This is my list of upcoming shows that interest me, with the caveat that my taste in music is, well, eclectic. In addition, while some of this music interests me because I have seen it before and know that I want to see it again, other things may have been recommended by friends or simply caught my fancy given my mood at the time. I try to update this frequently enough that it is actually useful and I try to include whatever info I have. I also try to get it from reliable sources, but no source is perfect. And, I myself am capable of mistakes. Therefore, it may be worth a check with the venue before planning your life around what you see here. Also check back here closer to the show, as I do go back and correct entries if I learn that they are wrong. Got comments or reactions? Shows I should add? Write to karokaro AT verizon DOT net.

Want to know what I actually see?

November 22 Friday: Lettuce plays the Anthem with Antibalas and Ghost-Note. Lettuce plays funk. Antibalas plays Afrobeat and funk. Ghost-Note plays funk. Doors open at 6. Tickets are $41 for general admission, $61 for a seat.

November 22 Friday: Henry Kaiser plays Rhizome. Henry Kaiser is a creative and innovative guitarist. At his show he will be playing solo guitar with Antarctic underwater videos.

November 22 Friday: Trongone Band plays Hill Country Barbecue with The Vegabonds (or vice versa). Trongone Band combines Southern rock and Americana. The Vegabonds play country rock. Show is at 9:30. Tickets are $15.

November 23 Saturday: Joseph Allred plays Rhizome with Uasuf Gueye and Phobodeimos. Joseph Allred is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer, experimental composer, and visual artist. Uasuf Gueye is a dynamic djembe and dundun drummer as well as a skilled instrument craftsman. He also plays the 21-key bala. Phobodeimos is the quartet of Dan Conrad, Eric Franklin, Jenny Moon Tucker and Pony Payroll Bones playing clattering improvised drones and one-of-a-kind light apparatus, featuring self-made instruments, sax, bowed strings, augmented guitar, found-object percussion, and electronically processed flute. Show is at 3. Admission is $10.

November 23 Saturday: Henry Kaiser plays Rhizome. Henry Kaiser is a creative and innovative guitarist. At this show, he will experiment with playing solo guitar requia requests from audience members.

November 24 Sunday: Moon Hooch plays the 8X10. Moon Hooch is a dance oriented sax and drum band.

November 24 Sunday: Colla Parte plays Rhizome. Colla Parte plays improvised music at the intersection of classical & jazz. Show is at 8. Tickets are $20.

November 24 Sunday: Naked Jungle plays New Deal Cafe. Naked Jungle is a three piece instrumental band featuring drums, bass and percussion with a world music sound. Show is 7 to 9.

November 24 Sunday: Mandolin Orange plays Weinberg Center. Mandolin Orange is a mandolin and guitar folk duo. Show is at 8. Tickets are $40 to $50.

November 25 Monday: loop 2,4,3 plays Galaxy Hut with Fanoplane. Loop 2, 4, 3 is an "open format" collaborative ensemble, led by composer/performer Thomas Kozumplik. Fanoplane is an improvisational project focused on projecting the infinite gifts of the Muse. Show is at 9. There is a $5 cover charge.

November 27 Wednesday: Sun Ra Arkestra directed by Marshall Allen plays Keystone Korner. Sun Ra Arkestra plays experrimental jazz. Shows are at 8 and 10. Tickets are $25 to $30. Keystone Korner is located at 1350 Lancaster Street in Baltimore.

November 27 Wednesday: The Bridge has moved their traditional Thanksgiving Eve reunion show to Union Craft Brewing. The Bridge is an eclectic jam band. Show is at 6. Union Craft Brewing is located at 1700 West 41st Street, Suite 420, in Baltimore.

November 29 Friday: Two Ton Twig plays an Aslin Beer Co. tap takeover at Union Stage with The Gravel Road Band. Two Ton Twig plays bluegrass and string band music with modern influences. The Gravel Road band combines blues, bluegrass and R&B. Doors open at 6:30, show is 8. This event is free.

November 30 Saturday: Chopteeth plays City Winery. Chopteeth is a large Afrofunk band. Doors open at 7, show is at 8:30. Tickets are $22.

November 30 Saturday: Lunch with Bob plays Hell's Bottom. Lunch With Bob is a celebration of American Music, from bluegrass to rockabilly, country to the blues. Show is 8 to 11.

December 2 Monday: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones play The Music Center at Strathmore. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones play jazz. With banjo. Show is at 8. Tickets are $35 to $75.

December 3 Tuesday: Amigo the Devil plays Baltimore Soundstage with King Dude and Twin Temple. Amigo the Devil plays murderfolk. King Dude plays dark folk. Twin Temple is a Satanic doo-wop band. Doors open at 7, show is at 8. Tickets are $17.60.

December 3 Tuesday: Patterson Hood plays AMP by Strathmore. Patterson Hood is a musician and songwriter best known for his work with the Drive-By Truckers. Doors open at 6:30, show is at 8. Tickets are $30 for general admission, $55 otherwise.

December 3 Tuesday: Chon plays the Fillmore with Between the Buried and Me and Intervals. Chon plays progressive and math rock. Between the Buried and Me plays progressive metal. Intervals also plays progressive metal. Doors open at 6, show is at 7. Tickets are $27.50.

December 3 Tuesday: Mourning Dove plays Rhizome with Thin Pigeon, Human Person and A Deadly Orchestra. Mourning Dove plays sound art compositions of organic field recordings, experimental voice, and minimal instrumentation. Thin Pigeon plays "post punk goth swamp melt mush." Human Person is an experimental indie singer-songwriter with folk roots. A Deadly Orchestra plays DC slowcore. Show starts at 7:30. Admission is $10.

December 4 Friday: Modell, Soderstrom, and James play the Vinyl Lounge at Gypsy Sally's. Modell, Soderstrom, and James is a An Avant-jazz/R&B instrumental trio with Jon Modell on drums, Nick Soderstrom on bass and Colin James on keyboards. Doors open at 5:30, show is at 7:30 and is free. This is a 21+ show.

December 6 Friday: Lightning Bolt plays the Ottobar. Lightning Bolt is a noise rock duo. Doors open at 8, show is at 9. This is an all ages show.

December 6 Friday: Black Masala plays Union Stage with Eastern Standard Time and Leon City Sounds. Black Masla plays a mix of punk rock, Balkan brass, Indian bhangra and New Orleans funk. Eastern Standard Time combines Caribbean music with jazz and soul. Doors open at 6:30, show is at 7:30. Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 day of show. This is an all ages.

December 7 Saturday: Compression plays Orion with Snakefeast. Compression plays alt metal. Snakefeast plays progressive metal.

December 7 Saturday: Cooper-Moore plays Allyworld. Cooper-Moore plays jazz piano. This is a solo show. Show is at 8. Tickets are $20. Allyworld is located at 7014C Westmoreland Avenue Takoma Park, Maryland

December 7 Saturday: Corey Harris plays City Winery with Todd Albright. Corey Harris is an American blues and reggae musician. Todd Albright plays country blues. Doors open at 6:30, show is at 8. Tickets are $20.

December 7 Saturday: Piramid Scheme plays Slash Run with Teething Veils and We Capillaries. Piramid plays dark power pop. Teething Veils play chamber-folk psych-pop drone. Show is at 9:30. Admission is $10.

December 8 Sunday: Thank You Scientist plays Union Stage with Bent Knee and The Tea Club. Thank You Scientist is an eclectic, vibrant and well-hydrated progressive rock band. Bent Knee is an art rock band. The Tea Club combines elements of art rock, folk and electronica. Doors open at 6:30, show is at 7:30. Tickets are $20 in advance, $23 day of show and $35 "Premier Plus."

December 8 Sunday: This show is sold out. Marcus King Band plays the 9:30 Club with Ian Noe. Marcus King Band combines rock, blues and psychedelia. Ian Noe is a singer/songwriter. Doors open at 8. Tickets are $25.

December 8 Sunday: Membrane plays Hill Country Barbecue. Membrane is a band of researchers in cell biology. They take rock classics and turn them into membrane songs. This show is sponsored by the American Society for Cell Biology. Admission is free.

December 8 Sunday: William Hooker: Drum Forms plays Rhizom. William Hooker has created works that range from jazz and "new" music to experimental genres. This is a further exploration of the drum kit-with visuals. show is at 7. Admission is $10.

December 10 Tuesday: Squirrel Nut Zippers play Rams Head On Stage. Squirrel Nut Zippers are a swing revival band. Doors open at 7, show is at 8. Tickets on sale July 30 at noon.

December 12 Thursday: Lulu's Fate plays New Deal Cafe. Lulu's Fate is a trio performing traditional Appalachian songs and original tunes on guitar, mandolin, cello and 3-part harmony. Show is 7:30 to 9:30.

December 12-13 Thursday-Friday: Los Lobos plays City Winery. Los Lobos plays Latin roots rock. Doors open at 6, show is at 8. Tickets are $60 to $75.

December 13 Friday: Cold Hard Cash plays the New Deal Cafe. Cold Hard Cash plays the music of Johnny Cash and similar things. Show is 8:30 to 11:30.

December 13 Friday: Crys Matthews plays Carroll Cafe. Crys Matthews is a singer songwriter blending Americana, folk, blues and funk. Doors open at 7, show is at 7:30. Suggested donation $18 on line, $20 at the door. Carroll Cafe is located at 276 Carroll Street in Northwest DC on the edge of Takoma Park.

December 14 Saturday: Network Glass plays the Red Room with Jimmy Joe Roche. "Electronic sets by two Baltimore weirdos," Network Glass (Daniel La Porte) and Jimmy Joe Roche. Show is at 7. Admission is $5 to $10. The Red Room is located in Normals Books and Records at 425 East 31st Street in Baltimore.

December 15 Sunday: Reverend Horton Heat plays the Black Cat with The Voodoo Glow Skulls, The 5,6,7,8's and a special appearance by Dave Alvin. Reverend Horton Heat plays psychobilly. The Voodoo Glow Skulls play ska punk. The 5,6,7,8's are a Japanese rock trio. Dave Alvin is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Doors open at 8. Tickets are $30 in advance, $35 day of show.

December 17 Tuesday: Samantha Fish plays the 9:30 Club. Samantha Fish plays blues guitar and sings the blues. Doors open at 7. Tickets are $25.

December 18 Wednesday: Pairdown plays Rhizome with Andy Mcleod and Doug Kallmeyer. Pairdown is a fingerstyle guitar and songwriting duo with David Leicht and Raymond Morin. Andy McLeod is an experimental musician whose primary instrument is the acoustic guitar, but he incorporates many instruments into his original tunes, improvisations, and interpretations of the works of others. Doug Kallmeyer is a DC-based composer, bassist, political activist, and audio engineer. Show is at 8. Admission is $10.

December 18 Wednesday: Bouncing Souls play Fillmore with The Bronx, Off With Their Heads and Bar Stool Preachers. Bouncing Souls play pop punk. The Bronx plays punk. As do Off With Their Heads. Bar Stool Preachers play ska infused street punk. Doors open at 6, show is at 7. Tickets are $27.50.

December 18 Wednesday: Derrick Michaels presents Pale Blue Dot at An Die Musik with Derrick Michaels on sax, Laura Banner on cello, John Dierker on bass clarinet and Derek Wiegmann on bass. Two shows with doors at 8 and 9:30. Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 day of show.

December 19 Thursday: Estamos Trio plays the Red Room with Bashi Rose solo. Estamos Trio is an exploratory music ensemble that includes Carmina Escobar (vocals, electronics, guitarrón), Milo Tamez (percussion, found objects, electronics) and Thollem (keyboard, vocals, clay pot). Baltimore native, Bashi Rose is a filmmaker, theatre artist, and musician whose aesthetic is strongly influenced by the Black Arts Movement. Show is at 8:30. Admission is $5 to $10. The Red Room is located in Normals Books and Records at 425 East 31st Street in Baltimore.

December 20 Friday: Geraldine has an album release at New Deal Cafe. Geraldine is a string band with elements of old time, American folk, bluegrass, and alt country. Show is 8:30 to 11:30.

December 21 Saturday: Litz plays Pearl Street Warehouse with Radii. Litz is a funky jam band. Radii is a jam band from DC. Doors open at 8, show is at 9. Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 day of show.

December 21-22 Saturday and Sunday: Saturday show is sold out. Thievery Corporation plays 9:30 Club with The Archives. Thievery Corporation is an electronic music duo consisting of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton but appears as a crowd of people when they play live. Their musical style mixes elements of dub, acid jazz, reggae, Indian classical, Middle Eastern music, hip hop, electronica, and Brazilian music, including bossa nova. The Archives are a DC reggae band. Saturday show starts at 8, but is sold out. Sunday show starts at 7. Tickets are $50.

December 26 Thursday: Crys Matthews plays Jammin' Java. Crys Matthews is a singer songwriter blending Americana, folk, blues and funk. Doors open at 6:30, show is at 8. Tickets are $15 to $18.

December 27 Friday: Consider the Source plays the 8X10 with Yam Yam. Consider the Source plays instrumental progressive rock with Middle Eastern influences. Yam Yam play pop. Doors open at 8.

December 27 Friday: Cris Jacobs Band plays Rams Head On Stage. Cris Jacobs Band plays rock with a touch of Americana. Doors open at 7, show is at 8. Tickets are $39.50.

December 27 Friday: An Evening with Brother Joscephus at Pearl Street Warehouse. Brother Joscephus plays a foot stomping gumbo of Roots rock, old school Soul, New Orleans rhythms, and feel-good “secular" Gospel. Doors open at 7, show is at 8. This show is free but is a 21+ show.

December 28 Saturday: Hackensaw Boys play Union Stage with Yarn. Hackensaw Boys play energetic bluegrass. Yarn plays Americana. Doors open at 7, show is at 8. Tickets are $20 for general admission, $40 for premier. This is an all ages show.

December 29 Sunday: Clutch plays the 9:30 Club with The Steel Woods and Damon Johnson. Clutch plays stoner rock. The Steel Woods play Southern rock. Damon Johnson is a singer/songwriter/guitarist. Doors open at 7. Tickets are $35.

December 29 Sunday: David Wax Museum plays Union Stage. David Wax Museum plays roots rock. I think this is a full band show.

December 30-31 Monday and Tuesday: Gogol Bordello plays the 9:30 Club. Doors open at 7 on the 30th and tickets are $35. Doors open at 9 on the 31st and tickets are $75, which comes with a complimentary champagne toast.

January 4 Saturday: Scythian plays Hamilton Live. Scythian plays Americana, bluegrass, country, folk, world music. Doors open at 6:30, show is at 8. Tickets are $25 for standing, $30 for seated. This is an all ages show.

January 10 Saturday: Cheikh Lo plays The Patterson. Cheikh Lo is one of the great mavericks of African music. His sound is based in Senegalese mbalax, the intricate dance music of Senegal but incorporates a variety of West African music. Show is at 8. Tickets are $25 in advance, $28 day of show.

January 11 Saturday: The Dead South play Fillmore. Dead South plays folk and bluegrass. Doors open at 7, show is at 8. Tickets are $25.

January 11 Saturday: Tab Benoit plays Hamilton Live. Tab Benoit plays and sings the blues, especially Delta blues. Doors open at 6:30, show is at 8. Tickets are $25 for standing, $35 for seated.

January 11 Saturday: Rock-A-Sonics play New Deal Cafe. The Rock-A-Sonics play rockabilly, vintage country, and atomic age rock 'n' roll in authentic style. Show is 8:30 to 11:30.

January 11 Saturday: King Soul plays The Soundry. King Soul plays old school Southern soul. Doors open at 6:30, show is at 8. Tickets are $10 for standing, $15 for seated. This is an 18+ show.

January 15 Friday: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy plays Rams Head On Stage. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is a swing revival band. Doors open at 7, show is at 8. Tickets are $59.50.

January 16 Saturday: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy plays the Birchmere. Show is at 7:30. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is a swing revival band. Tickets are $49.50.

January 19 Tuesday: Lez Zeppelin plays The Mansion on O Street. Lez Zeppelin plays the music of Led Zeppelin. In this case, acoustically. Show is at 4. Tickets are $50, and will sell out. If there is an option to go early, take it.

January 19 Tuesday: Rare Essence plays Hamilton Live with DuPont Brass. Rare Essence plays go-go. DuPont Brass is a unique, soulful, brass ensemble. Doors open at 7, show is at 8:30. Tickets are $25 for standing, $35 for seated. This is a 21+ show.

January 23 Thursday: Devil Makes Three plays Ramshead Live with Matt Heckler. Devil Makes Three plays folk, Delta blues, ragtime and rock. Matt Heckler plays folk punk with fiddle and banjo Doors open at 7:30, show is at 8:30 . Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 day of show.

January 23 Thursday: Too Many Zooz play Union Stage with Birocratic. Too Many Zooz is a brass house trio. Birocratic plays electronic music and hip-hop and rap. This is an all ages show.

January 24 Friday: World Inferno Friendship Society plays Ottobar. World Inferno Friendship Society merges punk, soul, klezmer and jazz, while its collective membership features horns, piano and guitar and has a membership of about 40 players, of whom only about seven to ten active members usually perform at a time. Doors open at 8, show is at 9. This is an all ages show.

January 25 Saturday: Twiddle plays the 9:30 Club. Twiddle is a jam band that incorporates influences from a variety of music genres, including rock, jazz, bluegrass, reggae, and funk. Doors open at 8. Tickets are $23.

January 31 Friday: Donna the Buffalo play Hamilton Live. Donna the Buffalo plays zydeco and folk. Tickets are $20 for standing, $25 for seated. This is an 18+ show.

January 31 and February 1 Friday and Saturday: Greensky Bluegrass plays Anthem. Ghost Light opens on Saturday. Greensky Bluegrass plays bluegrass and rock. Tickets are $42.50 for general admission, $65 for seats.

February 5 Wednesday: Spafford plays the 9:30 Club. Spafford is a jam band. Doors open at 7. Tickets are $22.

February 6 Thursday: Fruition plays Union Stage with Lindsay Lou. Fruition plays bluegrass and folk. Lindsay Lou play bluegrass. Show is at 8. Tickets are $17 for general admission, and $25 premier.

February 6 Thursday: California Guitar Trio plays The Barns at Wolf Trap with Montreal Guitar Trio. California Guitar Trio is an acoustic guitar trio with guitarists who met while studying with Robert Fripp. Montreal Guitar Trio is a guitar trio. Doors open at 6:30, show is at 8. Tickets are $32.

February 7 Friday: Dustbowl Revival plays the 9:30 Club. Dustbowl Revival play roots music. This is an early show, doors open at 6:30. Tickets are $20.

February 7 Friday: Calexico and Iron and Wine play Anthem. Calexico plays Americana, Tex Mex and indie rock. Iron and Wine plays folk. Calexico and Iron and Wine recently put out an album together. Doors open at 6:30. Tickets are $45.

February 7 Friday: ilyAIMY plays New Deal Cafe. ilyAIMY plays acoustic folk rock. Show is from 8:30 to 11:30.

February 8 Saturday: California Guitar Trio plays Rams Head On Stage with Montreal Guitar Trio. California Guitar Trio is an acoustic guitar trio with guitarists who met while studying with Robert Fripp. Montreal Guitar Trio is a guitar trio. Doors open at 6:30, show is at 7:30. Tickets are $39.50.

February 9 Sunday: Blue Oyster Cult plays the Birchmere. Blue Oyster Cult is a hard rock band formed in 1967. Doors open at 7:30. Tickets are $59.50.

February 12 Wednesday: Michael Kiwanuka plays Lincoln Theatre. Michael Kiwanuka is an indie folk singer/songwriter. Doors open at 6:30, show is at 8. Tickets are $35.

February 13 Thursday: Big Something plays the 9:30 Club with Andy Frasco & The U.N. and Kyle Ayers. Big Something is a jam band that mixes elements of rock, funk and jazz. Andy Frasco and the U.N. play blues rock. Doors at 8. Tickets are $20.

February 14-15 Friday and Saturday: Galactic featuring Anjelika Jelly Joseph plays the 9:30 Club. Southern Avenue opens on the 15th. Galactic is a funk and jazz based jam band. Southern Avenue is a Memphis soul, blues and jam band. Doors open at 8. Tickets are $30.

February 14 Friday: JJ Grey and Mofro play Weinberg Center of the Arts. JJ Grey and Mofro play Southern soul and rock. Show is at 8. Tickets are $30 to $40.

February 14-15 Friday and Saturday: Tedeschi Trucks Band plays Warner Theatre. Tedeschi Trucks Band plays blues rock. Doors open at 7, Show is at 8. Tickets are $69.50 to $129 and if you want them, you should get a move on.

February 15 Saturday: Wild Anacostias play New Deal Cafe. Wild Anacostias play cajun, zydeco and R&B. Show is 8:30 to 11:30.

February 16 Sunday: Kahil El'Zabar's Ethnic Heritage Ensemble plays Rhizome. Kahil El'Zabar's Ethnic Heritage plays jazz. Their latest album includes tributes to Roy Hargrove, Pharoah Sanders, the late poet and playwright Ntozake Shange, and Hamiet Bluiett, among others, as well as a deep-funk reworking of Eddie Harris' "Freedom Jazz Dance." Show is at 7.

February 20 Thursday: Black Lips play Union Stage. Black Lips play garage rock. Doors open at 6:30, show is at 7:30. Tickets are $20 for general admission, $35 for premier.

February 21-22 Friday and Saturday: Tedeschi Trucks Band plays Warner Theatre. Tedeschi Trucks Band plays blues rock. Doors open at 7, Show is at 8. Tickets are $69.50 to $129 and if you want them, you should get a move on.

February 22 Saturday: Trampled by Turtles plays Baltimore Soundstage with Upstate. Trampled by Turtles play bluegrass. Upstate plays a blend of folk, R&B, jazz, gospel, and rock and roll. Doors open at 7, show starts at 8. Tickets are $28.

February 23 Sunday: Opeth plays the Fillmore with Graveyard. Opeth is a Swedish progressive metal band. Graveyard is a Swedish hard rock band. Doors open at 7, show is at 8. Tickets are $39.50.

February 23 Sunday: Ana Popovic plays Rams Head On Stage. Doors open at 7, show is at 8. Tickets are $39.50.

February 29 Saturday: We Banjo 3 plays Weinberg Theatre. We Banjo 3 combines Irish music and bluegrass. Show is at 8. Tickets are $27 in advance, $35 day of show. Tickets downstairs are general admission, tickets upstairs are reserved seating.

February 29 Saturday: The Revivalists play Anthem. The Revivalists combine folk, rock and soul. Doors open at 6:30. Tickets are $51 for general admission, $76 for seated.

February 29 Saturday: Cult of Luna plays Baltimore Soundstage with Emma Ruth Rundle and Intronaut. Cult of Luna is a Swedish heavy metal band. Emma Ruth Rundle is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist and visual artist. Intronaut plays progressive metal. Doors open at 7, show is at 8. Tickets are $27.50.

February 29 Saturday: Marcia Ball plays Hamilton Live with Sonny Landreth. Marcia Ball plays sings the blues and plays piano. Sonny Landreth plays blues guitar, especially slide guitar. Doors open at 6, show is at 8. Tickets are $30 for standing, $45 for seated.

March 1 Sunday: Wye Oak play 2640 Space. Wye Oak is an indie folk duo. Show is at 7. Tickets are $20. 2640 Space is located at 2640 St. Paul Street in Baltimore.

March 5 Thursday: Squirrel Nut Zippers play the Birchmere. Squirrel Nut Zippers play a fusion of Delta blues, gypsy jazz, 1930s–era swing, klezmer, and other styles.

March 12 Thursday: Algiers plays the Black Cat. Algiers plays experimental post punk. Doors open at 7:30. Tickets are $15.

March 13 Friday: Dweezil Zappa plays Hamilton Live. Dweezil Zappa plays the music of Frank Zappa including, in this case, Hot Rats. Doors open at 6:30, show is at 8. Tickets are $29.50 for standing, $69.50 for seated, $89.50 for better seats. If you can't get down there early and don't want to spend $90 go for the standing, because the seats left for late people aren't very good.

March 13 Friday: Vaster than Empires plays the Red Room. Vaster than Empires is experimental music played by Erica Dicker on violin, baritone violin and various percussive materials, Allen Otte on prepared yang-chin, amplified bicycle wheel, rocks, beer can and so on, and Paul Schuette on laptop and synthesizer. Show is at 9. Admission is $5 to $10.

March 13-14 Friday and Saturday: The High Kings play the Birchmere. The High Kings are an Irish folk group. Show is at 7:30. Tickets are $55.

March 15 Sunday: The High Kings play Rams Head On Stage. The High Kings are an Irish folk group. Doors open at 7, show is at 8. Tickets are $45.

March 16 Monday: Devin Townsend plays Rams Head Live with The Contortionist and Haken. Devin Townsend plays heavy metal and progressive rock along with anything else that occurs to him. The Contortionist plays progressive metal. Haken plays progressive metal. Doors open at 6, show is at 7. Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 day of show. This is an all ages show.

March 22 Sunday: Pierre Bensusan plays Jammin' Java. Pierre Bensusan plays acoustic guitar with elements of folk, world and jazz music. Doors open at 5:30, show is at 7. Tickets are $15 for general admission and $20 or $25 for various levels of seating.

April 2 Thursday: Donna the Buffalo plays Rams Head On Stage. Donna the Buffalo plays zydeco and folk. Doors open at 7, show is at 8. Tickets are $22.50.

April 3 Friday: Phil Wiggins plays Montpelier. Phil Wiggins plays traditional blues harmonica. show is 8 to 10. Tickets are $25.

April 4 Saturday: Shovels and Rope play Rams Head Live with Indianola. Shovels and Rope are a folk duo. Doors open at 7, show is at 8. Tickets are $22 in advance, $25 day of show. This is an all ages show.

April 9 Thursday: Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini play the Mansion at Strathmore. Cressman is established as a phenomenal trombonist, jazz vocalist and songwriter. Faquini "writes astonishingly sophisticated Brazilian pop music" and is known for his unique compositional style on the guitar. Show is at 7:30. Tickets are $30.

April 19 Sunday: Dead Can Dance plays Anthem with Agnes Obel. Dead Can Dance plays art rock. Agnes Obel plays folk and soul. Doors open at 6:30. Tickets are $55 to $125. This is an all seated show.

April 22 Wednesday: Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn play Gordon Center. Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn play banjo. Show is at 7:30. Tickets are $40 to $60 in advance and $10 more day of show. Gordon Center is located at 506 Gwynnbrook Avenue in Owings Mills, Maryland.

May 8 Friday: Mary Halvorson plays two shows at MilkBoy ArtHouse. Mary Halvorson is an avant-garde jazz guitarist. Shows are at 7 and 9. Tickets are $25.

May 8 Friday: IONA Music plays Carroll Cafe. Iona plays Celtic music Doors open at 7, show is at 7:30. Suggested donation $18 on line, $20 at the door. Carroll Cafe is located at 276 Carroll Street in Northwest DC on the edge of Takoma Park.

AMP by Strathmore (pronounced "amp") is a new venue in North Bethesda (pronounced "Rockville"). Seating depends on the show, and it can seat up to 240 guests seated at tables, or up to 350 standing. There is also an attached lounge area with bar. It has a fair sized stage. The ticket office opens 120 minutes before a concert for in person purchases, and remains open until 30 minutes after the start of the show. Food a bit on the fancy end and not cheap. Amp is located at 11810 Grand Park Avenue, Suite 400, North Bethesda, MD 20852. (On the 4th floor, above iPic). Parking is available, but the immediately available parking is tight. It is also close to Metro?s red line at the White Flint stop. And there is valet service at the Pike & Rose.

An Die Musik is a classical, jazz and world music venue. Located on the second floor of a classical music record store, it seats 100 or so in comfy chairs that would appear to have been obtained from the remodeling of a nice, but rather stodgy hotel. A small bar serves beer, wine, juice and water at reasonable prices. An Die Musikis located at 409 North Charles Street, Second Floor, in Baltimore, Maryland 410-385-2638.

The Anthem is a gigantic new venue on the Wharf in Southwest DC. It is a short persons dream as there are tons of places where you can see everything on stage. Plenty of bars. And water is available at the bars or from water fountains/refill stations around the venue. They also have a Vigilante coffee stand on the second floor. Food, on the other hand, was more trouble than it was worth, at least when I tried it. The process of getting people into the venue also needs to be ironed out, but they are new. The Anthem is a cash free venue - you need some form of plastic for everything but merch. Finally, parking is there, but most of it is rather expensive.

Atlas Brewing is a brewery. As such it is a big cavernous building with a bar some tables, some more tables outside, and a brewing area. The beer is great. As for food, sometimes there are tacos, and you can bring your own or order food delivered. Shows are in the brewing area, which means even less temperature control than in the rest of the building. Atlas Brewing is located at 2052 West Virginia Avenue in Northeast DC.

Atlas Performing Arts Center is an arts center located in the Atlas District in Northeast DC. It has multiple theaters - The Lang Theater, which holds 262 people, the Sprenger Theater, which holds between 100 and 280 people, depending on how it is set up, Lab Theater I which holds 40 to 80 people, and Lab Theater II, which holds 60 to 90 people. Atlas Performing Arts Center is located at 1333 H Street in Northeast DC.

The Baltimore Soundstage is a fair size venue near Power Plant Live. Actual amount of the space used varies per show, but it can apparently hold up to 1,000 for an all standing show. Seating also varies, with most shows having some seating available on a first come, first service basis. Other shows are seated only, limiting capacity to 500. Some are standing only. They have a decent beer selection, and food in baskets. The box office is open 1 hour before doors for any show and has normal box office hours. Sunday and Monday closed unless there is a show or event Wednesdays 9am to 5 pm Thursday-Saturday noon-5pm Phone Orders 410-244-0057 same as box office hours. Garage over top of the venue (get ticket validated for rebate). Can also use Pier V, which is usually cheaper. (Need validation for that one also). Baltimore Sound Stage is located at 124 Market Place in Baltimore.

Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club used to be Bethesda Cinema and Drafthouse. There is seating for 300 in the two level dining area and for 200 more in the theatre seats in back. There is a also a bar in lobby but it has no view of the stage. For dance shows they take out the lower half the dining space and make it a dance floor. Sometimes tickets are for reserved seats and sometimes not. The theater seats are always preassigned. There is a $10 minimum in the dining area. They "suggest business casual." There is a 340-car public parking garage right around the corner on Cheltenham Drive. Parking is $0.80/hr. Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club is located at 7719 Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda, Maryland. 240-330-4500.

The Birchmere is the latest and largest incarnation of the same club that has been with us for years. Most shows are in the concert hall, but some are in the bandstand, which has a dance floor, but less seating. Most recently, they have started using the "Flex Stage" in the bandstand. It is at the far end of the hall and there is no seating at all. Food is served in the Music Hall, or was the night I was there. The Club has strict rules about being seated and quiet during concert hall shows and enforces them. The rules are slacker in the bandstand, which is also available if you need to talk or smoke during a show in the concert hall. If you arrive before the concert hall doors open they hand out numbers for a place in line if they like you or ignore you if they don't, but I assume they'll give you one if you demand it. It is adviseable to get there before the concert hall doors open in order to get the best seats, especially if you have a group that wants to sit together. The Birchmere opens at 5, the doors to the concert hall open at 6 and most shows start at 7:30. Food is passable bar food, but steep, and the beer selection is good. Tickets are available through Ticket Master, or with a $3 service charge from the box office, which is open from 5 to 9 on show nights. The Birchmere is located at 3701 Mt. Vernon Avenue in Alexandria. 703-549-7500.

The Black Cat gets rated the place in DC that the bands most like to play and the good vibes hang over for the audience. A very easy venue to get along with. Historically shows have started late, but they have recently announced that they will be scheduling shows earlier during the week, so people can make it to the subway before it closes. On Fridays and Saturdays, however, they do not close until 3. The new location has a concert hall upstairs, and a smaller performance space and a cafe with decent food downstairs. The smaller performance space, the Backstage, has woefully inadequate air conditioning. The Black Cat is located at 1811 14th Street NW. 202-667-7960. Tickets available from Ticket Alternative through the Black Cat web site, or without service charge from the box office, which is open from 8 to midnight. The Black Cat says that it is an all ages venue, but it actually requires parental permission for anyone under 18.

Black Rock Center for the Arts is an arts center with a nice little theatre in which they have music and other performances. I would say it holds about 220 people. They sell beer and wine. Black Rock Arts Center is located at 12901 Town Commons Drive in Germantown, Maryland. 301-528-2260.

Blues Alley is a small jazz club in Georgetown. Capacity is about 125. Georgetown rent is covered with two to three shows a night (8 and 10, or 8, 10 and 12), a random $2.50 per person surcharge, and a requirement that each person spend at least $10 on their overpriced food and drinks. On the other hand, the view of the stage is great. Hours are daily, 6 to 12:30. Full dinner menu available at the 8 pm show, light fare for the later shows. Buying a ticket for the early show sometimes gets you the late show as well. Food really has not impressed me. Blues Alley is located behind 1073 Wisconsin Avenue in Northwest DC. 202-337-4141.

Bossa Brazilian Bistro a small restaurant and bar in Adams Morgan that bills itself as a Caipirinha and mojito bar and art gallery. They have live music in the front window most days and salsa on Friday and Saturday. They open at 5:30 every day but Monday and are open to 2 during the week and to 3 on Fridays and Saturdays. They are located at 2463 18th Street in Northwest DC. 202-667-0088.

Carter Barron Amphitheater is a U.S. Park Service facility in Rock Creek Park. It is an outdoor facility that has seating for about 4,200 and some picnic areas inside. Despite the picnic areas they do not allow cans, bottles, hard coolers or picnic baskets. They also do not allow photography, recording devices or pets. The box office is open from noon to 9pm on event days only. The address is 4850 Colorado Avenue (near 16th). The concert line is 202-426-0486. For park information call 202-895-6000.

City Winery is exactly what it sounds like. There is a restaurant and tasting area on the first floor, a large venue on the second floor, and a less formal smaller venue on the third floor. The food and alcohol menu is the same on all three floors. Obviously they have a lot of wine, but they also have a few well-chosen beers. Neither food nor wine and beer are inexpensive. The second floor has a stage midway down the side, tables the length of the room and stools at the bar along the other side. All seats are reserved. The upstairs bar is very long and has a low stage at one end. There are high tables at the bar area on one side and long tables going the length of the room with a dance area between them and the stage. There is valet parking at the venue, $8 parking in a garage a block or so away and street parking. City Winery is located at 1350 Okie Street in Northeast DC. (202) 250-2531.

Club 603 is a private home that hosts house shows. It is very nice, holds up to about 50, and many shows sell out. Many people bring beer, wine and food to share. Information about the location will be provided to you if and when you buy a ticket.

Comet Ping Pong is a pizza and ping pong place run by the same folks who run Buck's Fishing and Camping two doors down. For shows they clear the ping pong tables out of the back room, which is about the right size for three ping pong tables (i.e., not very large) and rather spare. The stage, which otherwise holds the third ping pong table, is about 6 inches high. Kitchen is open until 9 Sunday through Wednesday, 9:30 on Thursday, and until 10:30 on Friday and Saturday. Shows start late, usually around 10. They have a great beer selection and pretty good pizza. Comet Ping Pong is located at 5037 Connecticut Avenue in Northwest DC. 202-364-0404.

DAR Constitution Hall is a concert hall owned by the Daughters of the American Revolution. It is a rather large hall and the sound quality at some of the seats up on the sides is really bad. There are usually bars in the lobby, but you cannot take a drink to your seat, with the result that the lobby is incredibly crowded before the show and during intermission. The web site claims that light fare is served at all events, but they must have hidden it well. Tickets are available only through Ticketmaster unless the promoter has made other arrangements. There is no box office. Constitution Hall is located at 1776 D Street in Northwest DC.

Dew Drop Inn is a classic dive, at least downstairs. I haven't been upstairs, but it apparently has food. Downstairs stage is on the floor opposite the bar. It doesn't have a wide beer selection, but there is good beer to be had. The building looks like a closed up warehouse and it is right next to a busy railroad track (which you cannot hear while the music is playing). There is tons of street parking. Dewdrop Inn is located at 2801 8th Street in Northeast DC. 202-791-0909

DC Nine is where Asylum used to be. Music is upstairs, which has been rearranged to fit it better than it used to although the stage is still tiny, and about six inches high. There is a bar, with a passable beer selection and a few places to sit. DC Nine opens at 7 Thursday though Saturday and at 8 the rest of the week. They post times for venue doors and shows. The doors simply do not open at that time. Show times are generally within 30 minutes of what is posted. Tickets are available through their web site or Ticket Alternative at 1-877-725-8849. Some shows are 18+, the rest 21+. DC Nine is located at 1940 9th Street in Northwest DC. 202.483.5000.

Echostage is enormous. (30,000 square feet. I have seen capacity numbers from 2000 to 6000). It is a huge room with a floor leading up to the stage and balconies across the back and partly up both sides. The back balcony is really too far from the stage to be useful, though I suppose it is better than being on the floor that far back. The crowd dynamics are about what you would expect for a space that large full of people who are all trying to see the same stage, and the fact that the stage is too low for a room that size does not help. At least parts of the balcony are blocked off for VIP. The beer selection is terrible (and apparently expensive). There is no food at least not down with the hoi polloi. Located at 2135 Queens Chapel Road in Northeast DC. There is pay parking nearby of varying prices, but nonpay parking is sketchy.

The 8X10 has resumed its former name and apparently has new ownership and booking staff. The renovation from the original Eight by Ten eliminated the middle wall, moved the stage to the middle and made it larger, added a balcony that goes down both sides and across the back and added new, vastly better, bathrooms. They have a good beer selection, but no food on site. The dance floor is spring-loaded: serious structral paranoids will stand directly in the center. All shows are 18+. Those under 21 pay $3 extra at the door. Tickets available from the box office for very reasonable fees from 11 am to 11 pm, and for unreasonable fees from Ticketmaster. The address is 8 and 10 East Cross Street in Federal Hill across from the Cross Street Market. 410-625-2000.

Fillmore Silver Spring is one of a chain of Live Nation Fillmore's across the country. You would think a chain would have some institutional knowledge about how to run a venue, but I am afraid you would be wrong. It is generally an all standing venue and theoretically holds 2000 people on the floor and in a balcony with multiple risers. But while they claim standing only, they have installed two rows of seats in the side balcony, reducing their capacity and overcrowding the floor for sold out shows. I have seen them charge extra on the spot for those seats, but the other night any that they weren't using for promotions were available on a first come first serve basis. Risers above the first provide no view at all for many people. Also they tend to keep the lights low before the show and during breaks - so low that it is difficult to see to meet up with your friends. For reasons that aren't clear announced times are often wrong. In fact, they have to be wrong, as they often do not match between their web site, facebook, and their recorded phone message. Box office hours are Monday through Friday noon to 6, Saturday 11 to 4. Box office tickets carry a $1 service charge. Tickets also available through live nation. The Fillmore is located at 8656 Colesville Road in Silver Spring, Maryland. 301-960-9999.

Fort Reno Park is, for all intents and purposes, a big field on Chesapeake Street between Nebraska and Wisconsin Avenues near the Tenleytown Metro. Shows are from 7 to 9:30 and are free though donations are always welcome. No glass, alcohol, or drugs are allowed.

49 West Coffeehouse and Gallery is a restaurant located at 49 West Street in Annapolis. They have music in their back room and also serve food and beverages back there. The food is good, and not unreasonably priced for Annapolis. An extremely civilized place to see a show. 410-626-9796.

Galaxy Hut is an incredibly tiny place (the capacity sign says 48) located at 2711 Wilson Blvd. in Arlington near the Clarendon Metro. They generally have shows only on Sunday and Monday. They have a good beer selection. Most shows are $5. They also serve food, mostly off the grill and all of it available in vegan form. 202-333-3114.

Golden West is a restaurant on The Avenue is Hampden. Being a restaurant is an advantage in that one can show up early and get real food, and a disadvantage in that moving out the tables and setting up the bands after the kitchen closes means that they will not often make their announced starting time of 10 pm. The night I was there it was almost 11, and ended at 1:30 am, making a bit tough for those of us with day jobs. Stage is low and in front in the dining room, while there is a bar, from which one can hear, but probably not see, in back. Sound is not bad. Golden West Cafe is located at 1105 West 36th Street in Baltimore, Maryland.

Gypsy Sally's is an upstairs bar with a standing area before the stage and seating in a raised area behind that. There are two bars in the venue, though only one was working when I was there. There is also a lounge area outside the music area. Menu is somewhat limited but changes regularly. Gypsy Sally's is located at 3401 K Street in Northwest DC. It is far enough down K that parking was plentiful, at least on the night I was there. Pretty much all shows are 21+. 202-333-7700.

Half Street Fairgrounds is a paved city block at 1299 Half Street in Southeast DC. The block is set off from the rest of the world by stacks of shipping containers, fences, and stalls for the sale of food and drink. It mostly serves as a bull pen for people on their way to Nationals' games to drink on the way to the game, but it is rented for other events. Sanitary facilities are mostly (if not totally) in the form of sani johns. In general, food, furniture and other amenities depend on the person putting on the event. If you are left to rely on the Fairgrounds for nourishment, you are pretty much left with tubular food. Drinks are always Fairgrounds and selection is broad, but not exciting.

Hamilton Live is a venue in the basement of the Hamilton located at 600 14th Street in Northwest DC. It has a seating capacity of 300 and room for another 150 to stand. Some shows are sold by the seat while others are open seating. The stage is roomy, and the sound is good. Food and alcohol are downtown prices, but not outrageously so. The menu is somewhat limited - with lots of pizza and appetizers, and some sliders and sushi. On the other hand, the restaurant upstairs has a full menu and is open late. Hamilton Live favors credit cards, and is frightened and confused by the use of cash. Shows during the week usually start at 7:30, on the weekend at 8:30. Tickets are available online, from the ticket counter, or from waitstaff in the venue. Parking is available for $10 at 1325 G Street if you get the ticket validated. 202-787-1000.

Hell's Bottom is a VFW Post, with a bar, cheap beer (with some for the beer snobs), and a stage area that is only slightly higher than the rest of the room. It is fairly laid back. Hell's Bottom is located at 6420 Orchard Avenue in Takoma Park, Maryland.

Hill Country Barbecue is a large barbecue place. Shows are either in the downstairs "Boot Bar," which has a long bar across the back, a roomful of long tables and a small low stage opposite the bar, or outside, which I have not yet seen. No dance floor downstairs but there is some space. Lots of the shows are free, including some you would not expect. They appear to have the full menu downstairs, Shiner on tap, and some decent beers in bottles. They are going cashless, if they are not already. Parking not too bad when there is nothing at Verizon, but prepare to pay, or subway, when there is. When I was there the show started two minutes early and there were two long sets. Located at 410 7th Street in Northwest DC. 202-556-2050.

The Howard Theatre is a recently renovated historic theater. It holds 600 people for seated shows, 1,000 for standing shows. Whatever it says on the ticket, there is always some seating, and sometimes significantly more than "standing room only" would indicate. They have a full menu for some shows, snacks for others, and a full bar. Seats come with a $10 minimum. Balcony seating is now all tables. Tickets are available from the box office (noon to 5 or later Tuesday to Sunday) or through TicketMaster. The Howard Theatre is located at 620 T. Street in Northwest DC. Parking is available on the street, in a lot on the corner of 7th and T, and there is valet parking as well. Some or all of the parking can be purchased in advance. And parking on the street is possible. Box office is 202-803-2899.

Jammin' Java is a coffeehouse and bar located in Vienna, Virginia. It seats maybe 100 for seated shows, and holds up to 200 for shows with less seating. You can now pick some seating in advance when purchasing tickets. But if you buy general admission for a show with less seating, you might want to arrive early. They have a fair and reasonably priced selection of beer, and serve food in baskets. They are all ages all the time. Jammin' Java closes at midnight during the week, and at 2 am on Friday and Saturday. The address is 227 Maple Ave East, in Vienna, Virginia. 703-255-1566.

The Lincoln Theatre is a remodeled old theater with seating left in place. Mostly floor, slanted as it should be, but also side boxes and a shallow balcony. The venue is generally all ages. Pretty Limited beer and wine selection in the lobby, don't know about the upstairs bar. It is located at 1215 U Street in Northwest DC. 202-888-0500. Tickets available through TicketFly, the box office (open noon to start of headliner on show days), and the 9:30 and Merriweather Post box offices.

Lisner Auditorium is a concert hall on the campus of George Washington University. It is theater seating, and it is small enough that none of the seats are really bad. There is usually a small bar, and they sell very limited snacks, candy bars mostly. Tickets are available from the box office and from Ticketmaster. The box office is open Tuesday through Friday 11 through 5. It does not accept credit cards. It is also open starting approximately 60 to 90 minutes before each performance. There is a $1 per ticket service charge at the box office. Lisner Auditorium is located at 730 21st Street in Northwest DC. 202-994-6800.

Madam's Organ is a small venue located at 2461 18th Street NW, in Adam's Morgan. Had always thought of it as kind of cozy, but went recently and I had to stand in line for about 20 minutes to get in, and there was a DJ upstairs and the foot traffic for that made the experience like trying to dance in a crowded hall way. Go see the mural that has the neighborhood up in arms. She doesn't look topless to me, but what do I know? 202-667-5370.

Merriweather Post Pavilion is a classic pavilion-- 5,200 reserved seats in front, lawn for 10,000 in back, that is definitely showing its age. The lawn is so steep that at times it is dangerous, and yet so badly designed that when everyone on the lawn stands up none of the short people can see. They sell lousy beer and worse wine inside, but occasionally have one stand with Starr Hill. No outside food or drink other than sealed bottles of water is allowed. After years of being run by Clear Channel, the Pavilion is now run by IMP, which appears to be an improvement. Doors open 1 and 1/2 hours before show time. In Columbia, just drive up 95 or over on 175 and get in the traffic jam. The parking lots open at 5 for most shows. The price of parking is included in the ticket. However, it is now necessary to reserve your parking when you buy your ticket. (Not sure what you do if you don't buy a ticket in advance. Parking is by zones, and available parking varies by show. I predict a mess. Tickets are available through Ticket Master and from the box office on show days. 410-715-5550.

Metro Gallery is a classic Baltimore venue that used to be two places and has the support posts down the middle to prove it. Stage is in the front to the left, and bar is in the back on the left, with the right devoted to art and plumbing. The stage is about 2 and a half feet high, 15 feet long and about 12 feet deep. Bar has an excellent selection of beer and wine and is open from 6 pm to 2 am. Shows are 21+ unless they are not. Tickets available online, or at Metro Gallery on Thursdays from 10 am to 3 pm every week with no serrvice charges.

Metro Gallery is located at 1700 North Charles Street in Baltimore.

Metropolitan Kitchen and Lounge has a restaurant and bar on the ground floor, a venue with bar on the second floor, and a lounge and dining area on the roof. The venue itself is on the small side, and about a third of it is a slightly raised stage. Other than a bench or so there is no seating/ The bar is outside the venue proper. Metropolitan is located at 169 West Street in Annapolis. 410-280-5160.

MilkBoy ArtHouse is a restaurant, bar and performance venue located in College Park. There is a large venue upstairs that is accessible by stairs and elevator and smaller one downstairs. Food and alcohol is available and you can substitute deep fried brussels sprouts for your French fries. Most shows are general admission with a mixture of standing room and seating. Age limits vary by show. Upstairs the stage is at the far end of a long narrow room and is about a foot high. The downstairs venue is not as long as the upstairs and the stage is smaller and about 8 inches high, but the room is just as wide. MilkBoy ArtHouse is located at 7416 Baltimore Avenue in College Park, Maryland. There is plenty of cheap parking in the area.

Millennium Stage is the venue for the daily free show at the Kennedy center. The shows are held at one of two stages at either end of the Grand Foyer every single day of the year at 6 pm and are free. There is a happy hour from 5 to 6 at the Grand Foyer bars near the performance, and, unlike anywhere else in the Kennedy Center, you can take your drink and food (such as it is) to your seat. It is worth showing up a bit early if you would like an actual seat. The Kennedy Center is located at 2700 F Street in Northwest DC.

Montpelier Arts Center has numerous music series each year, including jazz and classical. The shows are held in the main gallery, which holds a few hundred people. No alcohol is served, but they have punch and cookies at intermission. Tickets are sold by season or by ticket. Montpelier Arts Center is located at 9652 Muirkirk Road off Route 197 in Laurel, Maryland. Their phone number is 301-377-7800.

New Deal Cafe is a cafe located in Old Greenbelt at 113 Centerway. It has a comfortable coffee room in front, and a larger, but still relatively small, concert space in back. Food is Lebanese, the beer and wine selection is good. The Atmosphere is excellent. There is almost never a charge to get in, but bring some $$ for the band. 301-474-5642.

The 9:30 used to be a too cool for its own good club over on F Street with the singular claim to having a stage located in a place where almost no-one in the club could see it. The move to the old WUST hall at 815 V Street NW is an improvement both in livability and in attitude, but don't expect down home friendliness. All shows are all ages. An IMP venue. Doors open at 7:30 during the week, 9 on Fridays and 7 on Saturdays. Show times vary depending on the number of bands and can be found on their web site. The food is actually quite edible. Capacity is about 1,200. Tickets are available from, or from the box office, which is open from noon to 7 on week nights, but until 11 if there is a show, and 6-11 on saturday and sunday. The 9:30 number is 202-393-0930

Jiffy Lube Pavilion is a large outdoor pavilion out near Manassas run by Live Nation. Pavilion seating is plentiful and the lawn seating is pleasant and actually allows you to see and hear the show. They serve outrageously expensive beer and equally expensive food, and limit carry ins to one sealed water bottle. Remember to bring that bottle, because their water is literally not potable. They allow you to bring in a blanket, and will rent you an "appropriate" chair. Shows start at 8 unless otherwise specified. The box office is open from noon to intermission on show days. Tickets are also available from Live Nation. Parking is included in the price of the ticket, and there are not really any other options. Traffic and parking management are so bad that there have been shows where some people never made it in. They don't particularly seem to care, and they certainly don't refund your money if it happens to you. Be warned that it can also sometimes take hours to get out of the lot. Take I-66 to exit 43B or 44 and follow the signs from there. 703-754-6400.

Old Bowie Town Grille is a full service restaurant that has shows in its upstairs seating area. There is seating at tables and the bar, some dance room in front of the stage and some standing room in back. Many shows are free (though you should tip the band) and none are expensive. Reservations are necessary for some shows. Parking is available in lots and on the street. Old Bowie Town Grille is located at 8604 Chestnut Avenue in Bowie, Maryland. 301-464-8800.

Oregon Ridge is a State Park located north of Baltimore off of I-83 at 13401 Beaver Dam Road. Is basically a stage at the bottom of a long hill with woods on each side of the slope. Food and beer depend on who is producing. The park does not allow you to bring in either bottles or cans, but does allow coolers. The box office is open only on the day of events. To get there take I-695 to I-83 North and take exit 20B to the Park, or take exit 20A to free parking and a shuttle at Hunt Valley Mall. Their web site says that you need to pay for parking in advance in order to park at the Park but this depends on the promoter, as does the availability of the shuttle. For information call 410-539-5474.

Orion Sound has a small studio where they host music occasionally. As you would imagine, the sound is excellent. Lately they have been supplying chairs, and sometimes people bring food. It is pretty much BYOB. All shows are all ages.

Ottobar is now in the old Club Midnite at 2549 North Howard Street in Baltimore. It is much roomier than the old one, has a real stage, and it is easy to get to the bathrooms. Other than that, the same spirit is in effect, and there is still no food. Most shows are 18 and over. The doors open at 9 and the show starts at 10 unless other times apply. There are also shows upstairs on occasion, but it is a much smaller, much lower stage. Tickets are often available through Mission Tix and also from the upstairs bar. 410-662-0069.

The Patterson is a venue operated by the Creative Alliance. It has all sorts of exhibits and activities in addition to shows. The performance space is set up according to the needs of each performance and may have more or less seating, standing or dancing space. Capacity for performances ranges from 210 to 250. Beverages are available. Tickets can be bought at the box office, which is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 to 7 or online. The galleries are free so take a look while you are there. The Patterson is located at 3134 Eastern Avenue in Baltimore. Street parking is relatively easy to find.

Pearl Street Warehouse is located on the Wharf at 33 Pearl Street in Southwest DC. It has a capacity of between 150 and 300 people depending on whether it is seated, standing, or some combination of the two. They serve food and alcohol. Shows are 21+ unless otherwise specified. Tickets are available online through TicketFly, by phone at 1877.4fly.tix, and at the box office. The box office has a flat $1 service charge. Unlike other Wharf venues, it accepts cash. Parking is generally available, but often expensive. It offers classic diner food, opening for breakfast at 8:30 am and staying open until close. It is closed on Monday.

MECU Pavilion is a small concert pavilion located on the Inner Harbor off of President Street, which is on the right after you pass Harborplace and the National Aquarium. While pavilion is relatively small, the lawn is even smaller. (If you think of your own lawn you may not be far off). They really don't seem to fuss much about the difference between the pavilion and the lawn - or at least they did not the night that I was there. They do not allow glass containers or alcohol. Gates open one hour before the shows. Tickets are available from the box office, which is open from noon until 9 on concert nights and from ticketmaster. Having gotten myself into their parking once, my advice is don't. It is outrageously expensive, and despite the fact that the lots are tiny, it takes forever to get out. 410-659-7100.

The Ramshead On Stage is a small concert hall. All seating is at tables, and there is no standing (or dancing) for most shows. Tickets are sold by seat, so have your group organized when you go to buy the tickets. Also, a lot of Ramshead shows sell out, so it is worth buying early. Food in the concert hall is bar food and the prices are not low but not outrageous. A more varied menu is available in the restaurant, but they do a heavy business, so there is no guarantee that you can get seated and eat before the show. Most shows are 21+, the exception being occasional weekend matinees. Tickets are available from the Ramshead, in person, by phone, or from their website. They are also available from Ticket Fly. You should be aware that the Ramshead's posted prices do not include an additional 10% tax that they say is imposed by the State and the City of Annapolis. Have never run into that elsewhere. The box office number is 410-268-5111. The Ramshead is located at 33 West Street in Annapolis. 301-261-1118/410-268-4545

The Ramshead Live was an offshoot of Rams Head Tavern has changed ownership and management. It holds about 1500 people in three levels and has screens thoughout the venue for areas without a full view of the stage. There is some seating. Since the restaurant closed, food is of the stadium variety. Rams Head Live is the world of hidden costs - Tickets listed as $18 at the door cost me $21.40, the coat check was $3, and beer, while not outrageous, was a bit high for Baltimore. Also, the new management charges for water. Rams Head Live is located at 20 Market Place in Baltimore. 410-244-1131.

Rhizome DC is a nonprofit community arts space located at 6950 Maple St NW, in the Takoma neighborhood of Washington DC. Among the arts, of course, is music. Shows are usually held on the main floor of the house, and there is usually seating. There is generally a $10 suggested donation. Parking is available on site and nearby.

Rock and Roll Hotel is a new venue in the Atlas district with a capacity of about 400 downstairs with the music and a bar upstairs. They now serve food. Apparently it used to be a funeral home, which may explain all the black paint. Rock and Roll Hotel is located at 1353 H Street NE, between 12th and 13th streets. Union Station is the closest Metro and about 15 blocks from the venue. They suggest that you do not walk that, but take a cab. In general, walking around the area is best done with friends. 202-388-7625.

The Sidebar is a tiny little bar with a capacity of maybe 110 right near the old Ottobar at the corner of Lexington and Guilford. The Sidebar is all ages all the time. If there are three or four bands, doors will generally open at 9, and the show will start at 9:30, except when they don't. Drink prices are extremely reasonable but the beer selection is not great. I wouldn't expect to find any food there. 410-659-4130.

6th & I is an historic synagogue at the intersection of 6th and I streets in Northwest. It is fairly large and has pew seating on the main floor and the balconies. There are concessions at some shows, but no food is allowed in the area where the shows are. Gallery Place Metro is nearby. Availability and cost of parking varies depending on what is happening at Verizon Center.

Slash Run is classic burger joint with vegan options and a good beer selection. It has booths in front and a raised area with a bar in back. Bands play on the floor in the front window. The only bathroom I found was a one - holer, but there may be more. Parking in the neighborhood is residential parking until 8:30 and is rather scarce. Slash Run is located at 201 Upshur Street in Northwest DC. (202) 838-9929.

Songbyrd Music House & Record Cafe has a cafe and bistro upstairs and a music hall downstairs. Most of the music is in the basement, which is a fair size room (standing room capacity 200) with a somewhat raised stage and its own bar. It might have chairs and tables depending on the event and expected attendance. The record store cafe and the bistro are upstairs and have permanent seating. Food is available upstairs and if you order it upstairs they will bring it downstairs for you, at least at shows that have tables. Advance tickets are available though their website and There is also a ticket booth where tickets are available 30 minutes before the show. The ticket booth takes only cash. Songbyrd is located at 2475 18th Street in Northwest DC. 202-450-2917.

The Soundry is a new Clyde's venue in Columbia. It has counter seating, regular height tables, and elevated tables as well as standing room in front of the stage. The distribution of these may vary by show. Age limit varies by event. The stage is about 2 and half feet high, 20 feet wide and about 12 deep. The Soundry can hold up to 250 people. The Soundry is located at 10221 Wincopin Circle in Columbia, Maryland.

The Spanish Ballroom is architecturally not unlike a high school cafeteria, but with more interesting trim and a much better floor. It is all about dance floor and music there is virtually always for a dance. It is alcohol and smoke free, and any food and drink that are available are not permitted on the dance floor - which is most of the venue (7,500 square feet). For information on what is happening at the ballroom, see Dancing in the Park. The Spanish Ballroom is located at 7300 MacArthur Blvd. in Glen Echo. 301-492-6282.

The State Theatre is a venue in an old movie theater in Falls Church. The downstairs goes up in four levels with seating on the back three (though that may vary) and the balcony retains the theater seating in back, and wings have been added on the side. Total capacity is 800 for shows with some seating, 900 when all standing, but that may not include the added balcony space. The stage is actually visible from almost anywhere, even if you are as short as I am. And the sound is excellent. They have a somewhat limited menu, but serve real food, not just snacks. Most, if not all shows are 18+ and there is a $3 tax if you are under 21. Tickets are available from the box office and online from the State Theatre's web site. Box office hours are 12 to 5 Monday through Friday and 6:30 to 11:30 on show nights. The State Theatre is located at 220 N. Washington Street in Falls Church. 703-237-0300.

Strathmore is an historic mansion on an 11 acre lot belonging to Montgomery County. Music and arts presentations take place in the mansion, on the grounds, and in the 1976 seat Music Center at Strathmore, a state of the are concert hall. The Mansion is about you would expect a mansion to be, and has a bar across the hall from the the music area. They might sell some chips, but that is about it. It seats up to 110 people for concerts. The Music Center has actual food prior to the show, and beer and wine before the show and during intermission, but it is obscenely expensive. The Music Center at Strathmore is located at 5301 Tuckerman Lane in North Bethesda, Maryland. Parking is available in the Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro garage off of Tuckerman Lane, and is free for ticketed events. The Mansion is located at 10701 Rockville Pike in Rockville, and has its own parking. Not sure how the lawn works. 301-581-5200.

Union Stage is locate on the Wharf at 740 Water Street in Southwest DC. There is a tap room on the ground level that opens at 5. The venue is downstairs and holds 450 standing or 225 for seated shows. There is an elevator as well as stairs to get to the venue. Beer and pizza are sold on both floors. "Premium" seating is available at some shows, but in some cases it is further away than any of the standing. Union Stage is an all ages venue. Parking is available, but not inexpensive.

U Street Music Hall is a basic basement venue, in fact it is pretty much a cave. There are things to like about it - it is simple, the sound is good, in fact, it has been ranked one of the best sound systems in the country, the dance floor is cork cushioned, and the atmosphere is fairly mellow. It has classic black walls, two bars, and is fairly deep and wide enough. The beer selection is passable, and they have a large selection of liquor. Wine is limited to champagne in a can and there is no food. My major complaint is that the stage is less than three feet off the ground, so if you are very far back at all (and as short as I am), you are not going to see much. Others might complain about the lack of chairs. There are stools at the bar in the stage area, and a couple of booths in the entryway with no view of the band, but that is it. U Street Music Hall is located at 1115 U Street in Northwest DC. The entrance is the only thing at street level, so it is easy to miss. Also, I have only been there for live music, so have no idea what it is like at other times.

The Velvet Lounge is a tiny club one block from the 9:30 Club at 915 U Street. Music is upstairs, and the cover is not usually more than $10. The lounge opens at 8pm or so and closes at 2am during the week, 3am on Fridays and Saturdays. Music starts when it starts, which will probably not be before 9, but is usually by 10, at least during the week. Shows are 21+ unless they are not. 202-462-3213.

The Warner Theatre is a grand old theatre located at 513 13th Street in Northwest DC. It seats 1847, slightly over half on the floor, the rest in balconies and boxes. Lately they are apparently starting to look for renovation money, as they are having a lot of comedy and music. They serve alcohol, and let you bring it to your seat, but the prices are steep and the lines are long. Don't show up hungry. Tickets are available at the box office or through TicketMaster. The Warner is now a Live Nation venue. The phone number is 202-783-4000.

Weinberg Center for the Arts is a converted theater in downtown Frederick that has movies, speakers and live shows. It has a total capacity of 1,147 - 739 in the orchestra, 116 in the mezzanine, 292 in the balcony. They serve beer and probably wine in the lobby. Weinberg Center is located at 20 West Patrick Street in Frederick, Maryland. 301-600-2828.

TheWindup Space is a fair sized space with tables and the stage on the left and a bar down the right with plenty of space left for standing. Alas, the Windup Space is closing June 1, 2019. Stage is done up like the Red Room in the Black Lodge in Twin Peaks, right down to the floor tile. The listing of the bands is not always related to the order in which they will play. (To put it gently). Full bar and looks like a fair variety. It is open Tuesday through Sunday from 5 pm to 1 am. It is located at 12 West North Avenue in Baltimore. 410-244-8855.

Wolf Trap is the ultimate outdoor venue in this area, but don't expect to see anything rowdy there. Acoustics in the pavilion are great, sound and view from the lawn are good if you show up early to get a good spot. Wolf Trap allows food on the lawn in any kind of container, and beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, in glass, aluminum, or plastic. So relax and drink champagne in glasses while you watch the show, it doesn't bother them. There are rules though: this is a federal facility and they still follow the rule of zero tolerance for drugs. Oh yeah, and you can't get married on the grounds. There are no age limits, but you need a ticket for every human being, no matter how young. During colder parts of the year Wolf Trap shows are at the Barns, which are nearby. You can't bring your own there, but they do have a fair selection, and the surroundings are pleasant. Tickets are available from, on-line, or without charge from the box office which is open from 10 to 6 during the week, from noon to 5 on the weekend, and until 9 on show nights. Wolf trap is located in Virginia right off of the Dulles toll road. 703-938-2404

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