The Day Job Northern Annex

The Day Job Northern Annex is a place we have been going to about summerly for the last seven years. We love it. In fact, one of us loved it so much he now lives there. Once a sumptuous hotel and restaurant, it has fallen on somewhat hard times. Local histories reflect that the restaurant, the Swiss Chalet, was the first local restaurant not contained in a boarding house or hotel. It was built in 1887, and to emphasize its "exotic atmosphere" advertised Swiss waitresses in costume and a flotilla of Venetian sailboats, "always in readiness for guests." The hotel opened in 1889 as an addition to the restaurant, and in keeping with the "exotic" motif, had an English theme. It advertised a superb view of the mountains and oceans (apparently it was more heavily logged in those days) and that there was never any fog (apparently no bans on false advertising either). The ads also boasted accomodations for 75 to 100 guests, a rate of occupancy we have not even begun to approach and can't even imagine.

The history also reflects that during the winter the hotel was occupied by the caretaker and his family, who kept warm with a woodstove in the kitchen, and got water from the well with a hand pump. Oddly enough, we have found ourselves doing the same thing in the summer, just as we still enjoy the "luxurious flush toilets" boasted by the ads. Other points of interest that are still present include the beautiful flowers on the lawn and the popularity of croquet.

Other things are clearly different. For example, one of the reasons that our reported occupancy is so much lower than advertised is that the hotel is absolutely packed with stuff. Some of it is pretty interesting, even odd, as are some of the people we meet there. This year one of our local friends had gained some local fame. My respect for him increased greatly after that. But the best thing about the hotel is that it is located near some of the best hiking and swimming on the planet, not to mention some of the best food. And did I mention the food? All in all, a great place to hang out, relax with friends, and watch the ghost play the piano