coastal forts. Never completed. There is nothing there - anything you want you have to bring. PERRY, FNP

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